Tiles in Décor – 10 Creative Ways to Use Tiles in Your Bathroom

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Let’s talk tiles! We have recently renovated our family bathroom (see the blog post here) and one of the first decisions I made about the renovation was the tiles. I wanted our shower enclosure to be just as much a feature as the stand-alone bath so I started to look for statement tiles.

I had been pinning terrazzo on Pinterest for a few years and I knew I wanted to include them in at least one of our new bathrooms, so when I came across these Ravello terrazzo tiles by Boutique Stone, it set the whole bathroom design in motion.

These stunning terrazzo-effect porcelain tiles are immediately eye-catching and the colors are perfect for the calm and neutral tones I wanted in the bathroom.

The beauty of these means you can work with many neutral and earthy tones

I wanted these tiles to be the stand-out feature of the bathroom, so I chose complimentary tones like the sage green paneling and gold accessories and kept the bathroom suite white. They always get an extremely positive reaction and that got me looking at other ways you can be creative in the bathroom.

The tiles going in
The sage green compliments them beautifully
As does the gold accessories
Perfectly framing the shower enclosure
I love the calming and neutral tones
The finished bathroom


Terrazzo has come a long way in recent years and is no longer confined to Italian terraces (where it originally got its name) and supermarket floors. There really is a terrazzo design out there for everyone now in all shapes, sizes, and different colors.

Use the tiles to zone a part of your bathroom or to help pull a color scheme together. Terrazzo looks good whether you use it as a small splashback or let it cover the whole bathroom!

Cover the whole bathroom in terrazzo design. Arielli Terrazzo
My favorite colors brought together to create this stunning terrazzo design. Fiori Terrazzo
I adore this dark green paired with the terrazzo tiles. Medi Terrazzo


For a bit of style and sophistication in your bathroom, why not go for marble effect? They are hardwearing and not as porous in nature as real marble so you won’t constantly be worried about staining or scratching the surface.

Marble is a timeless look and can easily be used alongside neutral, bold, and dark shades. You could even choose a bold color in the marble tile itself to make it a standout feature in its own right.

This dark sink unit is the perfect contrast to the marble. Carrara Canon gold marble effect 
Beautifully modern and incorporates several different tones of color. Sistine One Marble-effect Tiles
Blue is THE colour for 2022. Sistine Two Marble-effect

Patterned Tiles

I have to admit, I absolutely love a patterned tile in the bathroom. As the floor space doesn’t tend to be that large, this is the perfect place to experiment with different colors and patterns on the floor.

Patterned tiles can also be used to frame the bath or in the shower enclosure. You can either keep them monochrome and use color elsewhere in the bathroom, or use colorful patterns and keep the rest of the design neutral.

Use monochrome tiles on the floor and natural elements around the bathroom like wood panelling and concrete sinks. Balmoral Ceramic
A cool mint shade. Le Mans Ray Aqua
Bring colour to the bathroom via your flooring. Le Mans Ray Indigo
Use the tiles throughout the whole bathroom. Notre White Hexagonal

Porcelain Stone

Porcelain stone is extremely easy to maintain and perfect for the bathroom. They can be very contemporary in design and add a beautiful texture and patina to the room.

Stone also goes with pretty much any colour so the rest of the bathroom colour scheme really is up to you!

Porcelain stone provides a perfect backdrop in the bathroom. Avastone Beige Stone-Effect Porcelain
Inspired by limestone, this flooring provides a natural setting. Cole Stone Ivory

Metro Tiles

The ubiquitous and versatile metro tile shows no signs of going anywhere! Inspired by the look of the London underground, they can come in any color, size, or glaze and have become a hugely popular and classic style.

I love metro tiles in the shower cubicle and around a bath. Pair them with a contrasting grout color and you’ve got an instant unique and stylish look.

I love how they’ve used these tiles to provide a contrast to the otherwise neutral bathroom. Bamako Metro Gloss in Dark Blue
A very on-trend earthy metro tile tone with pink grout. Scilla Metro in Rose
I am eyeing up these for my guest bathroom makeover! Bamako Metro Gloss in Green


Onyx is very similar to marble; it is a unique natural stone that has colorful veins and patterns. However, onyx is more translucent than marble which helps enhance the stone’s patterns. Onyx comes in many different shades and can create a really unique aesthetic in your bathroom.

This onyx-effect tile seems to come alive in the bathroom. Riviera Onyx Olive
You can use Onyx anywhere in the bathroom. Riviera Onyx Currant
They can also be toned down to provide a calming backdrop. Riviera Onyx Natural


Polished concrete floors are definitely having a moment and I’m starting to see more concrete sinks and worktops appear on my social media feeds. Concrete-effect tiles are extremely practical and can come in lots of different sizes and shades of blue/grey.

You could use them throughout the whole bathroom for a seamless look or section of zones like the shower or sink.


If you love marble and onyx effect tiles, then gemstones could be right up your street. Gemstone-effect tiles can incorporate lots of different shapes, textures, and colors and provide depth to your walls and floors. The beauty of gemstone tiles is that no two tiles are the same.

Gemstone-effect tiles can also provide a more subtle texture to your bathroom like these Riviera Gemstone Pearl tiles.

These tiles would look perfect against a dark blue or grey wall! Riviera Cristalli Sky tiles

Wallpaper Effect

On a recent trip to Grand Designs Live in London, I noticed how bathroom designs were becoming bolder and more imaginative. One of the trends I saw repeatedly was decorative shower wall panels.

Porcelain tiles can also create this decorative look to create a bold and truly unique bathroom.  

Wood Effect

Another omnipresent trend at the moment is parquet flooring. I think a lot of people overlook wooden flooring when it comes to the bathroom, mainly because of its porous nature. However, I am a massive fan of wood flooring due to its beautiful texture and patina and you could consider getting wood-effect tiles.

Go for a herringbone or parquet style tile for a stylish look in the bathroom or mix it up with patterned wood-effect tiles to give your bathroom a contemporary look.

Contemporary style! Jameson Grey Wood-effect tile

Tiles are a fabulous way to start your design inspiration for a bathroom. With so many styles, colors, and shapes to choose from, I always think it’s a good idea to choose your tile first and design your bathroom around it. They can take center stage or set a really good base for your bathroom project.

Which tile is your favorite?

10 creative ways to use tiles in the bathroom

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