6 Reasons Why Buying a Hose Reel is Better for Gardening

Keeping your garden green doesn’t have to be complicated. If you are looking at sprinkler systems but don’t want to spend the money, here’s an option that will save you a few bucks.

You’ll want your garden to look its best, so it’s essential to water your plants properly. A hose reel will make the job easier, giving you more freedom to spend time with your plants and flowers, not at the end of a hose.

It is also the perfect way to keep your garden looking fabulous, even when you’re not around. It’s easy to install and use while providing everything you need in an irrigation system! Here are reasons why you should consider a hose reel.

Why You Should Invest in a Garden Hose Reel

Wall mounted hose reel – perfect for keeping your hose neat and tidy. Image: Farringdon hose hanger

If you’re looking for tips on gardening, keeping your garden manageable and tidy is probably at the top of the list! Hose reels are very popular with homeowners as they help make it easier to manage your garden hose for all your garden watering needs.

Here are a few reasons why investing in a good hose reel is always a good idea!

Keeps the Hose Neat, Tidy, and Organized

A hose reel is a device that holds your garden hose in a compact and orderly fashion so you can easily access it when needed. It also prevents damage to the hose by keeping it from kinking up or getting tangled up with itself or other objects in your garden.

hose on a hook
Coiling a hose without a reel can often leave it messy, and tangled and cause kinks to the hose. Photo by K Adams

One of the best things about hose reels is that they’re easy to use—attach your garden hose to the reel’s spool, then wind the spool counter-clockwise until it comes out of the other end (the end you’ll use to connect to your outdoor tap/faucet).

Once you’ve done this, unwind as much or as little of the hose as you need—it’s so convenient! And because they’re so simple to use, they’re great for kids too.

Another perk of using a garden hose reel is that it makes watering your plants more accessible. You can even use them indoors if you don’t have any outdoor taps/faucets. When you’ve finished watering, you can simply store them away until next time.

Better Than Hand-Coiling a Hose

Hose reels make it easy to store a hose because you don’t have to coil it up manually. You just need a reel that can attach to the end of your garden hose, and then all you have to do is feed the hose through the spool and pull it back out when you’re ready to use it again.

a garden hose on a reel
There’s nothing worse than having to manually coil a garden hose! Photo by Seiya Maeda

Hose reels are especially helpful if you have a large yard or garden that needs watering or several types of hoses to store. They’re also convenient because they allow you to keep the hose organized and are easy to find when you need them again.

Using a hose reel instead of manually coiling garden hoses saves time. If you’re in a rush or want to avoid coiling the hose, try using a hose reel.

Shields Your Garden Hose From Sun Damage

A hose reel protects your garden hose from the sun, which can damage it over time. Your hose’s rubber may degrade and split due to exposure to the sun’s UV radiation.

If left unprotected, a cracked hose will leak water and eventually stop working altogether. A hose reel keeps your hose out of direct sunlight and protects it from damage.

palms in terracotta pots
We all love sunlight, but it can have damaging effects

Your garden hose is integral to your garden but can also be a huge pain to deal with. The sun can damage the hose over time, and you’ll have to reel it back in or risk tripping over it constantly.

Hose reels are simple tools that will save your garden hose from damage and make it easier for you to use. They’re also great for keeping the hose from getting tangled up in the wind or from being torn or stolen by garden animals!

Saves You Money in the Long Term

A suitable quality hose is an investment in your gardening that will pay off in the long run. Hoses are the lifeline of your garden, and you want one that will last a long time.

A hose reel is an excellent way to ensure that your garden hose stays in good condition, preventing it from kinking and getting tangled, which can damage the hose and make it hard to use.

A quality hose reel will also save you money in the long run, as a suitable quality hose is expensive to replace. In addition, a good quality hose reel will help reduce the time you spend trying to untangle your garden hose when you need it most!

Worthy Addition to Your Watering Strategy

If you want to make gardening more accessible, a hose reel is a worthy addition to your watering strategy. Hose reels are designed to hold the hose compactly and efficiently so that you can keep it out of the way when not in use.

They also make it easy to wind up and unwind your hose, so you don’t have to deal with tangles or snags when trying to water your garden.

plenty of flowering plants in the garden
Hoses and keeping them tidy are great for watering the garden

The first thing that makes a hose reel great is that it makes your watering strategy much more efficient. You can use the same amount of water to cover a larger area with a hose reel than with just a regular garden hose, which means less time doing maintenance on your lawn and garden.

It also improves water application control. If there have been too many rain or drainage issues in one area of your lawn or garden, employing one will assist in preventing damage from overwatering or underwatering!

Easier to Use Regularly

Finding time to get out there and tend to your plants can be challenging when you’re a dedicated gardener. That’s why hose reels are designed to make regular use easier. With its fantastic design, you can easily wind up your hose and store it in the garage or shed until you’re ready to use it again.

When working in the garden, you won’t have to be concerned about tripping over it or becoming entangled in it—place the reel where you want it and let go!

mediterranean inspired garden with white gravel, eucalyptus trees and blue fence

If you’d like to get extra watering time for your garden, then picking up a hose reel might be worth the investment. You can use them with smaller hoses to maximize the time you have your hose out, and they can even help keep the water going if there’s wind or other interruptions.

Shop for top-quality hose reels with Robert Dyas voucher codes and keep your garden happy and healthy without the hassle

There are tons of hose reels available, but it’s easy enough to find a good one to work for your specific needs. Best of all, they’re not too pricey, so you might even want to invest in several of them if you’re planning to get a lot of use out of your garden next season.

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6 reasons why buying a hose reel is better for your garden

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