5 of the Best Boho Outdoor Furniture and Garden Accessory Ideas

a boho garden with large rattan light shades, a corner rattan sofa and rugs and cushions

Bohemian style and Boho décor are described as carefree and creative, filling your home with interesting items full of life and culture. They can be items you’ve picked up from your travels or quirky and eclectic patterned soft furnishings you’ve bought throughout the years. 

Warm earthy colors and metallics are the perfect tones for Boho outdoor furniture and décor, with browns, greens, and grays being the central colors.

How Do I Make My Garden Boho?

a boho garden with rattan lamp shades, festoon lights and rattan furniture

Creating a boho garden full of outdoor furniture and accessories, with lots of layers and textures can create a wonderful garden vibe. And the best thing? It’s really easy to do. Just fill your garden with things you love, from the places you’ve traveled to your favorite cushion.

If you’re looking to add some vibrant and durable fabrics to your outdoor space, consider exploring sunbrella fabric by the yard. Sunbrella fabric is known for its resistance to fading, mold, and mildew, making it a perfect choice for outdoor cushions, pillows, and other garden accessories.

I recently wrote about how to turn your garden into a Mediterranean oasis, this time it’s all about those laid-back festival vibes. Think tassels, wicker, rattan, frills, rugs, and earthy-toned plant pots and you’re well on your way to creating a bohemian garden ambiance.

Boho style is characterized by a relaxed, unconventional vibe, featuring an abundance of colors, patterns, and textures. It often incorporates vintage furniture, global-inspired textiles, layers of different fabrics, and a variety of plants.

The goal is to create a space that’s not only visually captivating but also comfortable, inviting, and deeply personal. Boho style is all about breaking the rules, expressing your individuality, and creating a space that feels like a reflection of your unique personality and lifestyle.

A boho garden is extremely relevant to outdoor furniture and garden accessories, as it provides a unique way to create a comfortable, stylish, and nature-friendly outdoor living space. It promotes comfort and ease, which is ideal for an outdoor space meant for relaxation and socializing.

Plush cushions, hammocks, daybeds, and comfortable seating areas are Boho-style staples that encourage leisure and enjoyment.

Boho Outdoor Furniture and Accessory Ideas

Bohemian style garden furniture and accessory ideas mood board with products
boho outdoor furniture and accessory ideas

Creating a boho garden can be a fun and creative way to add personality to your outdoor space. Here are some ideas to get you started – 

  • Incorporate a variety of patterns, textures, and colors into your outdoor decor. Mix and match different fabrics and materials to create a bohemian look.
  • Use natural elements such as plants, flowers, and stones in your garden. Rustic or vintage pots and containers add character and charm.
  • Add comfortable seating areas such as hammocks, floor cushions, and low tables. Use colorful throws and pillows to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
  • Incorporate artistic elements such as sculptures, wind chimes, and tapestries. Hang string lights or lanterns for a magical touch.
  • Use repurposed items such as vintage doors, windows, and shutters to create a unique and eclectic look. Use recycled materials for garden paths and walkways.
  • Add a zen garden with a water feature and rocks for a calming and meditative space.

Layer Up

cosy garden corner with tribal inspired rugs, rattan furniture and a fire pit
Image credit: John Lewis

There’s no better way to create an inviting and relaxing vibe in your garden than including boho outdoor furniture and styling it up with lots of different textures and layers.

I am a huge fan of patterns in the garden and an outdoor rug is a perfect way to introduce it into your outdoor space. Choosing Morrocan-style patterns and pairing them with rattan outdoor furniture gives you that instant boho garden decor look.

