I guess I’ve always been a little interior obsessed, even when I was a child living in Cornwall. Art, maths and graphic design were my favourite subjects at school and with hindsight, I should have become an architect! I remember moving into a bigger house when I was a teenager, which meant I got a room to myself and I went about designing the layout and coming up with colour schemes for the room.

Fast forward a few years where, just after my 21st birthday I joined the Royal Air Force. I spent years living in military accommodation which consisted of a room for a bed and a wardrobe (and an ensuite if you were extremely lucky) and just about enough room to swing a cat. But, I still got excited about decorating the room and trying to give it a cosier feel with art and cushions. And a bar cart, always a bar cart!

I met my husband whilst serving in the RAF but we didn’t officially get together until 10 years later. We were married within 4 months and moved out to Saudi Arabia where I guess you could say, my Interiors obsession really took off. I even went to Ikea for the first time in Riyadh, of all places, at the grand old age of 34!! My daughter was born in Riyadh and my Son, 19 months later in Derby. We were fast movers!

My husband was in the army, which meant we moved 4 times in 2 years and as I had two small children, I didn’t want to be constantly worried about schooling and being far away from family. We bought a house just outside Brighton, where my husband is from and it needed complete renovations. One day, once the kitchen renovations had finished, I took a picture of our new sofa with some cushions and posted it on my Instagram feed. It got about 10 times my average likes and this is when I realised there was a whole interiors community on Instagram, one which I love being part of and have made some genuine friends through it.

And what now? I always get asked so many questions about all things interiors and my style, so I thought I’d give this blogging malarkey a go! I’ve now realised what my true vocation should be (I used to work in IT Project Management and yes, it’s as dull as it sounds!) and will hopefully become a professional Interior Designer in the not too distant future. My style is constantly evolving, and I love using colour, pattern, texture and plants in my home. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and stay with me for my journey into Interior Design!