6 Tips for Choosing Affordable Children’s Bedroom Decor and Furniture

a blue bunk bed in a bedroom with storage and a woodland themed wallpaper
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You’ve meticulously chosen the paint color, plotted out where each toy will go, and maybe even mentally prepared for some sleepless nights. But when it comes to children’s bedroom decor and furniture on a budget? That’s where the overwhelming feelings might sneak in.

Every parent dreams of creating that perfect haven for their little one, a space that is both functional and enchanting. But the weight of expenses, especially when you’re trying to strike that balance between affordability and style, can make this dream feel a tad out of reach.

Children’s Bedroom Decor

With the plethora of options available in the market, the costs can quickly add up. But fear not! Decorating a children’s room doesn’t have to break the bank.

Here are some practical tips on how to create a children’s room without breaking the bank:

1. Set a Clear Budget and Stick to It

a colourful bedroom for a child with a bookcase and bright bedding

Planning ahead: Before you begin, determine how much you’re willing to spend. This helps in narrowing down options and making focused decisions. Once you have a budget in mind, it’s easier to determine what’s a necessity and what’s a luxury.

Prioritize: Think about what items are essential, like a bed or a wardrobe, and allocate more of your budget towards them. Decorative items, while beautiful, can often be sourced or created for less.

2. Start with Basics & Essentials

When it comes to furnishing a child’s space, certain items are non-negotiable and the bed is undeniably top of the list. Whether your child is transitioning from a crib or simply outgrowing their toddler bed, having a comfortable sleeping space is paramount.

Then, there’s storage. Children come with a delightful array of toys, clothes, books, and other essentials. Efficient storage solutions, like dressers or shelves, become indispensable in keeping the chaos at bay.

a queen size bed with orange furniture and brightly coloured bedding
A queen-sized bed is ideal for a children’s bedroom as it leaves plenty of space for playtime, but will grow with them as they get older.

Investing in furniture that can adapt to your child’s changing needs can be cost-effective in the long run. For example, convertible cribs that transform into toddler beds or adjustable desks that can be raised as your child grows, ensure that you won’t have to replace them in a few years.

Multi-functional furniture, like beds with storage drawers or loft beds with a desk underneath, can save space and money. Instead of buying multiple pieces of furniture, you get the benefits of two-in-one. And let’s not forget a reliable study or activity table for those coloring sessions or homework assignments as they grow older.

Once you’ve got these basics sorted, you can explore the vast variety of options available. From the vast collection of girl’s beds to multipurpose furniture pieces that pack a punch without depleting your budget, there’s so much to dive into.

3. Consider Second-Hand or Upcycled Items

an upcycled geometric chest of drawers in a boys bedroom, with colorful children's bedroom decor
I upcycled these chest of drawers to fit in with my Son’s bedroom decor

We’ve all eyed that gorgeous piece of furniture, only to gasp at its price tag. But what if there was a way to get that chic look without emptying your pockets? Second-hand and upcycled items can be your secret weapons in this quest.

Scouring thrift stores or online marketplaces can unveil some real treasures. From beautifully crafted wooden dressers to quirky bedside tables, the possibilities are endless. But here’s a tip: keep an open mind. That worn-out chair? With a fresh coat of paint or a new cushion, it could be the standout piece in your child’s room.

You could also consider making some bedroom decor yourself or upcycling items you already own. Pinterest and other platforms are teeming with DIY children’s room decor ideas. From wall art to custom shelves, the possibilities are endless.

DIY projects can also be a fun way to involve your kids. Let them choose colors, or help with simple tasks. Not only will it save money, but it will also create lasting memories.

Upcycling isn’t just about saving money; it’s also an eco-friendly choice. It allows you to give new life to items that might otherwise end up in a landfill. And the best part? It gives you a chance to infuse a touch of personal creativity into the decor, making your child’s room truly one-of-a-kind.

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4. Shop Seasonal Sales and Discounts.

a pink bedroom for a teenager girl with flamingo wallpaper

The art of timing can be a game-changer when shopping for children’s furniture and bedroom decor. Retailers often have seasonal sales, and if you’re armed with a bit of patience, you can snag some pretty sweet deals.

Did you know that certain times of the year are prime for furniture shopping? Retailers typically roll out new furniture styles in February and August.

What does this mean for you? Well, before these months, especially in January and July, stores are eager to clear out the old to make room for the new. This transition period can be your window to some of the best deals out there. And let’s not forget those Black Friday or end-of-year clearance sales.

But how do you stay in the loop without constantly checking every store? Easy. Join a few mailing lists or follow your favorite brands on social media. This way, children’s bedroom sales alerts come straight to you.

a neutrally decorated bedroom with lantern lights, white furniture and wall decor stickers

Also, websites like Amazon, Wayfair, or IKEA often have deals and discounted items. Furthermore, platforms like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist might have people selling barely used or even brand new items for a fraction of the original price.

Before finalizing a purchase, use online tools and apps that compare prices across different retailers, ensuring you get the best deal possible.

Just remember to have a clear idea of what you need so you don’t get swept up in the shopping frenzy. After all, a bargain is only a bargain if it’s something you were going to purchase anyway.

5. Choose Neutral Pieces with Room to Grow

a neutrally decorated bedroom with lots of brightly coloured bedding

One of the many joys of parenting is watching your child grow and evolve, their tastes and preferences shifting as they journey through different phases of life.

And while it’s tempting to indulge in that vibrant dinosaur-themed dresser or the fairy-tale canopy bed, there’s wisdom in opting for neutral, adaptable furniture and bedroom decor.

Neutral doesn’t mean boring and is one of the best ways to start when decorating a children’s room. A classic wooden bed, for instance, can seamlessly transition from toddlerhood to the teenage years, all with a change of bedding and accessories.

Instead of repainting a whole room or replacing large pieces of furniture, swapping out colorful accents of bedroom decor like bed linens, curtains, or wall decals can refresh the room’s look without a significant expense.

Investing in pieces that grow with your child is also budget-friendly, it’s much better than constantly replacing items when your kids grow out of them.

6. DIY Decor Solutions

a built in bunk bed in a bedroom with grey and cloud wallpaper, built in stairs and lots of storage

There’s a unique charm to handcrafted decor—a personal touch that store-bought items often can’t match. And while you might not consider yourself the next big DIY enthusiast, dabbling in a few projects can be both fun and rewarding.

Imagine transforming a plain wooden shelf with a pop of color your child picks out. Or crafting a unique wall art piece using their drawings. These projects don’t just save money; they also serve as beautiful memories of your child’s growing years.

a corner of a child's room with a vintage desk and chair and a corkboard with children's drawings pinned to it

And speaking of involvement, why not turn these DIY projects into bonding sessions? Children love to contribute, and it’s a fantastic way for them to feel connected to their space. Whether it’s stamping patterns on curtains or assembling a simple bookshelf, their sense of pride in having contributed is immeasurable.

Achieving the dream children’s bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean emptying your savings. As we’ve explored, a strategic approach can make a difference.

Just don’t be afraid to think outside the box, hunt for those hidden gems, and occasionally get your hands dirty when decorating a children’s room.

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