7 Creative Ideas For Designing With an Led Mirror In Your Home

We’re all aware that mirrors play an important role in designing our homes. They create an illusion of expanse and make any room feel bigger. They also allow us to see different angles of ourselves and the room and LED mirrors are no exception.

We usually rely on conventional kinds of mirrors when we are designing our homes. However, we can add some extra creativity by adding mirrors that are embedded with lights and LED sheeting.

That’s exactly what the new trend in mirror designing is all about – using lights, LEDs, and other special effects in order to make mirrors appear more interesting in your home. Here are some creative ideas on how to use an LED mirror at home 

Ambient Lighting

large rectangular mirror with LED lighting in a marble bathroom

Ambient lighting is a general, soft light that fills a room and provides a comfortable and relaxing surrounding. It can also create a sense of space in a room and set the mood.

LED mirrors are ideal for ambient lighting because they emit radiant colorless light (the same kind of light that comes from natural sunlight). Just like natural daylight, LED lights provide warmth and brightness to make any space feel open and inviting.

In addition to creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and productivity, ambient lighting can enhance certain features or aspects of your home design. Ambient lighting is a subtle feature that does not distract attention away from other elements in the room.

Mirrored Bedside Tables

LED mirror cabinet in the bedroom

For bedside and vanity tables, LED mirrors are a great way to add extra storage space. They can also be used as the main table in your room and even as a dresser.

While most people think of LED mirrors when thinking about their bathroom, they have many other uses. LED mirrors in the living room can make great accent pieces. They can also be used in bedrooms or kitchens.

If you want to create an industrial look with your decorating style, using LED mirrors is a great way to create this style without spending a lot of money on traditional items like metal cabinets or shelves.

Bathroom Mirror and Lighting

round LED mirrors in the bathroom with grey slate tiles and white bathroom suite

LED lighting in the bathroom has many benefits – 

  • Use LED lighting for your mirror. This is a great way to create a clean and modern look in the space and makes a lovely feature out of the mirror
  • LED lighting can save you money on your energy bills as they use less electricity
  • LED lights are safer in the bathroom as they use a lower voltage. 
  • LED lighting does not contain mercury or lead, so they are more environmentally friendly
  • They instantly add warmth to the room, which is ideal for a bathroom!

Install Mirrors Around the Shower

square LED mirror in the bathroom

LED mirrors near your shower are a great addition to your bathroom.  If you have enough space in your bathroom, by installing LED mirrors near or in the shower, you can make your bathroom look bigger, more elegant, and modern.

It will also provide an accent of color that will brighten up the room and highlight other features like a tub or countertop. If you want to create a spa-like feel, consider using an array of different sizes and shapes on one wall or as a focal point at one end of the room for visual interest.

Vanity Mirror

round LED mirror above a dressing table

A vanity mirror is a type of mirror placed above a table or desk. People use a vanity mirror to put on makeup, do their hair, and generally help to make them look their best before going to work or on a night out.

In recent years, vanity mirrors have become popular as they can be used to decorate your room with LED lights and add a touch of opulence to your dressing table.

This can help create a more comfortable and dedicated space for yourself and make your room feel bigger and more glamorous!

LED mirrors for the bedroom are a quick way to update the room and you can do it yourself! You can make a real feature out of this mirror by giving it its own dedicated corner. 

Display Cabinets with Mirrored Back

Another creative way to use an LED mirror is to place them in the back of display cabinets. Display cabinets are extremely popular in the living room and dining room, as they are great for storing all your favorite items like vases, ornament, paintings, and tableware. 

Display cabinets are a feature on their own, so why not think about putting LED mirrors in the back of them? This will help light up your favorite items and reflect them back into the room. Display cabinets come in many shapes and sizes so it is extremely easy to find one to fit any sized room. 

If you have limited space at home but still want to use a display cabinet, think about purchasing small-sized cabinets with glass sides to make them appear bigger. We have a small glass cabinet in our dining room that displays all our favorite tableware and glassware which I prefer to be on display.

There are so many creative ways to use a glass cabinet, from storing your favorite mugs to shoes!

Kitchen Backsplash

If you’re looking for a more versatile way how to use an LED mirror, look no further than the kitchen backsplash.

A light-colored backsplash provides a fantastic backdrop for your kitchen. Using an LED mirror here will help brighten up your worktops and provide a unique feature, making your kitchen units the star of the room. 

For example, if you want a mosaic look on your walls and countertops, consider using LED mirrors instead of tiles or stone. If you want a certain design, style, or shape for your mirror, you can also choose a custom-led mirror depending on how much space is available in the kitchen.

This is a great option if you have a small kitchen and want to add some extra space to it by adding a mirror to the wall above your stove or fridge.

To create an interesting border around your counters or cabinets, try placing long rectangular LED mirrors across each corner where they meet while leaving enough room between each one so that they don’t touch when laid out flat against the wall.

To give it an extra touch of elegance—and show off some personality—you could even add a personalized message onto each piece using paint pens!

There are many ways you can use LED lighting and LED mirrors in your home. LED mirrors are a great design feature in any room, they bring a touch of glamour and help make the room feel more spacious.

Designing with an LED mirror is a quick and easy way to highlight a corner of your home and is one of the most simple DIY projects. 

7 creative ideas for designing with an LED mirror

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