Bungalow Names: 121 Unique Ideas for Your Cozy Home

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Finding the perfect name for your bungalow is an important and fun way to give your home its own unique identity. With a bit of creativity, you can come up with a bungalow name that captures the character and charm of your cozy home.

It’s a reflection of its character, a hint at its story, and the first impression it makes on visitors. Choosing the right name for your bungalow can be a delightful process, allowing you to express creativity, encapsulate memories, or pay homage to its architectural beauty or natural surroundings.

This article explores the art of naming your bungalow, offering inspiration and practical tips to help you craft an identity that’s as unique and charming as your home itself.

Bungalow Names

Before diving into brainstorming sessions, it’s essential to understand why a name for your bungalow holds such significance. Historically, bungalows have been associated with comfort, simplicity, and a connection to nature.

Originating from the Bengali style of housing in India, the term ‘bungalow’ has come to represent a single-story house with a spacious layout, often blending indoor and outdoor spaces.

The name you choose should echo these attributes, weaving in elements of history, architectural style, or the bungalow’s natural setting.

Get Inspired by Your Home’s Style and Setting

a bungalow with grey sidings and stonework

Consider the architectural style and location of your bungalow to spark naming ideas.

Is your bungalow a cozy Craftsman with deep porches tucked into a woodsy neighborhood? Names like Pine Hollow or Campwood Cottage could suit this style and setting.

For a Spanish Mission-style bungalow in Southern California, names like Casa Solana (House of Sunshine) or Rancho Rosita (Little Rose Ranch) incorporate the regional architecture and climate.

Some more bungalow name ideas include:

  • Willowbrook Bungalow
  • Foxglen Hideaway
  • Sunset Ridge
  • Oak Haven
  • Cedar Nest
  • Elmwood End
  • Lavender Lodge
  • Beachcomber Bungalow
  • Rainbow Ridge
  • Tidal Retreat

Play with Alliteration and Rhyme

a bungalow in a suburban street at dusk

Incorporating alliteration, rhyme, or wordplay is a clever way to make a name for your bungalow more catchy and memorable.

Some examples using alliteration include Mountain Meadow Manor, Seaside Serenity, or Lakeside Landing. For a rhyming name, you could choose Honeysuckle Hideaway or Magnolia Manor.

Get punny with your bungalow’s name by using a play on words, like Bee Haven (be haven) for a home with a beekeeping hobby, Starboard Villa (star board) for a home filled with nautical décor, or Rey of Hope (ray of hope) because your name is Rey.

A dash of alliteration, rhyme, or pun can help the name smoothly roll off the tongue.

Some ideas for naming your bungalow include:

  • Bunga-Lo and Behold
  • Gallery Grove
  • Quaint Quarters
  • Snuggle Inn
  • Thyme Out Cottage
  • Bay Breeze Bungalow
  • Seaside Sanctuary
  • Lakeside Lodge
  • Baywatch Bungalow
  • Coconut Cabana

Incorporate Personal Meaning

a bungalow with a path leading up to the front door

An emotionally meaningful name brings extra depth and personalization to your home’s identity.

You can include your family name or surname when naming your bungalow, like Campbell Cottage or Rogers Retreat. Honor a loved one by adapting their name, like Hazel House after your grandmother Hazel.

Reflect shared hobbies, interests, or values by naming your bungalow based on something that holds special meaning for your family. If you met your spouse while hiking, Backcountry Cabin or Mountain Trail Retreat would commemorate that. For a musically inclined household, you could do Harmony Home or Banjo Bungalow.

Make the name both playful and heartfelt by weaving in personal significance. This adds a layer of intimacy so the bungalow’s name has depth beyond just being clever or catchy.

Some more bungalow name ideas include:

  • Mariner’s Retreat
  • Sailor’s Snug
  • Brushstroke Bungalow
  • Wave Rider’s Retreat
  • Canvas Cottage
  • Inkwell Inn
  • Hearth & Home
  • Nestled Nook
  • Heritage Haven
  • Anchor’s Away

Research Historical Names and References

a modern bungalow with large wraparound garden

Look to local history for naming inspiration. Research what your neighborhood was called historically.

Choose an old street name or reference a landmark that no longer exists, like naming your bungalow Cedar Creek after a creek that was paved over decades ago.

For a historic home, honor its background by including the year it was built. A bungalow built in 1928 could be named Nineteen Twenty-Eight Manor or 1928 Cottage. If you discover your home belonged to a local family, consider incorporating their surname, like Collins Creek Bungalow after the Collins family.

Historical names help strengthen the bungalow’s connection to the surrounding community. The research aspect also makes choosing the name more enriching.

More names for bungalows include:

  • Colonial Cottage
  • Art Deco Abode
  • Georgian Grove
  • Craftsman Cottage
  • The Boat House
  • Pioneer Place
  • Wild West Retreat
  • Junipero Serra Hacienda
  • Gettysburg Getaway
  • Belle Epoque Bungalow

Use Literary or Pop Culture References

a bungalow on a hill with steps leading up to it

Books, films, and other works of art can provide a trove of creative and cultured naming ideas.

