100 Unique Apartment Names: Exploring the Creative Side of Real Estate

a modern and luxury apartment with open plan living

Naming your apartment or condo isn’t just about branding—it’s about creating an identity, setting the tone, and distinguishing your property from the rest.

A condo, apartment complex, or apartment name gives your property a unique identity, distinguishing it from the myriad of other properties in the market. It’s not just an address but a label that can imbue the property with a particular personality or character.

Why Should I Give My Apartment a Name?

an apartment in Luxembourg with balcony

Naming your apartment or condo isn’t just about branding—it’s about creating an identity, setting the tone, and distinguishing your property from the rest.

A name can highlight specific features of your property. A good example is if your apartment has a stunning view of the ocean, a name like “Sea Vista Apartment” can emphasize this feature to potential tenants, increase its perceived value, and give your apartment personality or character. 

For renters or buyers, an apartment or condo with a name can provide a stronger sense of community. It’s much more personal to say you live at “The Pines” than at “Building B.”

Unique Apartment Names

a bedroom with mirrored wardrobes and oak flooring

Creating a unique and appealing apartment name requires creativity, strategy, and a clear understanding of your property’s features. The name should reflect the identity of the building and requires thoughtful consideration. 

  • Does your condo offer unique features, such as a rooftop pool, a fitness center, or panoramic views? Incorporate these unique points into the name to create an appealing and descriptive image.
  • The name could reference the location, be it a bustling city center, a serene waterfront, or a historic district. For instance, “Lakeside Vista Condos” or “Uptown Residences”.
  • What kind of lifestyle does your condo or apartment have? Whether it’s luxury, tranquility, or community, your name should reflect this. For example, “Tranquil Oasis Condos” or “Luxury Loft Residences” clearly communicate the atmosphere of the property.
  • A catchy, easy-to-remember name will stick in people’s minds. Play around with alliteration, and interesting word combinations, or even coin new words to make your apartment name stand out.
  • Once you’ve decided on a name, make sure to research it thoroughly. The name shouldn’t have any negative or inappropriate connotations, especially in different languages or cultures.

Finding a cool apartment name shouldn’t be too hard if you work with your location, lifestyle, features, and your own personal preferences. 

20 Modern and Trendy Apartment Names

an apartment with sea views

The best way to give your apartment a modern name is to look at the unique features of your home.

Is it a luxury apartment? Does it have a notable view or nearby feature? Modern names tend to be sleek and straightforward so try to avoid complex or hard-t0-pronounce words. 

Here are some examples:

  1. Urban Harmony Loft
  2. Zenith Towers
  3. The Chromatic
  4. Astra Heights
  5. Eco Eden Residence
  6. Elementa Luxe
  7. Nova Nook Apartment
  8. Metropolis Mansion
  9. Infinity Bliss Condo
  10. Verve Vertica
  11. Pixel Pointe Apartment
  12. Fusion Finesse
  13. The Canvas Loft
  14. Terra Nova Residence
  15. Serenity Skyline
  16. Polaris Penthouse
  17. Oasis Vertex
  18. The Solstice Suite
  19. Prismatica Apartment
  20. Vertex Vibe Residence

20 Historical and Classic Apartment Names

Classic and historical names evoke a sense of timelessness, stability, and tradition. They can appeal to potential tenants who appreciate history or desire a home with a unique character.

If your apartment building is older, has historical significance, or features classical architecture, a historical or classic name could highlight these aspects.

Classic or historical names can help your property stand out in a market saturated with modern, similar-sounding names. The key is to ensure the name matches the property’s style, history, and atmosphere.

Here are some examples: 

  1. Heritage Hall Residence
  2. Victoria Mansion
  3. Regency Residence
  4. Legacy Loft
  5. Charleston Court
  6. Elizabethan Estate
  7. Georgian Garden Apartment
  8. Colonial Crest Residence
  9. Aristocrat Arms
  10. Belle Epoque Towers
  11. Tudor Tenement
  12. Renaissance Residency
  13. Antiquarian Abode
  14. Edwardian Edifice
  15. Victorian Verdant
  16. Hamilton Heights
  17. Timeless Traditions Towers
  18. Classic Corinthian Condo
  19. Vintage Vale
  20. Historical Haven Heights

20 Luxury Themed Apartment Names

luxury apartment with mezzanine floor

When looking for a luxury apartment name, the aim is to project an image of elegance, sophistication, and high-quality living. Try to encapsulate the atmosphere or lifestyle your luxury apartment offers. Whether it’s tranquility, opulence, or exclusivity, your name should reflect it.

Luxury brands spend a lot of time and money developing names that evoke feelings of elegance, exclusivity, and sophistication, so research these for inspiration. You could consider using words from other languages that connote luxury, such as “Belle,” “Villa,” “Château,” or “Palazzo” to create a luxury apartment name.

