How to Install Fitted Window Blinds for Your Home – An Easy Guide

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Our house is blessed (or cursed) with a lot of different-sized windows, patio doors and bifolds.

As a rule, I like to keep the window treatments consistent throughout the house as I like it to look cohesive and fitted window blinds do just that.

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I’m a big fan of curtains as window dressings as it really helps frame the window and view.

With so many patterns, fabrics and colours to choose from, they are an essential part of your room design and sometimes the choice can be overwhelming!

We currently live in a 1960s built property and it has a few small high windows in the bedrooms. They are fantastic at bringing more light into the house, but I really struggled with what to do with them.

Thankfully, Blinds By Post contacted me asking if I wanted to try out their products which helped make the decision easier.

pink upcycled cabinet with small high window in the bedroom
Small high windows

Wooden Blinds

I was stuck with whether I wanted to go for roller, roman or wooden fitted window blinds for our smaller windows but had to think about what I would use on the larger windows in the house as I wanted them all to be the same.

I have always loved wooden Venetian blinds and shutters; I think they are a classic style but also contemporary and suit every home.

wooden blinds in the dining room
We had fitted wooden blinds in our old dining room

The front of our house is south facing so it can get extremely bright and warm on a sunny day.

I wanted the option to be able to provide us with some shade without blocking out all the light during the day and only Venetian blinds or curtains would be able to do this.

Our east-facing window in the bedroom is only a 50cm drop. Curtains were out of the question so placing blinds inside window frames for me, was the best option.

Patio doors leading out onto a balcony from the master bedroom
These patio doors are glorious but we get the sun all day in this room. It can get extremely hot!
an old cream roman blind over the small window
This is what we inherited when we moved in!

Blinds by Post have a huge selection of easy to install blinds in different shades, materials and style. I wanted some with tapes as I feel these make more of a statement and can make them look more expensive like shutter blinds.

I sent off for some samples which were delivered the next day and we decided to go with Pure White Real Wood with Cotton Tapes.

I felt that pure white was a more natural colour and would fit in perfectly throughout the house.

wooden blinds in a box
The easy to install blinds ready to go up in our bedroom!

It is really easy to order. All you have to do is measure your window size (there is plenty of advice on Blinds By Post website on how to do this) and your requirements and choose your product.

I cannot stress how important it is to get your measurements exact and measure your windows a few times.

I had previously ordered some fitted window blinds (not with Blinds By Post) and my measurements were out by about 10mm and they didn’t fit!


We have recently replaced the large patio doors which lead out onto our balcony from our master bedroom. We went with an anthracite grey frame as I have never been a fan of white UPVC.

Eventually, we will be replacing all our windows and door frames with anthracite grey, however, not all windows need replacing. 

I will write a blog post about this at a later date as I received so many questions about painting our windows when I put it in my stories on Instagram!

our white upvc bathroom window
Our bathroom window before painting
anthracite grey window frame in the bathroom with stand alone bath
I’ve also painted the bathroom window anthracite grey. It’s amazing what a difference it makes to the room

The first job I had to do before installing the blinds inside window frame was to paint the window frame anthracite grey.

After reading lots of recommendations online and asking fellow keen DIYers, I bought a tin of Bedec Multi Surface Paint in anthracite grey matt.

No primer is needed and after 3 coats, the windows look like they’ve always been anthracite grey!

I am thoroughly impressed with this paint and eventually, I will paint all the windows that don’t need replacing in the house.

bedec multi surface paintin soft matt anthracite grey
Bedec multi surface paint anthracite grey matt
painting the windows anthracite grey
It needs around 3 coats


Installing the fitted window blinds couldn’t be easier. I wouldn’t say I am the best at DIY and power tools actually scare me (although, the more I use them, the easier it becomes).

All you will need is –

  • Your blinds
  • A tape measure
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver

Blinds By Post send simple and easy to follow instructions about how to install blinds. You will find the screws, pelmet, brackets and other fittings included.

DIY blinds instructions
Easy to follow instructions

blind instructions 

It took me around 20 minutes to put them up. All you have to do is drill some holes into the wall on either side of the window, screw the brackets to the wall and then slide the blinds into place.

drill and wooden blinds
Drill ready
wooden blinds bracket
drilling a hole in the window to put up the blinds
Drill your holes where you want the bracket to go
putting the blinds up
Slide the blinds into the brackets and close

They also come with a pelmet so once you have put the blinds in place, screw the clips onto the pelmet and clip them in.

pelmet for wooden blinds
Pelmet clip
screwing a clip into the pelmet
Screw them into place

And that’s all there is to it! It is so simple and easy to install blinds and a much quicker and cost-effective way too!

Our blinds were delivered 3 days after ordering and took me around 20 minutes in total to put up.

white wooden blinds in a bedroom with a corkboard notice board, shelving with books and plants and a laptop
So much fresher after fitting blinds!
white wooden blinds in a bedroom with a corkboard notice board, shelving with books and plants and a laptop on top of an IKEA hack malm chest of drawers and a Micke desk
My desk space. You can read about how I upcycled these IKEA malm units here.
white wooden blinds in a bedroom with a corkboard notice board, shelving with books and plants and a laptop
Perfect fit
white wooden blinds in a bedroom with a corkboard notice board, shelving with books and plants and a laptop
Letting lots of light in
white wooden blinds in a bedroom with a corkboard notice board, shelving with books and plants and a laptop
white wooden blinds in a bedroom with a corkboard notice board, shelving with books and plants and a laptop
These fitted window blinds are great at blocking out light at night
bathroom with fitted window blinds, stand alone roll top bath, green panelling, marble vinyle and rattan shelving
We have also installed Blinds By Post blinds in our bathroom

Eventually, I will paint all our windows anthracite grey and add these Blinds By Post Pure White with Cotton Tapes to all of our windows. They are really good quality and make the room feel bright and fresh.

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