Bridgerton Interiors – The Set, Inspiration, and My Love of All Things Regency

a light blue living room with blue velvet sofa and oak coffee table

As usual, I am very late to the Boxset party and finally watched Bridgerton last week. Oh my! In fact, I said oh my several times. Where do I start? The costumes, oh my! The Duke, oh…. Ok, you get the picture.

But once again, as much as I admired the Regency fashion and fancied myself swanning around in beautiful dresses wearing a corset so tight it would give me sores only a bad pair of hiking boots after climbing Ben Nevis could give me, I was drawn to the Bridgerton interiors.

The extremely eclectic mix of gallery walls and turquoise colors in the Duke’s home. Image credit:

Bridgerton Series 1 debuted on Christmas Day in 2020 and within 28 days, 63 million households had streamed the programme. It has held the number one slot on Netflix’s Top 10 rankings in 76 countries.

It followed Daphne Bridgerton, the eldest daughter of the influential Bridgerton family, as she made her debut on the London scene in the Regency era. Series 2 followed the romantic exploits of Anthony Bridgerton in the quest to find a suitable wife, and with Series 3 now on our screens, we watch the blossoming romantic journey of Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington.

But I guess you’re here for the interiors! :)

Bridgerton Interiors

a kitchen with marble backsplash, large iron range cover and island
A regency style inspired kitchen

The phenomenon that is Bridgerton has captured hearts and imaginations around the globe since its debut on Netflix. While the sumptuous costumes and gripping storylines are certainly part of its allure, the series’ interiors are equally mesmerizing.

As an interior design enthusiast, I find myself not just watching the show but savoring every exquisite piece of furniture, every lavish wallpaper, and every glittering chandelier.

The Regency Period

The Regency period was short, from 1811 to 1820. It was named after George, Prince Regent who was the temporary king of Great Britain whilst his father, George III was ill.

During this time, it saw the rise of many well-known authors and artists such as Jane Austen and William Turner, and our very own Brighton Pavilion was commissioned in 1815 to become the fantastical Oriental Palace that we can still visit today.

Regency Architecture

Castle Howard in Yorkshire where the Duke of Hastings’ Country House. Image credit: @castle_howard

It is no secret that I absolutely love Georgian architecture and the Regency era would have been in the latter stages of the Georgian period. Architects were extremely experimental and would draw from styles including Indo-Chinese (like the Brighton Pavilion) and Egyptian architecture.

The dome inside Castle Howard. Image credit: Nick Briggs/Netflix

Georgian architecture is all about symmetry and that is probably why it is one of my favorite types of classical architecture. Window and door placement is symmetrical and most buildings were built with brick from local material.

Regency Interiors

Photo: Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2022

Regency style is characterized by its elegance, symmetry, and use of classical motifs. During this period, interiors were heavily influenced by ancient Greek and Roman designs, which is evident in the columns, friezes, and statues that adorn many of the sets in Bridgerton.

Furniture from this era often features clean lines, delicate ornamentation, and luxurious materials. Pieces such as chaise lounges, upholstered in rich fabrics like silk and velvet, are common. The use of gilding and intricate inlays on furniture adds a touch of opulence.

Bridgerton Interiors

Ranger’s House, The Bridgertons Residence. Image credit: Netflix

And so, to Bridgerton interiors! Could you imagine being on the set designer team, sent around the UK trying to find suitable palaces and castles to provide the backdrop for the series? Where do I sign up?

The interiors of the Bridgerton sets are extravagant, decadent, and opulent and that is no surprise when the whole cast was playing Kings, Queens, and the Upper Class. 19th-century colors included rich, deep tones with pastel blues and soft champagnes.

Mood board for the Bridgerton set. Image: Jessica Radloff

Patterns are adorned across the soft furnishings and walls and decorative wall motifs are in abundance. From the grand ballrooms to the intimate drawing rooms, each set in Bridgerton is a masterpiece. The series is set in early 19th-century London, a time of significant social change and extravagance in interior design.

Regencycore has become a hugely popular interior trend in the last year and it incorporates all the glamour, considered color choices, and regal patterns of the Regency period.

While the sets of Bridgerton are firmly rooted in Regency aesthetics, they also incorporate modern elements to appeal to contemporary audiences. The color palette, for instance, is more vibrant and varied than what would have been typical in the early 19th century. This bold use of color brings energy and freshness to the interiors, making them the star of the show.

