7 Festive and Colourful Christmas Tree Theme Ideas you Need to Try

Baubles and Christmas Tree decorations have come a long way since I was a child.

There wasn’t much thought going into Christmas tree theme ideas, we just put what we loved on the tree!

2 festive and colourful christmas tree theme ideas you need to try Pinterest pin

Every year my Mum would get the Christmas box down from the loft, accompanied with a Babycham and some Christmas music blaring in the background.

The box would consist of brightly coloured foil ceiling garland hanging decorations, satin baubles, fairy lights in the shape of flowers that made your tree look like a psychedelic rave and foil stars.

1980s and 1990s foil Christmas decorations
Many of these foil decorations graced our living room throughout the 80s and 90s

We would spend the second Sunday in December (never a day earlier!) with Top of the Pops blaring from the TV and a bottle of Babycham opened in celebration whilst we decorated the 5-foot-tall faux Christmas tree.

My favourite part was hanging the chocolate decorations.

My Mum tells me I was very skilful at taking the chocolate out of the foil but making sure the foil retained its shape. It would dangle from the tree all Christmas without anyone knowing there was no chocolate left!

Top of the Pops logo, babycham bottles and chocolate christmas decorations
Tops of the Pops, Babycham and chocolate tree decorations. A truly 80s Christmas

So, onto Christmas 2022. There has been an explosion of Christmas tree theme ideas in the last few years and anything goes.

You can either craft your own Christmas tree decorations or experiment with your own Christmas decoration colours that suit the style of your interiors and home.

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Christmas tree theme ideas

I do like a bit of crafting at Christmas, but as a lot of people tell me, it’s all about time!

December tends to be one of the busiest periods of the year, so realistically, (unless you’re a blogger/influencer if you take one look at Instagram) who has the time to create all their own decorations?

I always try to keep to a Christmas tree colour theme every year and in the past I’ve had red, green and gold, blue and white and teal!

There are some amazing Christmas decoration colours to choose from. In this blog post, I have included 7 of my favourite Christmas tree ideas. 

Christmas tree decorated with white and blue decorations, pine flooring, dark green walls, christmas twig tree decoration above the fireplace and chunky knit blanket
The changing faces of my Christmas trees over the years. Christmas 2018
Christmas tree with floral white, pink and red decorations. Dark green wall and gold mirror above the fireplace
Christmas 2020

Traditional Christmas Tree

I am a sucker for traditional Christmas decoration colours.

Red, gold and green are synonymous with Christmas and it is believed it comes from ancient Celtic peoples that used evergreen red and green holly plants to help keep Earth alive and beautiful throughout the dead of winter.

Gold is a symbol of royalty and wealth and symbolises one of the gifts Jesus was given by the Wise Men.

I have tried many different colour schemes over the years but I always come back to these three colours.

I have a lot of green and gold in my home, so this Christmas tree colour theme works really well without much effort! 

Christmas tree in the living room with red and gold flowers, lots of lights and a gallery wall
Christmas Tree 2019. I reverted back to green, gold and red after experimenting with blue. We didn’t have a Christmas tree in our living room last year due to renovating!

moodboard of green, red and gold Christmas decorations including glitter ball, gold lips and stars

  1. Buddy the Elf Bauble, Trouva
  2. Ruffled Ball Christmas Decoration in Burgundy, The Conran Shop
  3. Gold Disco Ball Bauble, Rockett St George
  4. Crystal Star Tree Decoration in Red & Gold, Amara
  5. Flocked Star Tree Decoration, Amara
  6. Green Jewel Holly Bauble, The Range
  7. Lips Gold Decoration, Amara
  8. Gold Poinsettia, Dunelm 
  9. Candy Cane set of 5, Trouva

Animal Print

Ok, so I love a bit of animal print. But I didn’t realise this was a Christmas tree colour theme thing until I started looking at baubles for this blog post.

And oh my goodness, do I want a tree covered in animal print!

So unique and fun, you can easily team it up with black and gold accessories and animal ornaments to really pull it off.

Who is going all leopard print this year?

animal print decorated christmas tree with cheetah and tiger ribbon, animal print baubles and gold and silver christmas decorations
The ultimate leopard print Christmas Tree. Image credit: authenticallyemmie.com

mood board of animal print christmas decorations including felt cheetahs, animal print high heel shoes and ribbons

  1. Beaded Leopard Bauble, Cox & Cox
  2. Matthew Williamson Nightlife Leopard Spot Bauble, John Lewis
  3. Set of 3 Leopard Print Christmas Bows, Melody Maison
  4. High Heel Tree Decoration, Amara
  5. Faux Fur Cheetah, Waitrose
  6. Shiny Gold Christmas Bauble, Rockett St George
  7. Elegant Glass Black and White Tiger Print Christmas Bauble, Christmas Decorations
  8. Gold Leopard Christmas Tree Topper, Rockett St George
  9. Cat Tree Ornaments x3, Trouva

Rainbow splendour

There seem to be a lot of colourful, joyful decorations around this year. I love browsing my social media feeds to see everyone’s interpretation of Christmas decor. 

If your home is full of colour, this is a brilliant way to incorporate Christmas decoration colours into your home.

What can be more wonderful than decorating our Christmas trees with all the colours of the rainbow?

There are certainly plenty of baubles to choose from.

