5 of the Best Garden Accessories to Decorate your Outdoor space

Decorating your garden can be fun, but also an overwhelming task. Sometimes, you need more than a beautiful garden design and plenty of plants to create a stunning garden and the best garden accessories can help you do this. 

Gardens often need decorations just like your home interiors. It is always a good idea to decorate your outdoor space to give it a styled and unique appearance. 

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Your garden changes with the seasons and this is notable in your plants and vegetable patches.

They can start to look a bit tired and unkept throughout the colder months so there are many ways to keep your garden and lawn tidy, check here for examples.

How can I accessorise my garden?

There are many different outdoor garden accessories available ranging from aesthetically pleasing soft lawn edging accessories for your garden or lawn to items like patio heaters and parasols that can make your garden feel cosier and provide warmth. 

Patio heaters are a great way to keep using your garden at night and into the Autumn

The Best Garden Accessories for the lawn

Plant your lawn with lawn edging to give it a distinct edge, which helps to give it definition and structure.

A crucial benefit of lawn edging is that it keeps the grass and mulch out of other parts of your garden. 

Metal lawn edging for your garden
Lawn edging is a fantastic way to keep your garden tidy and well kept

You can use hardscaping to edge gardens or let the plants take care of it. Use plants that are typically low-growing and don’t spread easily. They help define where your lawn begins and ends and the plants provide a soft edging. 

Another way to decorate your outdoor space and lawn is with ornaments.

Who said that ornaments were only for indoor use? Adding garden ornaments is one of the simplest ways to brighten up and decorate your outdoor space, no matter what the size. 

Add a Potting Table

If you want to update your potted plants every year, consider adding a potting table. Using plants to edge your lawn helps your garden appear well-designed and thought-out.

If you don’t look after your flower beds and lawn edging, even the most exquisite flowers will not distract from an unkempt garden. It requires a little more effort, but edging your garden is thoroughly worthwhile. 

If landscaping and gardening aren’t your thing, by using lawn edging decorations, you can change the appearance of your garden with little work.

Adding garden ornaments, lawn edging and small flower beds is a quick and non-expensive way to update your garden. 

garden lawn edging around a flower bed

Garden modules

Garden modules are individual trays made of plastic or recycled plastic and are available in a wide range of sizes and qualities.

Modular plant trays can be long-lasting (some lasting more than 25 years), are eco-friendly when choosing from recycled plastic and are simple to assemble. 

If you want to keep your garden eco-friendly and sustainable, avoid getting modules that are made of single-use plastic, virgin plastic (plastic produced from the resin using natural gas or crude oil) and plastic that is flimsy and will not last through winter!

There is little price difference between sturdy recycled plastic modules and virgin plastic modules, so always go with the recycled version. They are a little harder to find but worth every penny.

herb planter on the lawn

Garden modules do not have to be from man-made materials. You can create modules for your garden landscape with stones, bricks and wood and can be truly unique when coupled with flowers and lighting. 

Garden luminaires

Lawn edging is an easy and affordable way to give your garden a fresh look and feel and is the easiest way to draw a line between the grass and the garden.

One of the best ways to highlight this border is to add garden lighting and luminaires. 

Luminaires can be made from metal or recycled plastic and have a huge impact on your garden in the darker months.

They can help a small garden appear bigger and add texture and pattern to a garden when the plants hibernate for winter. 

garden lawn edging separating the lawn and flower beds
Adding lawn edging helps divide your grass and flower beds and is the perfect place to put garden lighting

Garden luminaires are an elegant accessory for sprucing up the edges of your lawn, garden borders and pathways. 

Original flower containers

brick wall, curved gate, pallet table with tiles and patio in the garden
I always use plenty of flower containers and pots. An easy way to decorate your outdoor space

Flower containers, like garden modules, are a brilliant way to decorate your outdoor space. They can be added to your decking, patio and courtyard and can help improve the curb appeal of your paths. They can also be used to provide visual interest by perching them up against trees or hidden behind decorative grass. 

One of the advantages of using flower containers in your garden is that there is a huge amount to choose from, all in different colours and sizes.

a stone planter in a garden with pink dahlias and greenery

Garden stone planters are a fantastic addition to your outdoor space, like this one from discountgardenstatues.co.uk. Stone planters are durable, low maintenance, provide easy drainage and are good insulators for your plants, helping to regulate the temperature of the soil in the planter. They also age beautifully!

You can also move them around and they can be placed on your decking or directly on your lawn.  Always make sure you use containers with drainage holes to prevent the plants from sitting in stagnant water and causing root rot. You can check here for examples.

Once you have chosen your flower containers, you can concentrate on selecting flowers for your garden and finding the ideal spot for them to sit. 

Decorate with garden stones

One of the easiest garden decoration ideas is rock landscapes. They create an attractive corner of your garden and are extremely popular amongst gardeners.  

You don’t have to create a whole rock landscape from scratch to get the look. You can use stones to frame and structure your garden, especially around the lawn as a border.

Use rocks, gravel and stones with plants and other decorative items to provide a clear definition between the grass and the rest of your garden. 

Garden with adirondacks, fire pit and gravel
We used gravel and membrane in our last garden to create a sunny spot in our garden. One of our easiest ways to decorate your outdoor space!

Pebbles are a fantastic way to make garden walkways and keep weeds at bay and decorate your outdoor space.

If you want to construct a path, pond or garden fountain, pebbles and gravel are a quick and easy way to do this.

Make sure the area is free from weeds before laying a membrane or pond liner before laying pebbles or gravel on top. 

Black or polished stones look fabulous next to ponds, streams and water features as they help reflect and bounce light around the garden. 

Rocks and stones do not have to be an expensive way to decorate your garden.

My kids love collecting their favourite rocks and pebbles from the beach and we use these to decorate corners of our flower beds and containers. They require little upkeep and are extremely hard-wearing! 

It is easy to add outdoor garden accessories. They can help divide your garden into sections and make it look well-designed without spending too much money!

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