10 of the Best Kitchen Cabinet Colours Ideas and Two-Tone Designs

a dark sage green kitchen with marble kitchen countertops and a vintage rug. There are oak elements throughout and wooden bar stools next to a kitchen island

When we started planning our new kitchen design the most important decision for me was to get the kitchen cabinet colour right. I had my heart set on two-tone kitchen cabinets right from the beginning.

Kitchens can sometimes be a bit monochrome. I wanted to inject several colors into the room and kitchen cabinets are a great place to start. We had always gone with white kitchens in the past, mainly because we were renovating the property to do up and sell on and white was the most popular choice amongst house hunters.

Even though I loved our old white kitchen with wooden worktops, I found myself drooling over different kitchen cabinet colors and often thought about getting our white kitchen spray painted. Thankfully, I never had to do this as we moved house which meant I could start planning a whole new kitchen colour scheme!

white shaker style kitchen with dark blue walls and tiled backsplash in the kitchen
Our old kitchen was white but I wanted dark cabinets. We painted the walls dark blue to compensate.

Our new kitchen has two-tone kitchen cabinets, and I couldn’t be happier with them. We went for Chelford Navy Island and Dusk Blue cabinets from Howdens. The colors complement each other beautifully and the Dusk Blue helps brighten a dark corner of our kitchen.

This got me thinking about different two-tone kitchen cabinet ideas and how to make your kitchen pop with colour. 

dark blue island with brass handles, grey cabinets, brass island pendants and white metro tiles in the kitchen
I adore our two-tone kitchen in Howdens Navy and Dusk Blue

Colourful cabinetry has been tipped to be a big trend this year and they weren’t wrong. We often overlook the kitchen when it comes to décor, leaving the walls white and keeping color out of the room.

Open-plan kitchens are now one of the most sought-after designs when it comes to our homes and with it, décor and color are being introduced in the form of art, soft furnishings, and rugs. There are many kitchen color ideas out there, it’s about choosing the right color for you!

Kitchen Cabinet Colours

It’s time to go bold in your kitchen. From pretty pastels to nature-inspired greens and blues, here are a few kitchen cabinet color ideas to get you started.

Moody Tones

Dark blue island and white quartz worktops
Our Navy kitchen island can look charcoal when it starts getting dark. I love the color of our island

Go dark! I love the dramatic nature of dark kitchen cabinets. They are sophisticated and stylish and provide a striking backdrop to your kitchen.

Choose either Charcoal, Navy, Dark Green, or if you’re brave, black! These dark shades have the wonderful ability to change shade depending on the light. We have a dark navy island and dark navy cabinets in our utility room which go a glorious blue in the direct sunlight.

dark green kitchen cabinets and island with white quartz worktops and crittall door
Amanda’s fabulously dark green kitchen. Image credit @houselust

If you’re worried that dark kitchen cabinets will make your kitchen too moody, keep the backsplashes and countertops light by installing marble, white quartz, or light wood. Keep the walls a light shade like off-white, light sage green, or pale grey, and finish the cabinetry with brass or gold hardware for a luxurious look.

dark green kitchen with white quartz worktop
Moody green. Image credit: Howdens
dark navy cabinets with tiled backsplash
The ultimate in kitchen style with dark blue cabinetry. Image credit: @rocking_the_cotswolds

Here are some more ideas to enhance the beauty and functionality of a kitchen with dark cabinetry:

  • Use Under-Cabinet Lighting: To illuminate the workspace and bring warmth to the room, install under-cabinet lighting. This not only highlights the countertops but also creates a cozy atmosphere.
  • Incorporate Metallic Accents: Metallic finishes, like brass or copper, for hardware, faucets, or light fixtures add a touch of elegance and break up the dark kitchen cabinet tones. They also reflect light, contributing to a brighter kitchen environment.
  • Add Pops of Color: Introduce vibrant colors through accessories like vases, dish towels, or small appliances. Colors like deep red, emerald green, or mustard yellow can add visual interest and personality to the space.
  • Open Shelving or Glass Cabinet Doors: Break up the expanse of dark cabinetry by incorporating some open shelving or glass-front cabinet doors. This can lighten the overall look and offer a chance to display decorative items or neatly organized dishware.
  • Flooring Options: If you have the option to choose, go for lighter flooring to contrast with the dark kitchen cabinets. Light wood, pale tiles, or even a light-colored rug can make a significant difference.
  • Statement Lighting: Invest in statement lighting fixtures over the kitchen island or dining area. This not only provides necessary illumination but also serves as a focal point in the decor.

