10 of the Best Drawer Spice Racks to Help Organise your Kitchen

Spice racks are the best way to display your spices in the kitchen. Spices are best kept out of direct light so having a drawer spice rack can help them keep fresh and organised.

10 of the best drawer spice racks to help organise your kitchen Pinterest pin

Having a clutter-free kitchen is extremely appealing, especially if you have a small or galley-style kitchen. So why not utilize the kitchen storage organization?

Worktop space can often be limited, so putting spices out of the way can help free up space. I love cooking and use spices daily. We used to have them in a cupboard, so it was never easy to find what I was looking for.

As they weren’t displayed in an organised manner, I often had 2 or 3 of the same spices because I couldn’t find what I was looking for and bought another spice jar!

pull out kitchen pantry by Howdens with lots of food cupboard items
Our spices are in a pull-out pantry in our kitchen. I need to get a drawer spice rack!

January is the month to have a good de-clutter and organise your home. I love having a good sort through and my mind feels clearer when my kitchen is organised.

If you are short on space and have a spare drawer free in your kitchen, have a look at these ideas to organise spices in a drawer and make cooking in the kitchen that little bit easier.  

1. Adjustable drawer organizer

The perfect organizer to stop your spice jars rolling around in your drawer.

These tiered drawer organizers can be adjusted to fit the exact width of your drawer. It is angled so it makes it easier to find the spice you are looking for.  

plastic tiered spice rack for drawer
Pull Out Spice organiser for drawers – Amazon

2. Spice drawer liner

For a more compact drawer spice rack solution, try a spice drawer liner.

This is merely just a roll of liner that is non-slip so stays in place. It is quick and easy to set up and can fit most standard-sized kitchen drawers.

spices in a drawer with marble worktops and lady cooking
Spice Drawer Liner 10ft roll Gray – Amazon

Even if your drawers aren’t standard, liners can be easily trimmed with scissors. Just place it in your drawers and line up to 30 spice bottles. Placing them in alphabetical order is optional!

grey spice drawer liner with ridges and spice bottles laid out
Spice Drawer Liner 10ft roll Gray – Amazon

3. Spice Gripper Clips

If you don’t have anywhere to hang your spice bottles and would like to keep them out of the way in drawers, the spice gripper clips can be just as useful in a drawer as on the wall.

spice rack grips on the back of a wooden door
These grips will work just as well in a drawer. Spice Gripper clips – Simple Houseware

Each strip can be tailored to fit your space, with up to 20 grippers per strip.

You can either screw them into your drawers to stop the spice jars from rolling, or you can use command strips to keep them in place.

plastic spice rack grips
Spice Gripper Slips – Simple Houseware

4. Spice Rack for Blum Drawers

Spices are best kept away from direct light, so putting them in a drawer is the perfect solution. This rack is built with 500mm deep drawers in mind so they should fit snuggly into your Blum drawer.

plastic grey spice rack holder for a drawer
In Drawer Spice Rack – clutterfreekitchens.co.uk

5. Larger Blum spice holder

If you have larger drawers in your kitchen, you may be able to display your spices more upright instead of laying them down in the drawers.

Upright spice rack for a deep drawer
Upright Blum spice holder – Wickes

This will help you to store more spices in the same place and give you easy access to them every time. They can also be placed in a pantry, cabinet or on your worktops. 

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6. Wooden spice rack

If you fancy something that’s a little sturdier and makes your drawers look good, have a look at a wooden spice rack.

You can get them in walnut, oak, pine or teak and purchase matching cutlery drawers for the ultimate stylish drawers!

walnut spice rack for a drawer
Spice Holder Spice Rack Solid Wood – Etsy
oak spice rack for a drawer
Making your drawers look super stylish

7. Upright drawer spice racks

If you have deep drawers, choosing a small upright spice rack for a drawer is a great way to save space if you have a lot of spices!

These are designed to stand in deep drawers and come in varying lengths and widths.

upright metal and plastic spice rack
Blum Olga-Line Spice holder – clutterfreekitchens.co.uk

The beauty of this style of drawer spice racks is that you can pull them out of the drawer when cooking so you have all your spices to hand.

upright plastic spice rack on a kitchen worktop
You can pull this drawer spice rack out and put it on your worktops. Image credit: clutterfreekitchens.co.uk

8. Spice rack tray

This is a bit like the drawer liner rack, but it comes in a tray. These are perfect if you want to pull out your drawer spice rack so you don’t have to bend over to see what’s in your drawers!

This IKEA spice rack in bamboo is perfect and sustainable. 

IKEA bamboo and plastic spice rack tray
UPPDATERA Tray with spice rack – IKEA

9. Removable spice rack with grips

This spice drawer organizer comes in a small tray with removable grips, perfect if you want to take it out and give it a clean

plastic spice rack tray with gripper
Good Grips Compact Spice Drawer Organizer – OXO

The tiered design stops round jars from rolling around and there are non-slip feet to keep the drawer spice rack organizer in place.

plastic spice rack tray with gripper and spice jars
Good Grips Compact Spice Drawer Organizer – OXO

10. Get organised

Finally, not a spice rack, but how to get your drawer organised.

If you want to give your drawer spice rack that perfectly aesthetic look (if our spice drawer is anything to go by, our spice jars come in many varying colours, sizes and shapes), look at getting spice glass jars.

labelled spice jars in a drawer

You can buy individual spice jars with labels, so you never run out of a particular spice again!

spice glass jars, labels and spice spoon
4oz 120ml Square Spice jar with Silver lid shakers and Labels – Amazon

Drawer spice racks are a great way to free up space in your kitchen and make it easier to find what you are looking for.

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10 of the best drawer spice racks for your kitchen Pinterest pin

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