If your bungalow has a secret book nook or private writing room, the name Pages & Porches sends that booklover vibe. For an old soul house, go with Golden Oldies Bungalow or references like To Kill a Mockingbird Manor or Downton Abbey Cottage.

Have fun with pop culture names like How I Met Your Cottage, Dumbledore Dwelling, Tatooine Terrace, or Khaleesi’s Castle for homes decorated with fan art and funky decor. Add your own twist to make the name distinct.

A literary or pop culture reference may click instantly as the perfect match for your home’s personality.

More bungalow names include:

  • Bronte Bungalow
  • Sherlock’s Place
  • Pemberley Place
  • The Shire
  • Wonderland Cottage
  • Hill Valley Hideaway
  • Hogwarts Home
  • Bilderberg Bungalow
  • Green Gables
  • Central Perk Place

Keep It Simple

Don’t overlook classic, straightforward bungalow names in your quest for something clever and complex. The name should be easy to remember and quickly recognized when giving your address.

Opting for simplicity may be best for bungalows with neutral decor or minimal ornamentation.

Names like Oak House, Briarwood, Seaside Bungalow, or Cottage by the Cove get straight to the point. Let the bungalow’s straightforward design, colors, and materials shine by choosing a simple, fitting name like Moss Cottage, Robin’s Nest, or Waterview Bungalow. A clean, concise name can be just as meaningful.

A few more bungalow name ideas include;

  • Hollyhock Hideaway
  • Seashell Cottage
  • Coral Nook
  • Ivy Hollow
  • Wavecrest Cottage
  • Sandy Cove
  • Pier Place
  • Crow’s Nest Cottage
  • Shell House
  • Bamboo Bungalow

Choose Something Playful and Upbeat

a wood burner in a living room with a built in wardrobe

Since bungalows are intimate, cozy homes, the name can reflect a playful, cheerful spirit. Whimsical names like Lemon Drop Cottage, Buttercup Bungalow, and Seashell Hideaway have a bright, upbeat lilt.

You could name it after pets, like Goofy’s Place, Felix’s Cottage, or Cha Cha Cha Bungalow. Or go for relaxed, optimistic vibes with names like Good Times Getaway or Happy Place Hideout.

Especially if your bungalow will serve as a vacation home, choosing a name with a playful punch can inspire joy and set a lighthearted tone.

Some more bungalow names could include;

  • Life’s a Beach House
  • Sunset Stay
  • Seas the Day
  • Merry Meadow Bungalow
  • Barkingham Palace
  • Slanty Shanty
  • Banana Cabana
  • Serenity by the Sea
  • Cape Wanderlust
  • Casa de Siesta

Coordinate with Street Numbers or Address

If your bungalow has a unique street number or address, leverage that numeric detail for a clever name. Turn 333 into Triple Threat Bungalow, or 222 into Two Times Two Cottage.

For addresses with alliteration like Willow Way or Paradise Place, incorporate the street name: Ponderosa on Paradise or Willow Way Wonders.

Many bungalow dwellers opt to prominently display the house number as part of the home’s exterior design. When the number coordinates with the name — like Nine Mile Bungalow at 909 Miles Street — it creates a cohesive branded effect.

So if your address offers an opportunity for an interesting name, take advantage!

Hold a Naming Contest or Ask for Suggestions

Coming up with name ideas on your own can feel daunting. If you’re stuck in a naming rut, hold a contest and ask family and friends to suggest names for your home.

Promise a gift card or homemade dinner to the person who submits the winning name.

Make it a fun group activity by gathering ideas from book club friends, neighbors, coworkers, and others who know you and your home’s personality. Allow people to vote on the finalists.

Having input from others may help you gain a fresh perspective. And if you don’t like any contest entries, you can always fall back on your own ideas.

Tips for Crafting the Perfect Bungalow Name

  • Keep it Meaningful: Choose a name that resonates on a personal level or reflects the bungalow’s essence.
  • Consider the Sound and Flow: The name should be pleasing to the ear and easy to pronounce.
  • Think About Uniqueness: Opt for a name that stands out, avoiding common or clichéd titles.
  • Visual Harmony: Imagine how the name will look on a sign or in written communication. Aesthetic appeal matters.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Ensure the name is respectful and avoids appropriation or insensitivity towards any culture or group.

Finalizing Your Bungalow’s Name

Once you’ve shortlisted potential names, take the time to live with them. Discuss your options with friends or family, and consider the name’s longevity—will it still resonate in years to come?

It’s also worth checking if the name is already in use, especially if you’re considering it for a commercial property like a vacation rental.

Finding that perfect moniker to match your beloved bungalow takes time and creativity. Whether you seek a cute rhyme, a local landmark reference, or a meaningful family name, brainstorm options until you land on the name that clicks.

Crafting a custom identity gives your bungalow extra character that friends will come to know and love. Let your bungalow’s name reflect the cozy, distinctive charm of your household and be a signature touch you proudly display.

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