How to Use Autumn Decor in Your Home for a Warm and Cosy Ambiance

Autumn caught up with us a little quickly didn’t it? After the long hot summer that we have just enjoyed in the UK, it’s time to change up our decor for the darker, colder months…

1 Night Stay at the Magnificent Savoy Hotel in London

Recently, my Husband and I were invited to a ball at Mansion House in London and Mr B surprised me with an overnight stay in the Savoy Hotel, London. It really is as swanky as they’d have you believe…

Kitchen Renovation 2017 – How We Turned a Design Into Our Dream Kitchen

It’s all about the kitchen! They are not wrong when the say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so when we were looking for a new house to buy, I was very keen to do a kitchen renovation ourselves and put our own stamp on it. This is how we did it.

7 Easy and Low Maintenance House plants for your Home

I’ve always thought plants make a home. They bring personality, life and a calm quality to a room and let’s face it, they look great!

Grand Designs Live Show 2018

I was lucky enough to be given tickets by Axa Insurance UK to attend the Grand Designs Live show in the Excel Centre, London this week and what a fabulous day it was! I have always been a huge fan of the show and have watched it since the beginning…

Why did I start an Interior Blog in 2017?

We bought our first house (to live in) in November 2016. We were moving to an area just outside Brighton, that was a little on the expensive side and I would have needed to sell a kidney to get the house of my dreams….