Pretty Pastels

mint green kitchen cupboards with belfast sink
Fresh and calm. Mint green in the kitchen. Image credit: @melanielissackinteriors

If you don’t want to go to the dark side, pretty pastels could be your thing! Pastel colors can be fun and soothing at the same time and remind me of ice cream parlors and sunny days.

You want your pastel kitchen cabinets to take center stage, so stick with white or neutral colors on the walls. Accessorize it with bright pops of pink, purple, and lilac to make your kitchen pop with color.

mint green cabinets and tiled flooring in the kitchen
Gloriously pastel! Image credit: @reka_thornton_home

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Nature-Inspired Greens and Blues

blue kitchen cabinets with marble splashback
A softer blue. Image credit: www.bushboard.co.uk

My current favorite colors to use in the kitchen, there is a large range of different shades of blue and green you can use on your kitchen cabinets. We have a grey/blue shade on our kitchen cabinets and a dark navy island which work together perfectly. However, green is THE color of the moment.

Dark forest and sage green are hugely popular colours which are a modern take on the Navy and grey kitchen cabinets that seemed to be ubiquitous over the last few years.

Dark forest green works amazingly with marble worktops, bronze hardware, and wooden floors to give it a wonderfully elegant look. Sage green is extremely versatile and works with white quartz or wooden worktops. Sage looks best with natural materials like wood and stone and monochrome backsplashes.

sage green island and crittall windows in the kitchen
Sage green island with white worktops. Image credit: thelistedhome.co.uk
dark blue kitchen cupboards, light blue island and exposed steel beams
A beautiful blue combination. Image credit: oliveandbarr.com
dark blue kitchen cabinets, marble splashback and sage green island with crittall windows and doors
Showing how well sage green and dark blue work together. Image credit: www.mereway.co.uk

Decorating a kitchen with light blue cabinets offers a fresh and airy feel, ideal for creating a serene and inviting space. To complement the soft hue of the cabinets, consider using neutral tones like white or light gray for the walls and backsplashes, which will create a clean and harmonious look.

Natural wood elements, whether in the form of floating shelves, a butcher block countertop, or wooden bar stools, can add warmth and texture, contrasting beautifully with the cool blue. For the hardware, brushed nickel or brass brings a touch of elegance and can tie the room together.

a light blue/grey kitchen with grey slate flooring and white walls
A distinctly greyish-blue kitchen. Image credit: Mereway Kitchens

Don’t forget to incorporate some greenery; potted herbs or a vase of fresh flowers can add a splash of color and life. For lighting, opt for fixtures that match the style of your kitchen, whether it’s modern pendants or classic chandeliers, to enhance the overall ambiance.

Finally, consider adding a few accents in complementary colors like soft yellows or corals through items like dish towels, a decorative rug, or wall art to add pops of color and personality to your kitchen.


After many years of white kitchens, grey cabinets slowly started making an appearance as people began to experiment with other colors in the home. If you don’t want a white kitchen, but don’t fancy going all out with colour, grey is a fabulous choice.

Warm greys work well as a backdrop and are timeless. They look best with natural elements like wood, slate, and stone which help bring texture and earthy tones into the kitchen.

Not so Mellow Yellow

Yellow has always been a highly energetic color and brings a touch of sunshine and cheerfulness into any room. Yellow works in both dark and light rooms – it can help brighten up a dark corner of your kitchen or can be mellowed down in a bright room filled with sunshine.

dark green kitchen cupboards and mustard island with parquet flooring in the kitchen
Beautifully eclectic kitchen by @victoriaemes_home

Yellow kitchen cabinets are the star of the show, so keep everything else neutral and calm. But, if you are a fan of bright colors, then go for it! Use two-tone cabinets with greens or dark blues that help complement the yellow. Add brightly colored accessories throughout the kitchen to create a fun and eclectic feel to the room.

