Dark Blue Kitchen – How to Improve Your Kitchen With a Lick of Paint

a white kitchen with oak worktops and pine flooring with dark blue painted walls

Our house was always a doer-upper. We bought it as a renovation project as I always prefer to put my stamp on a property and not pay through the nose for a house that has already been renovated, but not always to my taste.

One of the first properties we looked at was exactly that, they had renovated throughout, and the house was on the market at the top end of our budget.

The problem was that they had installed black quartz kitchen worktops with black units and painted the rest of the kitchen yellow. I knew that if we were to live there, I would want to rip out the kitchen but by doing so, not really add any value to the property.

This is why our current house was absolutely perfect as the kitchen desperately needed ripping out and updating! However, having a dark blue kitchen was never really on my radar to begin with.

a white kitchen with subway tiles, pine flooring, bi-folds out into the garden and a large dining table in the middle
A very rustic kitchen!

Choosing a Popular Kitchen Style

Our builders recommended Howdens for our kitchen units. When I visited the showroom for the initial appointment, the designer recommended that we go for one of their most popular styles if we were looking at selling our property in the future, which made perfect sense!

a very white kitchen with white cupboards, grey patterned tiles, wooden worktops and a range cooker
The oven tiles were the only feature

We went for the Burford white (no longer available but the Chelford is very similar) with curved units (great when you’ve got small kids!) and I decided to keep the rest of the kitchen décor neutral.

But as time went by, I knew I needed to inject a little color into the kitchen as it was all a bit sterile and white! The more time I spent on Instagram looking at all the amazing kitchen projects and renovations that were going on, the more I wanted to paint the room. It was just trying to find that perfect color and style. 

a white kitchen with pine flooring, white walls and a grey welsh dresser
A bit of grey with my upcycled dresser
white kitchen cabinets with pine flooring and grey walls
The corner view of our very white kitchen before the dark blue kitchen walls!
a kitchen peninsula from the kitchen table
A bland white wall and a dinosaur!
a kitchen peninsula with feather wallpaper under the worktops, white bar stools and a grey corner sofa in the background
Desperately seeking style!

I’ve always loved dark blue units in the kitchen, some of my favorites being @hornsby_style and @renovating_ethelwolf. I knew I wanted a dark blue kitchen but I was aware of how trends change and that some people might be put off by the dark units when we came to sell.

I’d also seen how many people had painted their kitchen walls dark and decided to go down this route. It was easier to repaint the kitchen walls than the many units we had. It was quite a brave shout as I wanted the kitchen diner to be all one color.

I’d painted my kitchen walls 5 different colors and wallpapered it in the short year since having it renovated and was never entirely happy with it! Thank goodness I have a laid back Husband :)

We’ve had white, grey, turquoise (what was I thinking!!!) and sage green. In the end, I decided to go with the extremely popular Farrow and Ball Hague Blue paint.

a rustic kitchen with dark blue kitchen cabinets, a brick wall with open shelving and oak wooden floors
The utterly gorgeous kitchen of @hornsby_style
a dark blue kitchen with brickwork walls and open shelving
The perfect model for this beautiful kitchen @renovating_ethelwolf
the dining area of an open plan kitchen with grey walls and wallpaper
My kitchen – it’s been grey and wallpapered…
a wall painted in turquoise
Turquoise – DIY disaster indeed!
a sage green wall with grey corner sofa
And a sage green kitchen wall. Which I actually quite liked!

Our Dark Blue Kitchen

kitchen island looking over towards a fridge freezer and welsh dresser
Our new Samsung RS8000 American Fridge Freezer courtesy of AO.com
dark blue walls in the kitchen
The Samsung RS8000 in its new blue surroundings!

I sent Mr B out with the children one wet Sunday morning and set about painting the huge space that is our kitchen diner. I’ll have it done by the end of the day, I optimistically thought and by 6 pm that evening (and the whole family moaning that they were hungry) I admitted defeat after only completing one coat and half the kitchen walls.

