How to Use Autumn Decor in Your Home for a Warm and Cosy Ambiance

Autumn caught up with us a little quickly didn’t it? You know it is in full swing when you start to see the autumn decor and wreaths appearing on Instagram.

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After the long hot summer that we have just enjoyed in the UK, we were subjected to countless videos of outdoor images. Instagram was full of beautiful patios with layers and textures and stunning “She Sheds” and pergolas where we could enjoy the hot balmy nights with a G & T or 3.

There were even plenty of photos of swimming pools and hot tubs that made our little mildewed paddling pool look a little sorry for itself.

Pumpkins and falling leaves

Autumn was always the month for me where I mourned the passing of summer but was quite glad to put my hairy legs away and cover up in woolly jumpers once more.

It seems recently, more people are celebrating the fact that the season has changed and have started to embrace the autumnal colours (or maybe that’s just because I now spend a lot more time on Pinterest and Instagram?) and introducing autumn decor to their homes

The amazing She Shed going all autumnal by Theresa Gromski – Instagram @theresagromski

One of the biggest trends I’ve seen is pumpkins throughout the house and wreaths and garlands made up of the beautiful colours of the falling leaves. I wrote a blog post on how to DIY your own wreath here.

Just a few pumpkins in the kitchen giving a nod to the autumn decor
Brighten up your kitchen with an Early Autumn Bouquet from

Autumn Wreaths

One of my favourite seasonal décor trends has to be the autumn wreath.

Balsam Hill UK recently sent me their Fall Harvest Wreath which comprises of pumpkins, pinecones, berries and burlap ribbon to represent the colour and radiance of the harvest season and sums up all the great things about autumn decor.

Balsam Hill specialises in realistic faux Christmas trees and their products are often found in the lobbies of fine hotels and embassies around the world.

But why stop at Christmas? They now create beautiful autumn wreaths and garlands and the wreath they kindly sent me is extraordinary.

It has beautiful detail and character and I knew I did not want it hanging on my front door, but on my living room wall so that, selfishly, I could look at it and not my neighbours!

The beautiful fall harvest wreath from Balsam Hill UK
Beautiful detailing
Ribbon details
The wreath in all its glory –

Some of my favourite wreaths

I like the addition of pumpkins to the wreath, which obviously represent the most important “celebration” of Autumn – Halloween – but there are plenty of other wreaths, garlands and table décor out there which can add seasonal touch and colour to your home without turning it into a shrine to the All Hallows’ Eve!

You could even head over to Hobby craft and buy a Rattan Grapevine Wreath for £3 and go foraging for leaves and pine cones and create your own masterpiece!

However, if you are about as crafty as an elephant wearing gloves, here are a few of my favourites…

Autumn Abundance –
Autumn Wreath Bright –
A beautiful garland to wrap around your fireplace –
A beautiful garland to wrap around your fireplace –
This wreath is so stunning, I’d have it up all year round – @thebigdoorwreathcompany

Autumn decor on your table

Table décor has become a big new trend in recent years, so why not introduce autumn decor to your meal times?

Gone are the old tatty tablecloths that have been passed down through generations and the laminated placemats that often had pictures of dalmatians or a floral pattern design that didn’t match any of your décors.

Deliciously autumnal. Photo by Lucie Liz: Pexels

These days, the display on your table can be nearly as important as the food you serve (and if your cooking leaves a lot to be desired, a great distraction from the burnt spuds and watery gravy).

From carefully placed candles and foliage to cutlery wrapped in beautiful ribbons and even a handmade gift placed artfully on the plate (ok, ok, I’m going too far now. It’s only your mother popping over for some beans on toast!) anything goes.

Your table setting is just another extension of your creativity and here are a few ideas to get you started.

Cosying up with autumnal soft furnishings

If wreaths, garlands and table décor going all out for autumn isn’t your thing, then a few simple tweaks in your soft furnishings should do the trick.

You can swap your botanical prints for plush velvet cushions, thin cotton throws for chunky knit blankets and adds a bit of mixed pattern in autumnal colours as Ikea have done with their New Age Folk range.

But let’s face it, all you really need is a lit fire in the living room and a few candles dotted around the room.

Ikea’s New Age Fold range –
Beautiful Tonquin Velvet Cushions –
The epitome of cosy, a fabulous chunky knit throw by Blankets Beautiful – Instagram: @blanketsbeautiful

So, it seems saying goodbye to Summer isn’t that bad after all. We can swap balmy evenings on the patio for cosy evenings around a foliage-decorated table and lit fire (or hug your radiator if you haven’t got the coveted wood burner) and exchange the dreaded summer salad for stews and soup, surrounded by our autumn decor.

I love introducing autumn decor into my home and getting cosy and ready for Winter.

All together now “Autumn days when the grass is jewelled and the silk inside a chestnut shell…” Is it just me who remembers that school hymn? 🙂

Mel x

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