Last of the Summer Homewares – 30 of My Favourite Late Summer Buys

With the current heat wave blasting our homes and gardens with hot sticky heat, it’s hard to believe that we are approaching the end of Summer!

Most of us have probably bought our home and garden summer homewares and are now looking forward to the cooler months when we can all get our hygge on!

30 of my favourite late summer homewares pinterest pin

It’s a really quick blog post from me today as, pretty much like all of us, I have found it too hot to concentrate. I find I can’t sit still for longer than 5 minutes before I have to find something cold to lie next to.

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post on Bohemian Style Outdoor Furniture and Homewares for your Garden and I found quite a few summer homewares that I didn’t include. 

So here are a few homewares for the bedroom, kitchen and more that caught my eye and should last us well into the autumn.

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Garden Products

Last year, we were still using our garden until late October, so there is still plenty of time to enjoy our outdoor spaces and invest in a few garden products to make it an extension of our home. 

Swings, benches and lounge chairs will all come in handy and every garden should have an outdoor mirror! It is a fantastic way of bouncing light around your garden when the days start drawing in.

moodboard of rustic elements for the garden

  1. Bamboo Swing, Rose and Grey – This is high up on my list for our pergola!
  2. Natural Side Table, Fy! – Just as nice indoors and out
  3. Ferm living desert lounge chair, Rose and Grey – perfect for relaxing with a G&T
  4. Large rectangular paned mirror, Rose and Grey – I love mirrors in the garden, they’re brilliant at reflecting light around and make your garden feel bigger
  5. Abhara wood and jute woven bench, Rose and Grey – squeeze as many people as you can around your garden dining area

Summer Homewares for the Living Room

We haven’t seen much of our living room over the last few weeks, spending most of our time in our open-plan kitchen and garden.

To be honest, we only really use our living room in the evenings when the kids go to bed. It’s a perfect room to chill and relax in. I have always loved snug little living rooms as they become very cocooning and cosy in the winter.

rustic living room in a farmhouse home
Deep reds and rust colours are going to be hot in AW22. Image credit: Dunelm

moodboard of rustic and biophilic homewares for the living room

  1. Dunelm Elements Storage Shelves, AW22 collection – I’m excited to see more of the Dunelm AW22 collection
  2. Garfunkle Lighting, – did you know, do more than just sofas?
  3. Kew cushion, One Hundred Stars – pink and green should always be seen
  4. Stratus Snuggler Chair, Cuckooland – I can’t get enough of this olive green colour
  5. Ardini rattan and brown marble table lamp, Lights and Lamps – marble lamp? Yes please!

Homewares for the Kitchen

We’ve nearly finished decorating and planning our open-plan kitchen and I’ve had some real fun picking out beautiful homewares and furniture for this room.

I think anything goes in your kitchen; we spend more time in there than we realise. So why not surround ourselves with pretty stuff?

kitchen ideas

  1. Industrial style wall shelf with hooks, Vincent and Barn – this would go perfectly in my industrial-style kitchen
  2. Gold-tone stem glasses, George Home – a beautiful design
  3. Cane rattan bar stool, Six the Residence – If only I’d seen these before we bought our bar stools!
  4. Floral Pumpkin mug, Anthropologie – get ready for it! Pumpkins are coming
  5. Marlowe Stone Pot, Charles Ted – an oversized stone vase for your island

Summer Homewares for the Bathroom

We are currently planning our downstairs bathroom and, a bit like our kitchen, I want to fill it with pretty things! I love a bit of colour in the bathroom and I believe the downstairs loo is the best place to experiment with it!

dark teal green panelling and window shutters and mustard and pink floral wallpaper in the bathroom
How stunning is this bathroom? Image credit: Dunelm

homeware moodboard for the bathroom

  1. Moon phases bathroom collection, George Home – I particularly like the bath mat
  2. Moroccan Wall Mirror, Dunelm – perfect for a bathroom
  3. Gioello velour bath towel collection, Anthropologie – brightly coloured towels are my thing
  4. Tufted Henrik Bath mat, Anthropologie – and bath mats!
  5. Claddagh mirror, Swoon Editions – I couldn’t choose between the two mirrors, so I added both

Dining Room Treats

I like my dining room to be quite a calming space. I also like my dining table to look fabulous with beautiful tableware and big floral centrepieces.

Unfortunately, having two small children at home means this never happens and my table is always covered in paint, colouring pencils and crafting items!

These summer homewares are for future me when I can entertain at the table without fear of it being broken or having spaghetti Bolognese thrown all over it.

Not that I’m complaining, it will be a sad day when I no longer have to repeat… eat your greens!!

homeware moodboard for the dining room

  1. Macrame global textured table runner, Dunelm – this went into my basket immediately
  2. Mallorca Sand beige cereal bowl, Rose and Grey – just add rice crispies. Or not…
  3. Leif tufted jute rug, Cult Furniture – I think these colours are perfect for a dining room
  4. Kenton Dining Chair, Cult Furniture – another immediate purchase. I have wanted these chairs forever
  5. White Pearl stoneware serving bowl, Rose and Grey – ribbed tableware is so on trend

Homewares for the bedroom

And last, but not least, homewares for the bedroom. I am a serial decorator when it comes to the bedroom. I can never decide if I want it to be neutral in colour and calm and relaxing, or be colourful and experimental.

sage green bedroom with plant inspired bedding
I love the calm and botanical vibes of this bedroom. Image credit: Dunelm

I love patterned and floral duvets and this is why I often keep the rest of my bedroom décor neutral or one colour. Maybe it’s time to go maximalist in the bedroom! Ha.

homeware moodboard for the bedroom

  1. Sadie leaves and trees green duvet cover and pillowcase, Dunelm – perfect for a neutral bedroom
  2. Jody Quilt, Anthropologie – how pretty is this quilt?
  3. Raphia mid-century modern bedside table, Swoon Editions – can you guess I like a bit of rattan?
  4. Italy Spring Wall Art, Anthropologie – I spotted this on the walls on my recent visit to Anthro and loved it straight away
  5. Cordelia Table lamp, Cult Furniture – small but mighty

I hope you love these summer homeware ideas as much as I do!

I think all of these pieces will easily last you well into the autumn months and can look good in any room in your house.

Mel x

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30 of my favourite late summer homewares pinterest pin

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