In fact, the painting actually took me nearly 4 weeks to complete due to it being such a huge space and painting such a dark color onto white. My initial thoughts after I had completed the first coat were, hmmmmmm, it’s quite dark!! But the actual kitchen part of the room is in the middle of the house and relies on light from the bi-fold doors, large windows, and skylight at the other end of the room.

a rustic kitchen with pine floorboards, dark blue walls, white kitchen cabinets and oak worktops
My (nearly) completed paint and wallpaper job for our new dark blue kitchen. I couldn’t decide whether to paint the steel joist boxes, but in the end, the ceiling part stayed white

What I have come to realize after the many hours (and days, and weeks) of choosing paint and decorating the house, is that dark colors don’t (in my opinion) make a room any darker. In fact, I think it’s best to stick to dark colors in a dark room because if you use a light color, like white, to try and brighten up the room, I think it actually highlights what a dark room it is. And likewise for bright rooms!

dark blue walls in the kitchen with pine flooring, an oak worktop and bifold doors out into the garden
The cozy corner of the kitchen
dark blue walls in the kitchen with open shelving, grey corner sofa and lots of monochrome cushions
Another view of the sofa. How gorgeous is that blue?
dark blue walls in the kitchen with a white kitchen island and a grey welsh dresser
My new Samsung RS8000 Fridge Freezer fits perfectly into the decor
a dark blue kitchen with pine flooring, brick wallpaper under the island, white bar stools and oak worktops
Instead of making this corner darker, I think it really makes the units Pop!
a corner kitchen cabinet with white doors, oak worktops and tiled surround
This photo was taken literally 20 minutes after I’d finished painting
dark blue walls in the kitchen
How our Samsung RS8000 fits perfectly into our new blue kitchen

So, my work here is done! I needed to re-wallpaper under the island as the previous wallpaper was a green botanical print and it no longer went with the dark blue kitchen. I chose a brown brick wallpaper print from Dunelm which completed the rustic look that I was after.

I also needed to change the grey lampshades that were hanging above the sofa and chose some good-quality copper light fittings. Finally, I added some monochrome artwork and plants to cozy up the space.

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White and meh to dark and yeah!
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Fussy corner with feather wallpaper and lots of different colors to monochrome wonder
kitchen, kitchen renovation, kitchen project, kitchen decoration, renovation, home project, decorating, painting, painting and decorating, interiors, interior design, home decor, decor
The dark blue kitchen wall frames the utility room nicely
kitchen, kitchen renovation, kitchen project, kitchen decoration, renovation, home project, decorating, painting, painting and decorating, interiors, interior design, home decor, decor
Sage green to navy blue kitchen walls. Even though I love both colors, the dark color is so much more dramatic and imposing

I am finally very happy with my kitchen makeover and color and could quite happily never pick up a paintbrush in this room ever again! The dark blue walls are extremely dramatic and have brought the whole kitchen scheme together!

Dark Blue Kitchen Wall Ideas

dark blue kitchen with dark blue walls, oak shelving and a large sash window. The flooring is oak and the worktops are white quartz

Dark blue walls in the kitchen can evoke feelings of sophistication, depth, and comfort. A monochromatic dark blue palette acts as a versatile base. Whether you want to introduce metallic accents, natural wood tones, or pops of vibrant colors, dark blue walls can complement many design choices.

Darker colors naturally bring a dramatic flair to any space. A dark blue kitchen can feel cozy, intimate, and distinct, setting it apart from other rooms in the home.

Here are several ideas on how to utilize and accentuate dark blue walls in your kitchen:


dark blue cabinets and walls in the kitchen with marble worktops
Go all in and have dark blue walls with dark blue cabinets in the kitchen

First of all, start with the cabinet color. If you already have dark blue kitchen cabinets, painting your walls in a similar color can provide a cohesive and streamlined look and is quite a bold statement! This can make the space feel larger and more open, despite using a dark color.

If you decide to go with this look, opt for white countertops such as marble, quartz, or another white countertop material. The clean white surface can offset the depth of the dark blue walls.

If you are just starting to design your kitchen, think about pairing the dark blue walls with light-colored cabinetry such as white or light gray. This creates a striking contrast that feels both modern and timeless.

Kitchen Hardware

dark blue kitchen with glass cabinets and brass light fittings hanging above an island with white quartz
Brass and copper light fittings are a beautiful contrast to a dark blue kitchen

Incorporate gold or brass fixtures and hardware. The warmth of gold contrasts beautifully with the cool tones of dark blue, giving your kitchen a luxurious feel. Open wood shelving also provides a wonderful contrast to the dark blue walls and is the perfect place to display dishes, plants, or decorative items. 

Patterned Backsplash

As we did in our kitchen update, a patterned backsplash with colors like white, light grey or even hints of gold can help break up the expanse of the dark blue walls and help to add a bit of texture and interest. 

Natural Wood Elements

a dark blue kitchen with white cabinets, oak shelves, flooring, and marble worktops. The kitchen has industrial elements to it.

Introduce bar stools, a kitchen island, or even wooden beams in natural wood tones. This adds warmth to the color scheme. Think about adding wooden flooring that provides a nice contrast and can help lift the overall design. 