Daphne’s Bedroom 

The pastel blues and champagne tones of Daphne Bridgerton’s bedroom from Series 1. Image credit: Liam Daniel/Netflix

A huge oversized statement bed, vintage furniture, layers of blues and champagne tones in the soft furnishings, and decorative details displayed in the paneling on the wall and carved into the furniture. Daphne’s bedroom is the perfect place to start when describing the regencycore trend.

A Bridgerton Inspired Sitting Room

Pale blue tones and champagne shades are also evident in the sitting room

The pastel blue and champagne tones are also carried through to the Bridgerton sitting room with sophisticated furnishings, chandeliers, and vintage furniture dotted around the room. Paneling has been a huge “trend” in recent years, but how about mixing it up by adding paneling to your wall and introducing wallpaper in the panels?

Blue is the signature color of the Bridgerton family which was represented not only throughout their home but with the clothes they wore. The production designer, Will Hughes-Jones, purposely chose Wedgewood Blue as a specific hue which is indistinguishable from English fine china.

regencycore sitting room bridgerton

A Garden Fit for a Ball

You’ve probably had more than a lifetime’s worth of blue pastels and opulent chandeliers by now, so let’s move out into the garden! Several scenes in Bridgerton were set outside including the first kiss between the Duke and Daphne Bridgerton and the Duke and Duchess’ courtyard ball.

The Duke and Duchess hold a courtyard Ball. Image credit: Liam Daniel/Netflix
Liam Daniel/Netflix
Wonderfully Wisterial! Image credit: Liam Daniel/Netflix

Many gardens in the Regency period were kept tidy and simple with plenty of seasonal flowers in beds, orderly hedgerows, cast iron gates, and fountains. It would include pathways that would take you around the flowerbeds with ornamental gardens, stonework, treasures, and urns. 

Just don’t forget your floral parasol and champagne flute!

regencycore garden
A garden fit for an actual King!

Bringing Bridgerton into Modern Interiors

a dark oak bed with white bedding and wallpaper

For those of us who have fallen in love with the Bridgerton aesthetic, there are many ways to bring a touch of Regency elegance into our own homes. Here are a few tips for incorporating this timeless style into modern interiors:

1. Bridgerton Color Palette

a living room with light blue velvet sofa and gold marble coffee table

Don’t be afraid to use bold colors in your decor. While Regency interiors often feature soft, muted tones, a pop of vibrant color can add energy and modernity to the space. Consider painting an accent wall in a rich jewel tone or incorporating colorful artwork and accessories.

Ben Brocklesby, Expert at leading aluminium doors and windows manufacturer, Origin, explains: “The Regency era spanned more than 40 years from 1795 to 1837 and is the backdrop of the Bridgerton series. Characterized by rich colors, the Regency years adopted a brighter color palette compared to the more muted tones of the early Georgian period.

“Using this color palette in paint, furniture, soft furnishings, or even fixtures like window frames and woodwork can help replicate the decadent Regency look, as seen and loved by Bridgerton viewers. Even if you don’t live in a period property, the color palette will provide personality and interest if you’re tired of the neutral trend.

“Choosing colors can be overwhelming, so consider using a widely used color management system such as RAL colors – which is used across Europe. This makes it easier to find the right shade without needing to color match and is why Origin offers more than 150 RAL colors for its products.”

2. Embrace Symmetry

a sage green living room with antique art and table lamps

One of the hallmarks of Regency design is its emphasis on symmetry. Arrange furniture and accessories in pairs to create a balanced and harmonious look. This can be as simple as placing matching lamps on either side of a sofa or using symmetrical artwork arrangements on the wall.

3. Use Luxurious Fabrics

a bedroom with an oak bed and silk bedding

Incorporate rich fabrics like velvet, silk, and brocade into your decor. Consider adding plush throw pillows, upholstered furniture, or heavy drapery to introduce a sense of opulence and comfort.

4. Incorporate Classical Motifs

a hallway with wallpaper and an oak console table

Look for furniture and accessories that feature classical motifs such as columns, scrolls, and laurel wreaths. These elements can add a touch of historical elegance to your space without feeling outdated.

5. Mix Old and New

a regency style velvet sofa with a coffee table and antique art

Blend traditional Regency elements with modern pieces to create a space that feels both timeless and contemporary. For example, pair a classic Regency-style sofa with a sleek, modern coffee table, or hang a contemporary piece of art above an antique mantel.

I adore vintage interiors, floral patterns, and walnut furniture and the interior and garden trends of the Regency period are right up my street! I would love to spend my days wistfully drinking tea out of dainty china cups whilst engaging in tittle-tattle with the neighbors and bumping into my very own Duke of Hastings at a garden party.

I was definitely born in the wrong era!  What were your favorite items of the Regency period?

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