5 Easy Garden Themed Party and Activity Ideas for the Summer

a contemporary garden with black pergola and patterned tiles

Summer is just around the corner and soon we’ll all be spending more time outdoors getting some much-needed sunshine. Having a garden themed party and providing your guests with fun activities is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and bond with friends and family during the summer.

Spending time outside in a garden setting can be very relaxing and enjoyable. It offers a change of scenery from being indoors and allows you to get some fresh air and sunshine.

Garden Themed Party

Organizing a garden themed party can also be a fun activity the whole family can get involved with from making decorations, to preparing fun party food. Whether you are looking to have a garden themed birthday party or just want some garden entertaining ideas, there are many fun and easy ideas to incorporate into your summer plans.

Here are 5 fun ways to enjoy your outdoor space and have a summer garden party.

  1. Festival Themed Garden Party
  2. Spa Evenings
  3. Kids’ Playdate
  4. Outdoor Cinema
  5. Garden Scavenger Hunt

1. Festival Themed Garden Party

a bell tent with bunting and outdoor rugs on the outside. Inside there is a bed with lots of cushions and a table
You can look at hiring bell tents for your festival themed garden party like this one from www.boutiquecamping.com

Nothing says summer like a festival but if you want to ditch the queues and hefty ticket prices this year, why not throw your own? Host a fake festival in your garden and invite your family and friends to join in the fun.

All you need is bunting, seating, and speakers but if you want to go all out, you could even set up a camping area with tents (or tipis) plus food and drink stands to keep your guests happy.

hay bales in a garden around a fire pit with lots of festoon lighting
Image credit: Garden Trading

Here are some instructions for creating a festival themed garden party:

  • Choose a theme: The first step in creating a fake festival in your garden is to choose a theme. Some popular themes might include a music festival, a food festival, or a craft fair.
  • Set up the space: Next, you’ll need to set up the space for your festival. Create designated areas for different activities, such as a stage for music or a food truck area. You can use decorations such as bunting flags, string lights, or balloons to create a festive atmosphere. For a truly country festival experience, add some hay bales for your guests to sit on. 
  • Create activities: The key to a festival themed garden party is to have plenty of activities for your guests to enjoy. For a music festival, you might have live music performances, a dance floor, or a karaoke station. For a food festival, you might have food trucks or booths set up, cooking demonstrations, or a tasting area. Everyone loves traditional festival fare like burgers, hot dogs, and fries but for something a little different, why not try some alternative barbecue recipes to tantalize your guests’ taste buds?
  • Plan for seating and shade: Make sure to provide plenty of seating and shade for your guests, especially if the festival is taking place during the daytime. You can set up picnic tables, blankets, or umbrellas to provide shade and a comfortable place for guests to relax.
  • Offer refreshments: No festival is complete without refreshments. Consider offering food and drinks to your guests, whether it’s through food trucks, a potluck, or a designated drinks area.
a table in the garden with table cloths covering it. There are cakes and snacks on the table with homemade lemonade
Make sure you provide refreshments for your garden party! Image credit: Garden Trading
  • Invite guests! Once you’ve planned out all the details, it’s time to invite guests to your fake festival. Send out invitations or create a Facebook event to let people know about the date, time, and theme of your festival.

2. Spa Evenings

a garden with seating around a fire pit

An at-home spa evening is a perfect way to relax and unwind and where better to kick back and de-stress than in nature? Set the mood with a tranquil playlist of soothing background tunes, ask your guests to bring their bathrobes, and provide everyone with a complementary pair of flip-flops.

Make sure you have comfortable outdoor seating, such as sun loungers and cushions, and use stake garden lights to create a relaxed, spa-like atmosphere.

Be sure to include spa staples such as manicures, pedicures, and face masks. You could also try yoga or meditation together. Keep food healthy but delicious, like Buddha Bowls with celery sticks with dips such as hummus and freshly cut fruit. Offer guests a selection of herbal teas or why not create custom smoothies or mocktails to sip as you kick back and relax?

