Pinterest Business Account and Why You Should Change it from a Personal

If you want to become a successful blogger, one of the most important things you can do is change your Pinterest to a business account. I recently wrote a blog post about how I managed to grow my monthly views on Pinterest and how it had a huge impact on my traffic to my blog (if you only ever use it for pictures of cats and tutorials on how to make slime, this isn’t for you! ). I thought I would start writing a blog on each of the top tips I included in my blog post “How I Grew My Pinterest Views to Nearly 4 million in under 4 months”, starting with changing your Pinterest to a business account.

Since originally writing this blog post, my Pinterest account has now grown to over 8 million monthly views and over 20k followers. 

why you should change your pinterest to a business account

But why do I need the added pressure of being a “Business” on Pinterest you might be thinking. Here are the main reasons why –

It’s Free

No explanation needed there 🙂


Business accounts are fantastic for marketing purposes and for bloggers as, like Instagram, they come with extra features like Pinterest Analytics. This is a powerful tool in that it allows you to see what people are pinning from your profile and more importantly (I think), your website. The analytics are broken down into sections

1. Overview

The overview section of PInterest Analytics

The overview is like a dashboard of your Pinterest analytics, including your profile and how well your Pins are doing, your Audience which will include anyone who has seen your Pin at least once and the analytics for your Pins from your website.

2. Profile

My Profile Analytics

Your Pinterest Profile tells you how your Pins are doing. This includes all the Pins you have Pinned to your profile, including the Pins from your own website and the Pins you have repinned from others. It gives you the option to see the Pins with the most impressions, saves or clicks.

3. Audience

Your lovely and engaged Audience 🙂

The People You Reach or Audience is anyone who has seen at least one of your Pins and engages with your content. That could be liked, repinned, sent or clicked on a Pin. This is helpful as it can tell you your audience demographics, where they come from, what gender they are and what language they speak.

Verify your website with Pinterest

My website is prominent on my Profile page and you can click on it which takes you straight to my Blog

Pinterest now lets you display your full website URL which is clickable in your profile and can only be done with a business account. It also means that when people Pin an image from your website, your profile picture will be displayed next to it and you’ll be able to access your website analytics which will show you which content your audience saves the most.

You can display your company/blog name in your profile

As you can see from the above image, you can add a lot more detail to your Profile page. This can include your Company or Blog name, your location and a quick Bio on what you do.

Rich Pins

The image on the left has no rich pin metadata attached to it, the image on the right has a title, a description and the author of the Pin.

Rich pins are pins that have more information attached to them and can again only be visible on a business account. This information is independent of the actual Pin description, so even if someone repins your image and adds their own description, your information will still be attached to the Pin. The information the rich pin will show is the title, a short description and the authors name.

Promoted Pins

A Promoted Pin from

Promoted Pins are paid for Pins on Pinterest, like an ad. You can target your audience within certain locations and demographics and reach people who have an interest in what you do or offer. The promoted Pins will appear where Pinterest thinks it will reach the most relevant customers.

So, how do you set up a Pinterest business account? It really is very simple and I’m guessing you already have a Personal Pinterest account so it is quick and easy to convert. First of all, open up your Pinterest page and go to the three dots in the top right hand corner and select “Upgrade to a Business Account”

Three dots in the top right hand corner, then select the “Upgrade To A Business Account”

You will then get a pop up with your email address in, just click continue and away you go! You don’t have to convert your Pinterest personal account if you’d rather keep it. You can select the option to log out and create a new account which can run independently from your Personal account. And that really is it, the shortest tutorial ever!

Just press continue and away you go!

In my next Pinterest advice blog, I’ll be talking about making sure your blog or website is verified with Pinterest. This is a very important subject I feel, as it can drive a lot more customers to your website from your Pinterest Profile page and will also add data to images when your audience Pins pictures from your website. If there is anything else you would like me to cover or talk about, let me know in the comments!

Mel x

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