How to Create a Quick and Easy DIY Snowflake Star For Christmas

We love making decorations in our house and Christmas is no exception. I have seen a lot of people creating these DIY snowflake stars on instagram so I thought I would give it a go, you can see some more ideas for Christmas DIY decor here.

I was recently asked by Home Sense to visit one of their stores and find some Christmas décor to put in my home. After an hour of browsing and filling my basket with everything but the Christmas tree, I realised there was a theme emerging… stars! I had wooden stars, baubles with stars on them and star cookie cutters (I also had a Ninjabread cooking kit, but that’s a whole different blog!) It got me thinking about how prevalent stars are at Christmas time and how easy it is to create your own. I have made a few DIY snowflake stars to hang around the house, so here’s a quick tutorial on how to make them.

DIY snowflake
Snowflake star

How to make a DIY Snowflake star

You’ve probably already got the materials in your house to make the DIY snowflake star, all you’ll need is –

  • A pad of A4 paper. I went with white but you can go for any colour you wish

  • Scissors

  • Stapler

  • Sellotape

Tools for the job

All you need is paper, scissors, stapler and some sellotape!

Take one sheet of A4 paper and fold it so you can cut off the excess paper and make a square. Fold the square in half to make a triangle and then fold it again.

Hold the longer length of the triangle in your hand and make sure the point of the triangle is pointing away and the folded edge is at the top. Cut a line into the triangle about 1 cm in width and about 1 cm away from the folded edge.

Do this four times, making sure it line is about 1 cm in width from each other. This should then form five segregated lines of paper.

Fold the paper out so it forms a square again, the cuts shouldn’t meet in the middle.

You then need to fold each opposite right angle into the middle and fix together, but in opposite directions so it forms a diamond shape. I used Sellotape for this but you could staple together.

You need to create an even number over 6 to create the star shape. I went for six separate sections as this creates quite a big DIY snowflake star, but your could do 8 or even 10! Once you’ve completed the sections, you need to fasten them together, for this I used a stapler.

First of all, I stapled them all together in the middle, then I stapled each section where they meet on the side.

And that’s it! It’s ready to be hung in your house. You could make several of these DIY snowflake stars and hang them from your bannister or even make miniature stars to hang on your tree. I added my star to my shelf along with all the other stars I have collected over the years

A few of my Home Sense purchases including the blue and gold print cushion, wreath candle holder, snowflake chopping board and wooden star.

And whilst we’re on the subject of stars, here’s a few dotted around my house…

My Arctic Blue Champagne Glitter Picks from Balsam Hill
Star cushion – Home of Boho
Every bathroom needs stars! – Gold glitter star from Keep It Living
A Christmas Tree Shelfie – stars from Of Special Interest
Wicker Star – The Living Room Shoreham

What Christmas decor do you think you’ll have go at? These DIY snowflake stars are super easy to put together and make a lovely addition to your home at Christmas.

Mel x

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