The Best Outdoor Textiles to Cosy Up Your Garden Space

Over the last couple of months we’ve completely transformed our garden space and soft furnishings are key!

You’ve spent the last couple of months digging, pruning, weeding, and painting your never-ending fence (or is that just us?) and you’ve spent the equivalent of a week in Spain on your garden furniture but there’s still something missing, where are your outdoor textiles?

You don’t spend any time out there because you’d rather be sat on your sofa with a cuppa watching the morning news and I’ll tell you why that is! You need to cozy up your garden space! 🙂

Festoon lights make this a perfect spot at night

We recently changed our garden around, inspired by the Mediterranean, and adding cushions, throws, rugs, and sheepskins has completed our space. Gone are the days when the only furniture to grace our patios and decking were Formica plastic chairs and tables, uncomfortable to sit on and sticky and sweaty in the summer.

Garden furniture has taken on a life of its own in recent years. We can deck out our garden spaces with furniture that even our living room would be proud of!

So why not bring some soft furnishings outside as well and make your outdoor space home from living room home?

What Do I Do with My Outdoor Soft Furnishings When It Rains?

I think the biggest worry for people when adding outdoor soft furnishings to their garden is the age-old question “but, what if it rains?”

We have shower-proof cushions on our garden furniture so if the rain catches you unawares, it’s not a big deal. There are so many fantastic garden products out there these days that are made for inclement weather, most of them can withstand the odd rain shower or two.

Our soft furnishings stay outside all night if there is no rain forecast.

However, to prolong their lifespan, there are a few things you can do;

  • Waterproof Covers: If you anticipate frequent rain, invest in waterproof covers for your outdoor furniture and textiles. These covers are designed to protect against moisture and can be easily placed over your items when rain is forecasted.
  • Storage Solutions: Consider having a storage bench or a deck box that can double as seating or a table. These are great for stowing away smaller textiles like pillows and throws just before it starts to rain.
  • Choose Wisely: Opt for outdoor textiles made from materials that are inherently water-resistant and quick-drying, such as polypropylene for rugs and solution-dyed acrylics for fabrics. These materials can better withstand getting wet and will dry more quickly after the rain stops.
  • Bring Them In: If it’s feasible, bring your outdoor textiles inside or under a covered area when you know it’s going to rain. This is the most straightforward way to protect them from getting soaked.
  • Utilize Covered Spaces: If you have a covered patio, porch, or gazebo, move your outdoor textiles to these areas when rain is imminent. They can still get damp from blowing rain but won’t be as soaked as they would be in the open.
  • Drying Out: If your outdoor textiles do get wet, it’s important to dry them out as soon as possible to prevent mold and mildew growth. Spread them out in a sunny area or hang them over railings or chairs to allow for maximum air circulation. For cushions, stand them on their sides to speed up the drying process.

Outdoor Textiles

a cosy seating area in a garden with gravel floor and black fence

Struggling with where to start when it comes to buying some fabulous outdoor textiles for your garden? Here are some of my favorite styles, colors, and textures to get you started.

Outdoor Cushions

The best outdoor textiles to start with are some cushions. You could either bring some of your cushions from inside out into your garden or you could buy some outdoor cushions which will be able to withstand rain showers when they pop out of nowhere!

This is the best way to inject some color into your garden. You can easily mix and match with bench seat cushions, tassel fabrics, and cushions for the floor.

Choose vibrant colors and patterns to inject life into your space, or opt for neutral tones for a more understated elegance. Ensure the cushions have removable covers for easy washing.

Outdoor Chair Cushions

If you love the idea of sitting outside for hours on end, socializing with family and friends or just enjoying the sunshine, you might need some outdoor chair cushions for your hardwood garden chair.

black and white cushions on black iron garden furniture

Again, there are many cushions to choose from. Depending on whether you have a particular garden style (think striped blue and white cushions for a seaside theme, or mosaic print for a Mediterranean-style garden), it is also a brilliant way to add more delightful color to your garden.

Outdoor Rugs

One of my favorite additions to our garden recently has to be our round rug from Wayfair. As our garden space is mainly gravel, it’s easier on little feet when they refuse to wear shoes (is that just my kids?) and helps zone the garden.

a rattan corner sofa in a garden with rattan rug

If you have paving slabs or concrete flooring in your garden, rugs are brilliant ways to help soften the space and again inject some color. A rug is a good place to start when choosing your outdoor living space color scheme. Try to keep the accessories the same colors to give the space some continuity.

There are many outdoor rugs to choose from and yes, a lot of them you can leave outside. Flat weave rugs are very durable, can withstand the odd rain shower, and are easy to wash. If you don’t want to keep bringing your rug outside and in, choose a rug made of plastic.

My Favorite Poufs

If you’re going to relax in your garden with your new fancy garden furniture, surely you’re going to need somewhere to put your feet up? Some of my favorite gardens on the ‘gram have wonderful jute and woven style poufs which are great materials to withstand rain showers.

Here are a few of my favorites:

The Finishing Touches to a Cozy Garden Set Up

Outdoor textiles do not just stop at cushions and rugs. If you are lucky enough to have big trees in your garden, hammocks are a great way to unwind in your garden and take you to a place of relaxation with their gentle rocking motion.

As long as you can master the knack of getting into one!

Bean bags are also a great addition to the garden to lounge around on, especially if you have kids! They are also easy to bring indoors once it starts to rain.

And finally, throws! If you are like us and have added a lot of festoons and lighting in the garden, you may want to stay out long after the sun sets. But it can get quite nippy once it gets dark, so get some throws out there to keep you warm and snug.

Throw from Craft Editions

I couldn’t say goodbye for now without adding a little something special! Seeing as I’m ex-military, I can’t resist a bit of camouflage and I love this Havina camouflage sail shade from La Redoute!

This provides the perfect shade for your hot patio area and I love the patina and shadows it creates.

Edit: It had already sold out by the time I published this post but you can get it from EbayUK!

That’s it for now, I’m going outside to my garden with a cuppa, magazine, and all my favorite outdoor textiles after the downpour we had yesterday!

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The Best Outdoor Textiles to Cosy Up Your Garden Space

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