Rustic elements such as a farmhouse sink, vintage decor, or a dining room table in reclaimed wood can help add a touch of coziness to the room. 


When using dark colors in a space, especially a kitchen, good lighting is crucial. Ensure that the kitchen is well-lit, either with natural light or multiple light sources, to prevent it from feeling too dark or closed in.

Choose pendant lights, chandeliers, or other lighting fixtures in metallic finishes or vibrant colors that pop against the dark blue. We went for copper light fittings in the living area of the kitchen and glass with copper accents in the kitchen itself, which helped maximize the available light. 

Do you think you could go dark blue in the kitchen? Let me know in the comments!

Dark blue kitchen - how to improve your Kitchen With a Lick of Paint Pinterest pin

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    1. Thanks Debs! Although I’m doubting my decision just a teeny weeny bit at the moment as it’s so dark! xx

  1. Darker walls are fab – we also considered that colour on our island but i now much prefer it on the walls! Where did you get your bar stools from? Love those!!

    1. They’re so dramatic aren’t they? I’m so pleased we went for this colour. We got the bar stools from George at Asda about 18 months ago, I don’t think they do them any more.

    1. This is the Leisure CS90C530X Range Cooker Cuisinemaster 90 Electric Ceramic Stainless Steel. It’s a fabulous oven!

  2. Where is the lampshade from, the one next to your sofa? It is beautiful. I love that colour wall, I have it on my own living room wall. I love how the shade changes depending on how much light there is!

    1. It’s from the fabulous Divine Savages. It’s a beautiful colour isn’t it? I was a bit worried about how dark it was when we initially put it up, but love the colour now. x

    1. The floors are original to the house and are pine. We had them sanded down and then painted them with Osmo Polyx Oil :)

    1. Thank you so much Ann! Sometimes I think I should change the kitchen part back to white, but then I get lovely comments like this and decide to keep it! :) x

  3. Hiya Mel – I’ve just discovered your fabulous style! Love everything about your house! Where is the flower paper from in your little girls bedroom and also the chunky knit rug on your kitchen sofa? Thanks Hannah Xx

    1. Hi Hannah

      Sorry for the delay in replying. The chunky knit rug is from @blanketsbeautiful (via instagram) and the wallpaper is from a company called Komar, via Wayfair. If you have a look at the "shop my likes" on the home page, there is a picture of the wallpaper, just click on that and it will take you straight there.

      Kind regards

      Mel x

  4. Love this look. Have just painted our kitchen diner in Hague blue. Where did you get the lamp shade from?

    1. I’ve always loved this blue in the kitchen, it’s such a statement colour :) The lamp shade is from Divine Savages. x

  5. Hey love the look, I painted one wall that dark blue and too scared to do the rest as ours is open plan just like yours. Do you find it dark or is it just nice and cosy???x

    1. Our kitchen is east facing and the actual kitchen part is in the middle of the house so does get very dark! I do love this colour in our dining/living area of the kitchen because it’s under skylights and next to the bifolds so it makes it very cosy, I don’t think I would have painted the kitchen part this colour again. Hope this helps? x

  6. I am from Hungary …. I just love it! Every single piece, every part is so … homely, warm, and wonderful.
    Many congratulations with love.

    1. Thank you Eva. It is quite a large space and can feel quite cold, it certainly did when it was all painted white. I think I have a love hate with this dark blue, but it really does make the room feel warmer in the colder months. xx

  7. Bravo .. such a rich, stunning colour for your home! I must say the style of your kitchen is too die for.. & the dark colour is perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing.

    1. Thank you Valerie! We do love our kitchen, it’s probably the only room where I am not continuously changing! :)

  8. Just love it,,what an inspiration, i was thinking to paint my kitchen cabinets but your idea is brilliant.
    Thank you for the good advice❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. In all honesty, I think I would have painted the cabinets buy as we had only just had them put in, didn’t think it would be a good idea!

  9. Hello,

    I’m in love with your hardwood floors. I saw a comment where they are the homes original pine floors. Can I ask how old is you home? I’m thinking of getting pine over oak, because I’m obsessed with your floors! I’m over the moon for them, they’re just so beautiful! I have a 3 year old and 3 pups. Do they scratch easily! I’ve always been told oak is the hardest, most durable wood and people always recommend it. It’s just not a easy on the eyes to me as pine is.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Stefanie

      We love our floors too! Our house was built in 1943 so goes to show how hard wearing they are. They don’t scratch easily, but we did have them sanded down and coated in Osmo Polyx Oil when we were renovating.

      Mel :)

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