Rainbow themed christmas tree with christmas tree and star neons in a living room with bright blue wall
John Lewis Pop Art Tree uses rainbow-coloured decorations to fabulous effect

rainbow themed mood board including rainbow baubles and kitsch decorations

  1. Rainbow Ball, Heals
  2. Office and Stationery Watercolour set, Trouva
  3. Pride Rainbow Flag, Trouva
  4. Disco Ornaments, Trouva
  5. Rainbow Camper Van with Tree, Sass & Belle
  6. Rainbow Heart Shaped Bauble, Sass & Belle
  7. Multicoloured Bells Tree Topper, Paperchase
  8. Rainbow, Heals
  9. Large Spectrum Lips, Rockett St George

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Colourfully Kitsch

This leads me to kitsch! I am absolutely loving all the novelty Christmas decorations you can buy online and on the high street these days.

There really is something for everyone but I particularly love the weird and wacky baubles that are increasingly appearing in the shops and can help you have a truly unique Christmas tree colour theme.

Last year we started to see people making Christmas Decorations out of unwanted plastic items and toys.

mucknbrass.com had the wonderful idea of sending all your unwanted plastic to her and she would turn it into an eclectic Christmas wreath. Think of unwanted Barbie dolls sitting next to an old fidget toy. 

Kitsch is described as objects that are considered to be in poor taste but ironically become extremely popular. Kitsch items can also provide glorious colour to your Christmas tree and really give it personality.

It has now become a bit of a tradition in the Boyden household where we let the kids choose a ridiculous decoration every year, the more bizarre the better!

The Tiger King nestled next to a Turkey Sandwich anyone?

kitsch christmas colourful wreath with barbie dolls, old toys and neon bright ribbons
Last Christmas the very clever @mucknbrass used old toys and plastic to create these completely kitsch Christmas wreaths.

kitsch mood board with christmas jumper baubles, tomato ketchup and roller skate decorations

  1. Christmas Sweater Tree Decoration, Trouva
  2. Santa’s Rainbow Workshop Balloon Dog, John Lewis
  3. Sugar Plum Cafe Lamp Tree Decoration, John Lewis
  4. Turtle with Presents, Sass & Belle
  5. Sprouts, The Conran Shop
  6. Roller Skate Decoration, Trouva
  7. Nightlife Mix Tape Bauble, John Lewis
  8. Ketchup Sauce, Trouva
  9. Coffee Machine Bauble, Sass & Belle

Pretty in Pastels

I must admit, I’m not one for pastel colours but I do love how they look together on a Christmas tree and are an extremely popular Christmas tree colour theme.

Pastel doesn’t mean just pink. An under-the-sea theme was a big hit in 2021 with plenty of fish, mermaids, jellyfish and sharks in the form of Christmas decorations.

Using Christmas decoration colours of soft blues, greens and lilacs work perfectly alongside pink.

Pastel decorations are a silkier version of the rainbow theme and give it a fairy-tale feel with whimsical unicorns, starfish and octopuses.

Pastel inspired Christmas tree with pink flowers and white baubles in the living room
I love how @_lisa_dawson_ uses pastel colours on her Christmas tree

Pretty pastels moodboard with purple and pink mermaid tale, pink clip on flowers and pastel baubles

  1. Sugar Plum Cafe Poinsettia Clip, John Lewis
  2. Mermaid Christmas Festive Decoration, Trouva
  3. Sugar Plum Cafe Shatterproof Baubles, John Lewis
  4. Moms Sewing Machine, Trouva
  5. Sugar Plum Cafe Coffee Cup, John Lewis
  6. Floral Beaded Christmas Bauble, Ella James
  7. Six Dipped Snowflake Glass, Cox & Cox
  8. Iridescent Seahorse, Paperchase
  9. Glass Tinsel Jellyfish, Trouva

White Christmas

You can’t write a piece on Christmas without throwing white in somewhere.

A bit like pastels, I’m not one for an all-white or grey theme. I have always been about colour but there is something pure and minimal about an all-white Christmas tree.

And just because it is all white, it doesn’t have to be all boring! You can still add a touch of kitsch and creativity to your tree, there really are baubles for every Christmas tree colour theme out there.

All white christmas decorations on a Christmas tree
You can always rely on Cox & Cox to provide the perfect Scandi all-white tree.

All white christmas tree decorations mood board

  1. Winter Fayre Feather Wreath Decoration, John Lewis
  2. Kraft Paper Leaf Pattern Papier Mache Bauble, Sass & Belle
  3. Natural Macrame Leaf Hanging Decoration, Dunelm
  4. White Honeycomb Snowmen, Dunelm
  5. Hanging Ceramic Pinecone, Hobbycraft
  6. Crystal Star Tree Decoration, Amara
  7. Winter Fayre Car with Tree, John Lewis
  8. White Christmas Decoration with Black Stars, Rockett St George
  9. White Wood Beaded Snowflake Ornament, West Elm


Cottagecore has been quite a big trend over the last few years with design centring around nature, woodland animals and plants.

I love this theme for Christmas. Cottagecare is all about creating a magical nature woodland setting, there’s no theme more perfect for Christmas and can provide an endless amount of Christmas tree ideas. 

dark and moody cottagecore inspired living room with christmas tree and natural decorations

Whimsical Cottagecore inspired Christmas tree decorations including a felt deer, mushrooms and hedgehogs

  1. Garen Felt Fallow Deer, John Lewis
  2. Mushroom Decoration, Rocket St George
  3. Felt Ho Ho Ho Mice, Cox & Cox
  4. Glitter Squirrel Hanging Decor, Marks & Spencer
  5. Glass Fox Head, Trouva
  6. Garden Fluffy Feather Owl Tree, John Lewis
  7. White Bird, Dunelm
  8. Woodland Hedgehog Brush Animal, Sass & Belle
  9. Wooden Mushroom Hanging Decor, Sass & Belle

There are so many different themes to choose from, we really are spoilt for choice!

I hope you found some inspiration from these Christmas tree decorating ideas. Which theme do you think you will go for this Christmas?

Mel x

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7 christmas tree theme ideas to try Pinterest pin

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