3. Kids’ Playdate

a brightly coloured garden table with plates and cups, lots of cushions, pom poms and tassels and brightly coloured plants
Use bright colors and provide fun games like pinatas and hanging a tail on the donkey. Image credit: Talking Tables

Garden playdates are the perfect way for youngsters to burn off energy without creating havoc. Why not create a garden themed party for your playdate? Here are some ideas for activities and snacks (because let’s face it, kids love a snack!)

A Pizza Party

Kids can plant (or pick) a pizza ingredient such as tomatoes or basil and have fun kneading fresh pizza dough, which you could then cook in a pizza oven if you have one or in a regular kitchen oven, if not.

A DIY Station

Set up a craft station where kids can paint and decorate pots, plant seeds, or make garden-themed art using natural materials like leaves, flowers, and sticks.

Outdoor games

Set up classic outdoor games like tag, hopscotch, or a bean bag toss. You could also create your own outdoor game using items you find in the garden, like an obstacle course with garden chairs, a paddling pool, and sports equipment.

Garden Tea Party

a vintage tea set on a vintage table in the garden
Use old china teapots or source tea sets from charity shops to host your children’s garden tea party

Set up a small table with tea cups, tea bags, and snacks like cucumber sandwiches and fruit. Kids can enjoy a garden tea party while feeling sophisticated and grown-up.


Choose a few garden-themed books to read to the kids. You can set up a cozy area with blankets and pillows for them to relax and listen to the stories and re-enact them. To make it even more fun, encourage them to dress up in their favorite costume.

You could also let them create little dens with old sheets and blankets and provide popcorn, fruit kebabs, and crisps. 

4. Outdoor Cinema

a garden cinema setup with a sheet hanging from a fence, chairs, floor cushions and rugs around the screen and festoon lights hanging around the garden
Image credit: Cuprinol

There’s no denying that there is something truly magical about watching a movie under the stars so why not create an outdoor cinema in your garden this summer? All you’ll need to set up your outdoor screening is a white sheet and a projector, which you can hire for a weekend if you don’t already own one.

Choose a warm, dry evening towards the end of the summer and create a cozy seating area using beanbags, blankets, cushions, or outdoor furniture. Then, all you need is a bucket of popcorn and your favorite film!

5. Garden Scavenger Hunt

a large garden and seating area

Organizing a garden scavenger hunt can be a fun and engaging activity for kids and adults alike. For kids, you could organize a nature scavenger hunt. Create a list of items for kids to find in the garden, such as a certain type of flower or insect. Provide each child with a small basket or bag to collect their items and have little prizes for the best collection.

Adults love scavenger hunts too and are perfect if you are looking for garden entertaining ideas!

Here are some steps to help you organize a garden scavenger hunt for your summer garden party:

  1. Start by creating a list of items for the participants to find in the garden. These can be specific flowers, insects, or other objects that are commonly found in a garden. You can also include educational elements, such as asking the participants to identify specific plant species or features.
  2. Once you have a list of items, create clues to help the participants find them. You can use riddles, word puzzles, or pictures to guide the participants to the items they need to find.
  3. Divide the participants into teams. You can make this more fun by creating team names or having each team dress in a certain color.
  4. Before the scavenger hunt begins, set the rules and explain them to the participants. This can include rules about not running or not picking flowers.
  5. Give each team a copy of the list and the clues, and let them loose to find the items on the list. Set a time limit for the hunt, such as 30 minutes to an hour.
  6. Once the time is up, gather the teams and go through the items on the list to see which team found the most. Award the winning team with a prize or recognition.

Organizing a garden scavenger hunt is a fun and interactive way to get people of all ages interested in gardening and nature.

By creating a list of items to find, setting up clues, and assigning teams, you can make this activity a memorable experience for everyone involved.

brightly coloured lamp shades hang over a garden table
Summer garden party setup Image: Mind the Gap

Whether it’s hosting a DIY garden decoration party, organizing a garden scavenger hunt, or planning a garden tea party, there are many fun and easy garden entertainment ideas to choose from. Hosting a garden themed party or activity offers several benefits, including enjoying the outdoors, learning about gardening, and bonding with friends and family.

Additionally, it can be a fun and educational experience, providing opportunities to learn about plants and animals, fostering creativity, and creating lasting memories. So start planning that summer garden party!

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