Try and use rugs and cushions with earthy and tribal patterns that clash and dress your sofa and deck chairs with throws. The more eclectic the better, but stick to a similar color palette with browns, deep reds, and orange and tan shades, which includes your boho furniture. 

soft furnishings for a boho garden
  1. Aztec Terracotta cushion, beanbagbazaar.co.uk – Add a touch of tribal print to your garden. 
  2. Outdoor Benito Kazak rug, John Lewis – to match your Aztec cushion
  3. Large Bosie Jango Rug, HM – you can’t go wrong with a jute rug in the garden
  4. Tasseled cushion cover, HM – stripes are the perfect contrast to Aztec prints
  5. Merida print garden cushion, John Lewis – a bolster cushion for the sofa or floor
  6. Sunbee reversible rug, Amazon – the perfect earthy tones for your Boho vibe
  7. Yucca throw blanket, Anthropologie – if you’re looking for Boho products, look no further than Anthro!
  8. Bolton Aztec Flower rug, John Lewis – neutral and earthy colors

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Natural Materials

If you’re looking for Boho furniture, you cannot go wrong with lots of natural materials with rattan and wicker being the favorites.

Rattan and wicker furniture can give a laid-back look, with low coffee tables and large comfy swing chairs. They are the perfect outdoor material for your furniture. 

Add wicker side tables and an outdoor mirror to give the perfect backdrop to your tribal and earthy prints.

rattan furniture for a boho garden
  1. Helsinki Outdoor cocoon chair, Next – the perfect sharer
  2. Hampstead Garden Furniture, Sofa.com – pure chic
  3. Zanzibar side table, ManoMano – the perfect place for your Pina colada
  4. Faux rattan garden mirror, Habitat – the garden is a great place to put a mirror
  5. Burford woven sofa, John Lewis – just add a book and a coffee
  6. Bonnlo Bistro Set, Amazon – see above, book and coffee!
  7. Amaya outdoor rattan table, Mad About Midcentury Modern – so nice I’d have it indoors

Add Some Frills

Continuing from the layering up, make sure you add some frills to your layers. It doesn’t have to be just cushions and throws either.

Parasols and hammocks with frills can really complement your boho outdoor furniture. It is quite easy to update your outdoor patio umbrellas with tassel trims if you already have a parasol but want to give it a quick refresh. 

After  Dark

Soft lighting, fire pits, and candles are now a must in the garden for dusk and after dark. With all the soft textures and colors in your garden, soft lighting will help create a relaxed atmosphere even when the sun has gone down.

The light from a fire pit or candle can really highlight the soft earthy tones of your boho outdoor furniture and accessories and if you think along these Boho vibes, your lanterns and lighting can look just as good during the day.

fire pits, lanterns and chiminea
  1. Circular log store, Fire Pits UK – just add a fire pit…
  2. La Hacienda Alexis Steel Firepit, B&Q – perfect for the cooler nights
  3. Bronze Leaf Lantern, La Redoute – to match your firepit
  4. Moroccan table top lantern, Gardenesque – if you’re looking for a boho-style lantern, this is it!
  5. Hanging Solar lanterns, Gardenesque – I think these look just as pretty during the day as they do at night!
  6. Outdoor Fairy Lights, Lights4Fun – add that festival vibe
  7. Solar Garden Lighting, Sparkle lighting – hang a few of these from your trees

Festival Fun

When I think of Bohemian vibes, I am often transported back to weekends spent at festivals with bell tents, bunting, and acoustic bands playing in the background.

Using your boho garden furniture and accessories to turn your garden into a mini festival is easy to do, just add someone with a guitar, scatter a few floor cushions around, and toast a few roasted marshmallows over the fire pit.

bohemian style outdoor furniture and accessory ideas mood board
  1. Safari bunting, Etsy – a twist on the traditional bunting
  2. Fringed canopy, Cox & Cox – keep that midday sun off your Pina Colada
  3. Charlie Sprout Jute Faye pillow, Anthro – possibly my favorite thing on here!
  4. Woven/Knitted Pouffe Jute Cotton, Amazon – put your feet up
  5. Business and Pleasure Tommy Chair, Anthro – the perfect bohemian colors
  6. Kyoto Pouffe footstool, Bean Bag Bazaar – matchy matchy with your Aztec cushion
  7. Faro Deck chair, The White Company – hat not included
  8. Tiki Bar, Von Haus – you need somewhere to make those Pina Coladas!

I hope you found something you liked in my round-up of boho outdoor furniture and accessory ideas!

It is such a good trend for your garden and can easily be implemented with garden products and furniture that you already have. This boho trend will stay in style for many years to come.

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