Pretty in Pink

I love pink cabinets and very nearly had them in our kitchen. However, as I wanted exposed steel beams and an industrial look, I decided to go with blues and greens.

burgundy kitchen cabinets and pink island in the kitchen
This pink island works in symmetry with the dark red kitchen cabinetry. Image credit: @lisaweaverhome

Pink is such a warm and playful color; it goes with pretty much anything. If you don’t want a full-on pink kitchen, think about a pink island with dark navy cabinetry for a dramatic backdrop. Or choose a darker shade of pink like a deep red or burgundy to emphasize the pink island.


dark green ceiling, chandelier, parquet flooring, white wall cabinets and stainless steel kitchen cabinets
This stainless steel kitchen is a dream with the dark olive green ceiling and vintage chandelier. Image credit: @around.robyn

Metals aren’t a color as such, more a texture or look. Stainless steel cabinets are sleek, robust, and perfect for an industrial look. They work with other natural materials like wood, concrete, exposed walls, and plaster and tiled floors.

industrial style kitchen from IKEA
Industrial style to perfection. Image credit: IKEA


white shaker style kitchen with dark blue walls and brickwork island
Our last house had a white shaker-style kitchen.

Still the most popular color, white kitchen cabinets are probably the easiest color to use in the kitchen and help the room stay fresh, bright, and clean.

In our last renovation, we went with a white kitchen as it was by far the most popular color choice. We wanted to renovate and sell on, so we went with a color that would appeal to the masses. Depending on what type of kitchen cabinets you go for, white can be contemporary or traditional.

If you want a more contemporary kitchen, go for marble or white quartz worktops and handleless doors. Gloss-white kitchens epitomize that sleek contemporary look.

If you want to go down the traditional route, aim for shaker-style kitchens with wooden worktops, original features, and wooden doors. Add a large Belfast sink and stainless steel hardware.

Wood Tones

Another trend that is growing, and one of my favorites, is the use of natural wood in the kitchen. With biophilic design and the indoor-outdoor look gaining in popularity, raw materials, and textures are the perfect aesthetic for your kitchen.

dark green kitchen cabinets with grey walls and a large oak kitchen island
Image credit: Optiplan Kitchens

The beauty of wood is that it works perfectly with any color. You could opt for a wood island with sage green or dark blue cabinets.

Another look I love is textured wood like the stunning Nordic Nature range from Magnet. Its fluted oak-effect slab doors will look good next to neutral shades or sage green and light grey wall cabinets.

Keep the worktops white and install matt black hardware for a dramatic look.

wooden cabinets and island in the kitchen
Go full-on wood with fluted glass cabinets. Image credit: Smile Kitchens

Two-Tone Kitchens

I have mentioned two-tone throughout this blog post as it has to be one of my favorite styles in the kitchen. If you can’t decide on one color, why not choose two?

Some of my favorite two-tone kitchen cabinets are –

  • Dark blue and grey
  • Sage green and cream
  • A pink island and white cabinets
  • Wood elements with dark green
  • Mint and gold
  • Charcoal and soft grey
  • Salmon pink with lime green
  • Stainless steel and white
  • Navy and Orange

If you have a small or galley-style kitchen, you could use one color on the bottom cabinets and a contrasting color on the wall cabinets. If you have a larger kitchen with an island, this is screaming out for a two-tone kitchen!

dark blue island, grey cabinets, glass pendants and wooden bar stools
Dark blue island and Grey cabinets. Image credit: @oldrectonewoldrec
dark blue walls, coving in the ceiling, drop pendants hanging over the turquoise island with gold highlights
This color combo is delightful and makes the island a standout piece. Image credit: Wren Kitchens
sage green kitchen island with monochrome tiled backsplash
Sage green and grey kitchen. Image credit: thelistedhome.co.uk

I think the kitchen is one of the best rooms to experiment with color. We spend a lot of time in our kitchens – cooking, entertaining, cleaning, and drinking coffee, so why not make it a reflection of our personalities?

As with anything when it comes to our homes, do what makes your heart sing. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to decorating our homes and having two toned kitchen cabinets is a brilliant way to add color!

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