Beautiful Fall Decor Trends – How to Easily Add Fall Colors

autumnal decor moodboard with velvet pumpkins, green armchairs and rustic ornaments and bedding

You say Fall, we say Autumn! So here it is again, another autumn is upon us, and the weather sure let us know about it this week.

I’ve dragged my outdoor cushions and throws in from the garden and started thinking about autumn and Fall décor trends for 2022. Autumn décor doesn’t have to be all about pumpkins, oranges, and Halloween.

Fall Decor Trends

Think rustic! Dried flowers, falling leaves, acorns, and conkers are such a statement of the autumn season and can easily be incorporated into your home. Autumn is a time when the nights start getting darker and colder and we look to turning our home into a cosy sanctuary and fall décor trends do just this!

Whether you are looking to get creative and do your own décor or shopping your home to use things you already have, here are some fall decor ideas for everyone. 

Autumn Colour Ideas

Lick orange 02 painted on a dining room wall
Perfect color for a dining area. Orange 02 Paint – Lick

As the skies get a little moodier and grey as we head into autumn, now is a good time to use warm colors in your home.

When we think of fall decor ideas, we automatically think of orange and rust colors. These colors are a great place to start with many shades of orange like burnt marmalade, turmeric, and tan used as accent colors.

How to Add Autumn Colors to Your Home

You could paint a wall in the living room a glorious shade of rust, or add some wallpaper as a feature wall which will always be a leading fall decor trend. 

Burnt orange and brown tones can sometimes be overpowering if used on the walls, but if you pick a warm and cozy color and pair it with neutral furnishings and wood furniture, it can make the room feel earthy and welcoming.

HM home burnt orange on the walls, large oval white dining table and wooden chairs
I love this image from HM Home. Monochrome works so well with orange and rust. Image credit: FREDERIK VERCRUYSSE
floral wallpaper in reds, pinks, oranges and burgundy
I love this wallpaper, it incorporates all the wonderful tones of autumn. Creatures of the Night Wallpaper in Autumn Oranges, Lust Home

Autumn color ideas could include moss green, mustard, and coffee tones, they are the perfect shades to go with burnt orange and rust. They mimic the colors all around us in the falling leaves and nature getting ready to hibernate for the winter.

bedroom with extremely high ceilings, large window and neutral decor
Layer up in the bedroom with mustard and coffee tones. Image credit: H&M/FREDERIK VERCRUYSSE
moss green armchair
One of my favorite autumn color ideas – moss green Larsen Armchair in Mossymere –

Another good way to add autumn colors to your home is by changing your artwork. Choose abstract or fall scenes with a beautiful autumnal palette. 

Time to Cosy Up

When talking about autumn with other home décor enthusiasts there seems to be a standout reason why we all love the fall season so much. It is time to shut out the world, put our fires on in the living room, and snuggle down with slippers on and a mug of hot chocolate.

green cabinets and walls, biofuel fireplace, autumn wreath with hot chocolate and marshmallows

Adding candles, throws, fairy lights, and layering rugs is a good place to start.

Chunky knit blankets are a firm favorite (although, not always practical around young children I’ve found!), and swapping out citrusy fragranced candles for musky, wood scents can change the feel of a room automatically.

Our bedrooms can also have an autumnal overhaul by adding quilted throws and layers to keep us warm. Add throws with tassels and embroidered elements to add texture and pattern to the room.

Anthropologie’s beautiful use of colors always provides plenty of ideas on how to decorate your home for autumn. 

cosy bedroom with lots of fur throws
Image credit: Dunelm

Wreaths and Dried Flowers

Autumnal wreaths have always been a big thing in the US and it wasn’t until I joined Instagram that I realised they existed! I thought wreaths were confined to Christmas, but why should Christmas have all the fun?

Wreaths now play a prominent part in Fall decor ideas and there are plenty around, from shop-bought to DIY.

Green cabinets with biofuel burner, autumn wreath and parquet coffee table
Our wreath is from Balsam Hill, although they are not currently selling them.