Here are some examples:

  1. Elysium Heights
  2. Opulent Oasis Residences
  3. Palladian Palms
  4. Platinum Penthouse
  5. Majesty Mansions
  6. Regal Retreat
  7. Radiant Ritz Apartments
  8. Gilded Garden Residence
  9. Lavish Loft
  10. Diamond Domicile
  11. Azure Aristocrat
  12. Imperial Ivory Towers
  13. Sapphire Suite
  14. Velvet Vista
  15. Exquisite Empire 
  16. Posh Palace
  17. Luxe Luminar
  18. Grandeur Gardens
  19. Ritzy Retreat
  20. Elite Enclave

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20 Location Based Apartment Names

a luxury apartment block on the beach

This does exactly what it says on the tin! Basing your apartment or condo name around your location is probably one of the best ways to come up with unique names.

Consider what makes your location unique, this could be a landmark, a park, a particular neighborhood, a river, a mountain, or even a historical event tied to the area.

The name should align with the image you want your apartment to have. If your property is a luxury apartment, ensure the name reflects that. While it’s essential to stand out, you also want to ensure the name is easy to pronounce and remember. 

Here are a few examples. These names are hypothetical and should be adapted to reflect your specific location:

  1. Brooklyn Bridge Loft
  2. Pacific Heights Residences
  3. Manhattan Meridian
  4. Riverside Row Apartment
  5. Capitol Hill Crest
  6. Sunset Strip Suite
  7. Central Park Penthouse
  8. Lakeview Luxury Loft
  9. Harbor Heights Apartment
  10. The Golden Gate Garden
  11. Highland Park Haven
  12. Skyline View
  13. Harbor Vista Flat
  14. Old Town Terrace
  15. Heritage Hill 
  16. Lakeshore Loft
  17. Covent Garden Court
  18. Hyde Park Heights
  19. Pike Place Penthouse
  20. Rodeo Drive Dwelling

20 Quirky and Unusual Apartment Names

an industrial style apartment with huge windows and open plan living
A loft-style apartment deserves a name!

These names offer a fun, quirky alternative to traditional apartment names, perfect for properties that feature unconventional design elements, cater to creative tenants, or simply want to stand out from the crowd.

Remember to ensure the name aligns with your brand identity and appeals to your target audience.

Here are some ideas: 

  1. The Quirky Quarters
  2. Rainbow Rhapsody Residence
  3. The Eccentric Estates
  4. Wacky Warehouse Loft
  5. Kooky Kabana Apartment
  6. Peculiar Penthouse
  7. Whimsical Wonderland
  8. Bouncing Bungalows
  9. The Fanciful Flat
  10. Jester’s Jewel Apartments
  11. The Oddball Oasis
  12. The Zany Zenith
  13. The Funky Fortress
  14. Offbeat Octagon
  15. Curious Cubbyhole
  16. Maverick Mansion
  17. Quixotic Quarters
  18. Lively Labyrinth Loft
  19. The Riddler’s Retreat
  20. Serendipity Suites

The choice of words like “lofts”, “suites”, and “flats” provides potential tenants with a hint of what to expect in terms of the style of apartments. The use of alliteration throughout most of these names enhances their memorability and catchiness, contributing to their effectiveness.

Legal and Cultural Considerations When Naming an Apartment

a balcony of an apartment

When naming an apartment complex, several legal and cultural considerations must be taken into account to avoid issues in the future:

  1. Check for Existing Trademarks: You must ensure that the name you have chosen for your apartment is not already trademarked. This can be checked via a simple online search or more formally through the trademark database of your country’s patent and trademark office.
  2. Avoid Offensive Terms: The name of your apartment should not include words or phrases that might be offensive to any particular ethnic, religious, or social group. This includes avoiding slang terms or colloquialisms that might be taken the wrong way.
  3. Respect Cultural Significance: Be aware of cultural significance and historical context, particularly when considering names from cultures other than your own. What might seem like an attractive, exotic word to you could be a term of great significance to its culture of origin.
  4. Be Mindful of Local Connotations: Even if a name isn’t offensive on its face, it could have negative connotations in the local area due to historical events, local legends, or even popular culture. Researching the local area and testing the name with locals can be a good way to avoid this issue.

A well-chosen name can greatly impact the attractiveness of a residential apartment. It helps to set a property apart in a crowded market which is important if you are looking to either rent out your apartment or list it on Airbnb. 

When brainstorming apartment name ideas, consider the personality and unique features of your property. What emotions do you want to evoke? How does the name reflect the lifestyle your property offers?

These are important factors to consider because a compelling name can spark curiosity, create an emotional connection, and ultimately, make your property feel like home.

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