How Much Does a Photo Booth Cost in London? – Prices and Factors

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Without a doubt, hiring a top-notch photo booth in the UK can solve numerous entertainment-related problems at your party. It is a great way to ensure even strangers can have fun together. However, there is one worrisome matter to solve — how much does a photo booth cost?

With the help of professional companies, you will be able to hire a photo booth in London and stay within the originally planned budget. Stay tuned to find out more about the pricing policy for this service in Britain.

The Basics of Photo Booth Cost

Photo booth pricing can either be an hourly rate or a package rate:

Hourly Rates

Hourly rates involve charging clients based on the exact number of hours a service or product (like a photo booth) is used or rented.

  • This model offers flexibility, as clients pay only for the actual hours they utilize the service.
  • Often chosen for events with uncertain durations or when there’s only a short window of need.
  • It doesn’t generally include added benefits or extras unless specified.

Package Rates

Package rates offer a bundled pricing option where clients pay a fixed price for a set of services or features, often combined with a predefined number of hours.

  • This model provides clarity and often value, as it typically includes various services or extras at a combined, often discounted, rate.
  • Suited for events with a clear timeline and when additional features or services are required.
  • Overstepping the predefined hours or services might result in extra charges.

What Factors Influence Photo Booth Cost?

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You don’t have to dive deeper and become an expert in this type of equipment. There are several companies with specialist attendees, letting you know how to use a photo booth and backing you up throughout the event. Nevertheless, knowing crucial price-forming criteria will boost your decision-making.

Booth Type

Of course, going for a cheap photo booth hire in London kills two birds with one stone. You don’t spend a fortune on planning and organising entertainment for your party but ensure its supreme quality and unforgettable influence on your guests.

The popularity of photo booths is totally on the rise, but distinguishing between their different types is recommended. It is an important step to decide on the overall budget and suitability of the target photo-shooting performance.

Magic Mirror

If you opt for luxurious booths, that’s the answer. Commonly looking like a lighted-up photo-shooting scene at any Hollywood event, it adds chic and glamour to your celebration. Feel free to accompany it with proper props and decorations like a red carpet to make this service even more VIP.

Whenever you want to rent photo booths of this type, you invest not only in high-end camera resolution and software quality. You also book a durable and pretty large construction with a clean and clear mirror surface, which tends to be more expensive than some alternative solutions for a wedding or other occasion.

GIF Booth

The main performance mechanism is quite simple — it takes a series of shots and loops them, revealing a unique alternative for any video. The average market price for hiring a GIF station for three hours is around £425.

Depending on the software and hardware provided, it is possible to get a vast number and range of animations. The list includes those looped backward and forward, to mention a few.

Selfie Pod

One of the most prominent things about this booth is how ergonomic it is. Given it takes so little space, it fits literally any location and event. Aside from being a nice entertainment zone for your party’s guests, a selfie pod becomes an extremely fashionable design accent.

A typical selfie pod station is pretty affordable, and a corresponding service may charge you around £100 per hour. The more advanced version you prefer, the higher the rent will be.

Open Photo Booth

This is one of the highly elaborated types of photo booth machines, which is qualitatively protected with innovative mechanisms to avoid malfunction and any problems during its outdoor performance. It increases guest involvement, helping you set a more interactive mood for your party.

  • They are not enclosed – there is no curtain or door to enter. The camera and props are openly set up in a corner or area for anyone to walk up and use.
  • They encourage social interaction and fun. Guests can spontaneously drag other guests over to take silly photos together. This adds to the party atmosphere.
  • There’s no line or wait time. With a closed booth, only one group can use it at a time. With an open one, multiple people can be taking photos at once.
  • Props are out in the open. Open booths have baskets or tables of fun props (hats, masks, etc.) that guests can grab and use without having to ask.

So in summary, an open photo booth is designed to encourage group photos and socializing at a party. The open-access design makes it easy and fun for all guests to use.

Virtual Photo Booth

For a more flexible and accessible experience, you can also implement a virtual photo booth that is fully customizable and allows your guests to easily access and engage from their phones.

Printed QR codes make it easy to share access and you can even have a live display highlighting all of the content being created. It’s a great way to include people who are remote or to pair with physical photo ops to get both interactive fun and inclusiveness.


The abundance and quality of decorations and accessories for the target photo booth are more important than it might seem at first. These elements are what define how versatile and flexible the overall photo-shooting procedure will be.

To minimise the cost, you can add your own props and save money on ordering those from expert third parties.

High Season

There are several occasions when photo booths will come in handy:

  • Weddings – Photo booths are immensely popular at weddings. They provide entertainment for guests and let the bride and groom collect fun, casual photos. Photo booths are seen as a wedding reception staple now.
  • Birthday Parties – Especially 16th birthdays, 21st birthdays, and other milestone birthdays. Photo booths add personalization to the party and can easily be set up in a garden. 
  • Corporate Events – Companies use photo booths at conferences, company picnics, holiday parties, and other corporate events to let employees take fun photos together.
  • Bar & Bat Mitzvahs – Photo booths allow younger guests to enjoy themselves at these coming-of-age events. The photos double as personalized favors.
  • Proms & School Dances – High school proms, homecomings, and other school dances often rent photo booths for students to memorialize the night.
  • Festivals & Fairs – Local fairs, festivals, and community events use photo booths as an engaging activity for attendees.
  • Photo Booth Businesses – Photo booth rental companies recommend having a booth at large events as marketing to gain future rentals.

A lot of these events tend to happen in late Spring, Summer, and early Autumn, so the availability will be less, potentially putting the cost up. 

Event Length

The rule of thumb is simple. The more time you would like to entertain your guests with cheap photo booths, the more you will have to spend.

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How Much Is a Photo Booth Rental in the UK?

In most cases, photo booth rental prices are calculated per hour. By deciding on the right moment to spice up your party with proper entertainment, you will definitely reduce the scale of this investment.

On average, you can rent photo booths starting at £150 for simple formats and £250 for more advanced solutions.

The best way to discover “How much does a photo booth cost?” is to consult with professional third parties. Companies like Poptop deliver the best services at a good price, ensuring any customer gets access to this entertainment for their indoor and outdoor events. Overall, it is a wonderful solution to take your event’s theme to the next level.

All in all, photo booths are perfect solutions for people interested in elevating their parties. Regardless of the occasion, such software and hardware suites will support a dynamic and friendly atmosphere during the event.

When it comes to their affordability, numerous companies offer budget-friendly solutions. The popularity of photo booths is based on their range of services and tools. In turn, the latter also influences the project cost.

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