I love our Autumnal wreath from Balsam Hill, it comes out every September and we either hang it in the living room or on the front door. It’s a little bit extra and I’m not sure it’s totally taken off in the UK yet… if it ever will?!

autumn wreath
You can get a similar one from Next
autumn wreath
The Big Door Wreath Company always has some spectacular wreaths and garlands.

If you have nowhere to hang a big wreath, small garlands are another way to add autumnal colors to your home. Place them on your mantelpiece or on shelves to give a small nod to the fall months.

autumn garland with pumpkins
Add autumn-inspired garlands to your shelves. Autumn garland – Lights4fun

Cosy Outdoor Setup

It’s always sad to say goodbye to the summer, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your garden just yet. I wrote a blog post – 10 outdoor living and garden ideas for autumn – which centers around adding layers, fire pits, and outdoor lights to cozy up your outdoor space.

Festoon and fairy lights are a great way to light up your garden when the nights get darker. Be creative with fairy lights and wrap them around your trees or bushes or create little table centrepieces by putting acorns and chestnuts in a glass jar and adding fairy string lights.

olive tree with fairy lights
Wrap some fairy lights around your olive trees or bushes. 50 Warm White LED Outdoor Battery Fairy Lights On Green Cable, Lights4Fun

There are plenty of outdoor lights to choose from with outdoor lights and lamps becoming increasingly popular. Perfect for that warm, inviting glow. 

Throws, cushions, and laying down some rugs are the obvious choice when it comes to cozying up your garden. Just don’t worry too much about the rain. If it rains, bring them in! 🙂

dark wood panelling in the garden with a bench and throws
Cosy outdoor setup. Image credit: Dobbies

Table Scene

As we put away our BBQs and cover up our al fresco dining spaces, it’s back to Roast dinners on a Sunday and family and friends gathering around the dining table. I love creating little seasonal tablescapes, even if they do get in the way of practical things like salt and pepper mills and dinnerware!

table display with candles and pumpkins
Image credit: Lights4Fun

Candles, garlands, runners, and mini pumpkins can easily turn your dining table into a little autumnal scene and help you embrace the wet and cold days outside. 

Dried flowers and Pampas grass

It seems to have died down on the pampas grass front for the time being. I remember only a year or two ago people were going pampas grass crazy and it was popping up everywhere.

People were cutting pampas from the middle of roundabouts and knocking on strangers’ doors asking if they could cut some of their pampas grass from their front garden!

Personally, I’ve always preferred dried flowers. There is so much more variety with faux flowers and are brilliant for autumn color ideas. They look good in any room!

faux flowers from dunelm
There’s always a great selection of dried flowers and pampas at Dunelm 

Not Forgetting Pumpkins

The ultimate fall decor trend… Well, I couldn’t write an autumnal blog post without throwing in a few pumpkins. We’ve seen an explosion of pumpkin-related products in recent years.

The trend originates from the US when Irish settlers, who traditionally carved root vegetables at Halloween, found that pumpkins were much easier to carve.

I remember as a kid carving turnips and it seems a bit ridiculous now, they are hard beasts to carve! You can now get all manner of pumpkin homewares from cushions to glass jars!

candles and pumpkins on the staircase
Pumpkins and candles will help with your fall decor ideas. Mercury Black Light Up Pumpkin Decoration – Lights4fun
velvet pumpkin cushion
How beautiful is this velvet pumpkin, currently a hot fall decor trend Golden Brown Velvet Pumpkin, Rockett St George

I may have purchased a few of these items myself and I hope you’ve taken something away from these fall decor ideas! I often get asked how to decorate my home for autumn and every year, my Halloween and autumn decor boxes get larger.

I love the summer but as we move back indoors to escape the colder weather, I enjoy making my home cozy and full of vibrant autumnal colors with the latest fall decor trends.

how to add fall decor trend to your home Pinterest pin

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  1. I honestly never thought orange would look good as a wall color, but that first pic and H&M Home example have totally sold me on the idea! Coupled with monochrome rugs!!

    1. Isn’t it a stunning combination? I thought the same thing, I’ve never been a massive fan of orange but absolutely love this room

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