Updating our Bedroom With Valspar Pink Paint

Our guest bedroom. Probably the least used room in our house, but the most used room when it comes to redecorating! So when Valspar asked if I would like to use one of their new products, I knew exactly what room I was going to use it in.

This room has been white, grey, grey with bright pink, grey with a floral mural, back to white again and now I’ve gone pink with a splash of green!

Started off with light shades of grey and pink
As I got braver, added more bright pops of pink
Then tried to experiment with more color (yes, I was becoming that indecisive!)
Then the mural turned up! Honey Bloom Mural – anewall.com
Started introducing more pink. Bedside Table – George at Asda

I’ve never been entirely happy with the grey. When we first moved in, I painted the whole house in two shades, white and grey! Our Guest bedroom was my first completed room and I thought I had worked an Interior design miracle.

Grey walls, white curtains, white furniture, white bedding, and a mirror propped up in the corner. I clapped my hands in joy and then moved on to the next room.

First room complete, waiting for Interior Design Masters to come knocking at my door! 🙂
Fairy lights and a bit of pink, I was really going for it in this room!

Introducing the wallpaper

In time and with the help of my presence on Instagram, I was sent a wall mural from Anewall and it made me realize what a blank canvas this room was.

I put the wall mural up (upside down unfortunately, sorry about that! A complete novice at decorating at that time but I now love wallpapering, have a look at my wallpapering guide here) and it started to make me think about introducing color into this room.

The walls were still grey, but I started adding colors from the wallpaper, like mustard and pink.

Fairy lights and a bit of pink, I was really going for it in this room!
Experimenting with a bit of mustard and yellow in the room, which is your favorite color? Mustard throw from Dunelm

Green and Pink 

The room at that time only consisted of a bed, a cabinet that housed all our towels (we lost the airing cupboard when we renovated the bathroom) a rocking chair, and a fluffy rug.

I really wanted to put something useful in the alcove to the right of the chimney breast and decided to go with a dressing table as it was perfect for this space (and, in the end, totally going against my wishes of being useful as I’ve never used it!) But, it did look pretty!

I originally bought an old pine-style chair from a charity shop, but was kindly gifted an amazing Forest Green velvet Adela chair from Cult Furniture and loved how the green looked against the pink.

Introducing the new dressing table that’s main job is to gather dust 🙂 Table from John Lewis
Adding a bit of green to the room in the form of this fabulous Cult Furniture Forest Green velvet chair
I previously painted my cabinet with a geometric print and then added a gallery wall

The new Valspar paint

This is where Valspar Paint came to the rescue. Valspar got in touch with me asking if I would like to collaborate with them as they were partnering with the Pink Ribbon Foundation and had released two new colors and they were… Pink!

They asked if there was anything in my house that I would like to paint in one of the new colors and I immediately thought of this room.

The two new Valspar paint colors were Pink Ribbon Care and Pink Ribbon Support and I was instantly drawn to the softer shade of Pink Ribbon Support.

Pink Ribbon Care and Pink Ribbon Support

Preparing the room for painting

Valspar kindly sent me a pot of white paint and the first job was to paint over the grey walls in the bedroom with white to prepare the room. I started by taking the gallery wall down and cleaning the walls and skirting boards.

I didn’t want to take the shelf down, so I painted white around the shelf with a paintbrush and also painted around the skirting boards and corners.

Then, using a roller brush, I put a coat of Valspar white paint on three of the bedroom walls. Normally I use frog tape to stop the paint dripping on the skirting boards but as I was painting white, I didn’t need to.

Pink Ribbon Care and Pink Ribbon Support
Grey walls be gone!
Grey walls be gone!
Use a roller brush for quick and even paint cover
The first coat of Valspar White paint
Leaving it to dry before applying another coat.

Pink Ribbon Support by Valspar

I applied two coats of the Valspar white paint and let it dry, before starting on the chimney breast. This time I put frog tape on the skirting boards and around the fireplace.

I no longer put frog tape on the corner of the ceilings or wall as I often find when you peel the frog tape off, it takes some of the paint away (especially on the ceiling!) So, I tend to get a very good paintbrush and apply paint to the edges with a very steady hand!

Painting the chimney needed two coats of Valspar Pink Ribbon Support and took me about an hour.

valspar pink paint
Beautifully pink!
Frog tape around the edges to stop the paint dripping onto the white fireplace and skirting boards
I love to paint! 🙂
Waiting for the pink to dry! Absolutely love how it pops against the white.

The finished result

I am extremely pleased with the results. I love painting with Valspar, it goes on extremely easily, doesn’t tend to drip, and only needs two coats.

Painting over the grey has really freshened up the room and I love how the Valslpar Pink Ribbon Support paint pops against the white! It has also pulled the room together beautifully.

The pink paint matches the pink in the wallpaper mural opposite and looks fabulous against the green velvet chair and plants in the room. Where would you use this Valspar color in your house?

The room feels fresher and brighter thanks to the Valspar paint
I love how the pink and green sit well together in this room – Forest Green chair, Cult Furniture. Dressing Table, John Lewis
The pink wall makes the greens really stand out
It also ties in the wallpaper nicely

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