10 Ways to Makeover Your Bathroom on a Budget

A bit like kitchens, bathrooms will probably be one of the most expensive rooms to design and decorate, so how do you revamp or makeover a bathroom on a budget? I recently painted my white bath tub pink to give our bathroom a quick update and as we have all been spending more time at home over the last couple of weeks, I thought I’d do a quick little round up of how to freshen up your bathroom ready for the summer months.

Paint your bath tub!

As I just said, if you have a white bath tub, perhaps think about painting it to give your bathroom a whole fresh new look. When we were renovating our house, my love for white and grey interiors was strong and therefore my kitchen and bathroom took on this colour scheme!

Fast forward two years and I had grown a little tired of the monochrome look in the bathroom and adding colourful accessories was just not cutting it. I’d seen a few people on Instagram paint their bath tubs a different shade so I decided to go for it! Acrylic and cast-iron baths are perfect for this, click here for instructions on how to paint it.

orange bath, bathroom, monochrome tiles, dark panelling
I love the pattern on this orange bath tub. Image credit: @oxfordone

Change your flooring with vinyl.

With patterned tiles becoming the biggest trend in the bathroom in recent years, vinyl is slowly catching up. Patterned vinyl is a great way to give your bathroom a quick update, is cheaper than tiling and relatively easy to lay. I love this Monochrome Mardi Gras Sagres Vinyl from Carpetright

vinyl, vinyl flooring, patterned floor, patterned flooring, monochrome, monochrome bathroom
Patterned vinyl in the bathroom Image: Carpetright

Paint your floor

If you have vinyl down in the bathroom and it just isn’t doing anything for you anymore, consider pulling it up and painting your flooring (if you have wooden flooring that is in good condition). A bit like when I stencilled my decking, there are so many fabulous stencils out there to choose from, my favourite being Dizzy Duck designs. You could easily paint a patterned tile onto your floor or paint the floorboards the same colour, just make sure you use wood paint.


painted floor, painted flooring, tiles, painted tiles, bathroom
These fabulous stencilled tiles are available from Dizzy Duck Designs

Paint your bathroom

Don’t be afraid to use colour and choose a bright and cheerful tone so that your white bathroom suite really pops out. From soft pink hues to sunny mustard and gorgeous green, anything goes and will also be a fabulous contrast if you have white tiles.

Bathroom Wallpaper

This is the next thing on my list of never-ending jobs to do in the house, but I really want to wallpaper our walls. A lot of people are nervous about doing this in the bathroom as for obvious reasons, it can get damp and if you have a small bathroom with little or no ventilation, it’s probably not a good idea. Melanie Lissack Interiors wrote a fab blog post on how to wallpaper your bathroom and if it’s done right, can really add that wow factor to a room!

jellyfish wallpaper, bathroom, monochrome tiles
A lot of colours in this bathroom which pull the scheme together perfectly. Lissi knows how to do good bathrooms! Image credit: @oxfordone

Panel your walls

This is something I would absolutely love to do in our bathroom but the space is quite tight and we wouldn’t be able to get it around the bath. Panelling is a great way to provide a feature in your bathroom and if you use tongue and groove panelling, it’s fairly easy to install. You can finish it off with a water-resistant paint and create a fabulous contrast to the rest of your walls.

wallpaper, bathroom, panelling, bathroom panelling
Melanie has got it all going on in her wonderful bathroom, the painted bath tub, wallpaper and the green panelling. Image credit: Melanie Lissack Interiors
panelling, bathroom, sink unit, vintage
Nicola has recently renovated her bathroom and it is full of desirable features including this wonderful panelling. Image credit: thegirlwiththegreensofa.com

Refresh your tile grout

Probably one of the best ways to refresh your bathroom is to renew your tile grout! Grout can easily get dirty and mouldy so the best way to clean it is to use a good limescale cleaner, grout cleaner and grout cleaning brush. If the grout still looks grubby after a good clean you can use a grout pen to basically colour over the dirt and leave an anti-mould finish. You can also use grout pens to change the colour of your grout (if your grout it white to begin with) and leave a wonderful contrast against your white tiles.

bathroom, metro tiles, bath, orange grout
This orange grout is paired perfectly with the copper accessories in this bathroom. Image credit: britishceramictile.com

Shower curtains

Now, I’m not a fan of shower curtains as they have a tendency to wrap around me like clingfilm round a barbecued sausage, but they can add fun and fantastic colour to a bathroom. It’s probably the quickest and easiest way to revamp your bathroom and online stores like Dunelm and Wayfair have a huge range to choose from.

pink bath, botanical print, green walls, wooden floorboard
This botanical shower curtain is perfectly paired with the pink bath. Image credit: @victoriaemes
frida kahlo, bathroom, black grout
This Frida Kahlo shower curtain is probably the most famous shower curtain in all of Instaland. Image credit: @almost_everything_of_ebay



If you have the space, think outside the box when it comes to storage and storage furniture in your bathroom. Find a vintage cabinet or dresser to store your bathroom items or use old ladders to hang your towels.

vintage cabinet, monochrome tiles
I love the repurpose of this old vintage cabinet to house towels in Greg’s bathroom. Image credit: @manwithahammer

Add finally, one of the best ways to update your bathroom, plants!

What is a bathroom without plants? If you have natural light in your bathroom, they are perfect at bringing life to sterile and dark corners and they act as a natural humidifier. I can’t imagine my bathroom without them and we are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing what plants will work, including snake plants, spider plants, ferns and peace lilies. Create shelving to perch your plants on or find hanging plant pots to dot them around the room.

Even if you don’t have natural light in your bathroom, faux plants have come along way in recent years and are nearly as good as the real thing.

plants, bathroom, tiled floor, pink bath
I’m a big fan of plants in the bathroom! 🙂

I hope this has given you some ideas to freshen up your bathroom without having to rip it out and start again! What will you do to yours?

Mel x

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