Christmas Gift Guide – 30 Under £30 Beautiful Gifts for Her

I’ve realised by looking at my last couple of gift guides over the years, that I’ve always been heavily invested in booze, brightly coloured things and bath time. If you’re anything like me, you will be found in the largest Supermarket local to you on Christmas Eve, dashing around like you’re a contestant on Supermarket Sweep putting whatever is left on the shelves into your trolley. Along with a turkey if you’re lucky! And some sad looking brussel sprouts…

Christmas gift guide 30 under £30

To be honest, I’ve never been one for gift guides. In fact, I don’t have a lot of people to buy for at Christmas, apart from my immediate family and nieces/nephews of school age. This makes me sound like a right scrooge! But our siblings (and friends) decided once we started popping out sprogs, we no longer had the money (or will) to keep buying each other presents. And, I’m self-employed! So, no Secret Santa for me!

In fact, one year all I received was an A3 sized combi notice board with some ladybird magnets (I actually loved this present, it took pride of place in my utility room!) We had just moved house so decided not to spend any money which everyone was happy with. We still had a fabulous Christmas and the presents weren’t missed!

My white and cork board. A very useful product!

However, I do love the joy of giving small gifts at Christmas so we now have a £30 max spend policy in place. I don’t want to be a party pooper but I have grown increasingly uneasy about the over-commercialism of Christmas over the years. I now try to buy things that are sustainable, eco-friendly and will either be useful and used frequently, or something unique that the receiver would never think to buy themselves.

So, with that in mind, here are a few of my favourite things:

Gifts for the Home

Well, I am an interior blogger after all, so it would be rude not to include some homewares in my gift guides! I’ve tried to keep the items to small independent businesses, but I couldn’t resist throwing a few things in from my favourite High Street Stores as well.

  1. Portrait of Frida Kahlo by Florence Lee & Co – I have this print in my living room gallery wall and I am always asked questioned about it. 
  2. Mug and Biscuits Hamper, Cream Cornwall – I thought I’d give a little shout out to an independent store from my home county!
  3. Paloma Home Tree of Life Cushion, Terrys Fabrics – I adore this print and with the many colours, it will fit in easily in any home décor. 
  4. Commune Pottery Among the Rainbow Mug, Anthropologie – handpainted mug guaranteed to brighten up your day
  5. Spectacular Peacock Candle Holder, Rockett St George – Spectacular in name 
  6. Amish Stars, Ruby Jones Home – Stars are not just for Christmas
  7. Delaney Candle Holder, Anthropologie – sculptured glass, a real treat for you dinner table. 
  8. Blossom twisted candle, Plumo – I’ll never go back to straight tapered candles again!
  9. Recycled glass rustic vases, The Pink Pheasant – a colour for all home enthusiasts!

Food glorious food

Maybe it’s because we are currently renovating our kitchen, but I am really drawn to pretty things for the kitchen at the moment. And why shouldn’t our kitchens look pretty? These are all things I would love to have in our kitchen/diner, if the renovations ever finish!! The way things are going, we’ll be eating our Christmas dinner off our laps and drinking baileys out of a tea cup!

  1. Olive Wood Cheese Board Set, Sous Chef – just add cheese!
  2. Old Havana Gravy Boat, Anthropologie – so good you’ll want a roast dinner every day
  3. Glass & Wood Pantry Jars, Wearth – the Pantry is the new en-suite, a must have!
  4. Cena Terracotta Measuring Cups Set of Four – who needs plastic spoons when you can measure your food with these? 
  5. Wooden salad server set, W.A.Green – we may be some time off having BBQs and salads in the garden, but who said Salad was just for summer anyway? 
  6. Roasting Tin Around the World, Anthropologie – I am all for a one pot dinner!
  7. Moss Green floral block tea towel, Rockett St George – does anyone else have tea towels just for show? This is to pretty to use on your dishes 🙂
  8. Ravello Pot with handles, Alice in Scandiland – I am very drawn to rustic items for the kitchen and this would look perfect in any home
  9. Lagoa Oil & Vinegar Pouring Bottle, Sous Chef – beautifully glazed stoneware

Things that make you feel hmmmmmm

Wellness is such a huge buzz word at the moment. After a turbulent few years, we’re all looking at ways to stay healthy, keep calm and stress free and increasingly looking towards nature to help us do this. I think anyone would be happy to receive these gifts.

  1. Personalised Vegan leather embossed pencil case, Martha Brook – I’m forever hunting around for a pencil or pen, this beautifully engraved pencil case is just what I’m after!
  2. Beaded Monogram Pouch, Anthropologie – the perfect pouch to keep your pennies in
  3. Rose Plant and mister gift set, Beards & Daisies – I think this gift set is the perfect present for any plant lover!
  4. Calm Yellow Light Bulb, Oliver Bonas – this light bulb would look fab with a lamp designed for a exposed bulb. Keep calm and don’t carry on, just relax! 
  5. End of Day Aromatherapy Duo, Echor – I’ve recently become a convert to spraying my pillow before going to sleep. It really does help me settle. Zzzzzzzzzz
  6. Counting Sheep candle, Mawgans – I was lucky enough to receive one of these candles recently. An infusion of lemon, lavender and rosemary oil, it is a wonderful relaxing scent. 
  7. Abstact face plant mister, Sass & Belle – I’m trying to get better at spraying my plants and I’m totally on board with a mister that looks as good on a shelf as it does doing its job!
  8. Make your own body scrub kit, Wearth – does what it says on the tin. 
  9. Suede mule slippers, M&S – My husband and daughter thought it would be hilarious to buy me a pair of slippers shaped like a poo emoji. So if anyone is reading this, I could definitely do with a pair like these! 

And 3 for luck…

Mainly because the title says 30 for £30, I thought I’d throw in 3 gift ideas to please my numerical OCD.

  1. Draped Headband, Margaux Home – I am seriously addicted to headbands at the moment!
  2. Starburst Oval Hoop Earrings, Orelia – I love these earrings, perfect for the festive season
  3. Hill House Living, Paula Sutton – One of my favourite instagrammers talks all about the art of creating a joyful live. A must have book!

And that’s all folks! I hope you have found something lovely in this gift guide and can help small independent businesses through this busy Christmas period. Let me know in the comments if you have bought something! 

Mel x

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