How to Organise a Small Bedroom and Increase Your Space

a small bedroom with double bed and lot of shelves above the bed

The one room that has to be clutter-free for me, has to be the bedroom. I find it very hard to settle and get a good night’s sleep if my bedroom is full of clothes that haven’t been put away, overflowing laundry baskets, and makeup covering the tops of furniture.

It can be hard to keep a bedroom clutter-free if it is small, so how do we organise a small bedroom and increase the space in your room?

How to Organise a Small Bedroom

a small bedroom with a double bed pushed up against the window, light fittings above the bed, plants and cozy bedding

Whether your small bedroom is your master bedroom, box room, or guest room which becomes a bit of a dumping ground, there are plenty of ways to keep your small bedroom organised if you are clever with the space.

Storage is your best friend when it comes to an organised bedroom and there are plenty of storage hacks that can help keep the clutter at bay.

3 different sized metal trunks in grey, pink and light grey
Trunks can fit under the bed, perfect small bedroom storage ideas Set of 3 Metal Storage Trunks – Von Haus

Another way to organise a small bedroom is to make the most of every available space, without it becoming too cluttered. Think shelves above doors and storage boxes in wardrobes, all great examples of storage ideas

Here are 20 Small Bedroom Organisation Ideas…

1. Only Use Furniture You Really Need

king size bed with four pillars, shelving as a headboard and under the bed
The perfect bed for a small bedroom? King 4 Poster Bed with Storage & Shelves – Cuckooland

There’s nothing worse than walking into a bedroom and constantly banging into furniture that gets in the way or not being able to open doors fully. The bed is the first place to start as this will always be the biggest piece of furniture in a bedroom.

Depending on what you are using the bedroom for, go for a bed that doesn’t overwhelm the room and if it is a double or larger, there is enough room to get out of either side.

a small bedroom with double bed, large bedside tables with storage and light fittings hanging from the ceiling

Have a good look around the room and see if there is any furniture you can remove. Is there an old chair that has become a dumping ground for clothes? Is there a dressing table whose sole purpose is to home dirty coffee cups and books you’ve read?

Removing furniture that really isn’t needed can help the room feel less cluttered without much effort and can help towards an organised bedroom. 

2. Purchase a Bed With Storage

blue velvet ottoman bed with pink walls and colourful bedding
An organised bedroom is clutter-free! Avery Ottoman bed –

One of the best ways to organize a small bedroom is to purchase a bed with storage underneath, or an ottoman. Ottoman beds are the best for rooms that don’t have a lot of space on either side of the bed as the bed lifts to reveal complete storage underneath.

We had an ottoman bed in our last house as we had a king-size bed in quite a small room, so this provided ample storage for items we didn’t need every day like bedding, bags, and seasonal clothing.

3. Use the Space Under the Bed

under bed storage on wheels that can also double up as a bedside table
These are great for storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget FREDVANG Underbed storage/bedside table – IKEA

Looking for space that isn’t utilized is the best way to find storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget. If you already have a bed and it doesn’t come with internal storage (and has room to put things underneath), this is the perfect space to use under-bed storage.

You can purchase large plastic storage boxes, vacuum-packed bags, or an under-bed drawer on wheels for easy access. The Fredvang under-bed storage from IKEA can also be used as a bedside table and can be pushed out of the way when not needed, perfect for an organised bedroom.

4. Zone the Room

To help keep an organised bedroom, designate specific areas for sleeping, clothes, organising make-up and toiletries, and laundry. If you know where everything goes, there is less chance of it becoming chaotic and messy!

Assess Your Needs: Identify what activities you’ll perform in your bedroom: sleeping, working, relaxing, dressing, etc. List items that need storage such as clothes, books, electronics, etc.

Designate Zones

  • Sleep Zone: Focus on the bed placement. Ideally, position it against the largest wall or in a corner to maximize floor space.
  • Work/Study Zone: If you need a workspace, consider a small desk or a wall-mounted fold-down table. Place it near natural light if possible.
  • Relaxation Zone: A small corner with a comfortable chair or a bean bag can serve as a reading or relaxation area.
  • Dressing Zone: This could be your closet area. If space allows, include a small dresser or utilize vertical storage solutions.

Utilize Vertical Space: Install floating shelves or wall-mounted cabinets to keep the floor clear. Use hanging organizers or hooks to store items vertically.

Maintain Open Pathways: Ensure there’s a clear path to move around the room. Avoid cluttering walkways with furniture or storage items. Furniture with clean lines and a smaller footprint can help maintain a sense of openness.

5. Use the Space Under a Window

compact dressing table with 6 drawers and boucle armchair all sat under a bedroom window
Using the space under the window is a great way to keep things compact in a small and organised bedroom. Claremont Panelled Dressing Table – Armac Martin

This is prime space in a bedroom that is often underutilized. It is a great place to put a small desk or dressing table as you can look out of the window whilst sitting at your desk. 

If you don’t have the space for a dressing table or desk, look at a very thin console table that contains storage and has room to put small, organised things on top like jewelry stands or boxes. If the radiator gets in the way (as they’re often found under a window) find a small drawer system that can perch above the radiator.

6. Use All Wall Space Available

Without making the room cluttered, get clever with all the wall space available. Freeing up floor space can automatically make a room feel less busy, so go for wall-mounted shelves and bedside tables where possible.

Putting shelves up high can make a room look taller and are perfect for storing items you don’t need daily like books, hats, scarves, and jewelry you only wear on special occasions.

And don’t forget above the bed! This is prime wall space, you can fill it with shelves to keep all your books, belongings in wicker baskets, jewelry, and anything else you want out of the way.

7. Keep Your Bedside Tables Clear

Apart from your bedside lamp and a book, keeping bedside tables clear of chaos can help a bedroom feel organised and spacious. The more clear surfaces you can see in a small bedroom, the better!

If you can install lights above the bedside tables, even better. Wall lights are perfect for small bedrooms, it means you can have smaller bedside tables without a bedside lamp getting in the way.

8. Use an IKEA Raskog or Other Trolley for Extra Storage

A trolley can help towards an organised bedroom. Image credit: DigsDigs

The IKEA Raskog is perfect for extra storage and for use as a bedside table and brilliant for keeping an organised bedroom. If you have limited space next to your bed, it can be easily rolled away during the day to make more space.

It comes with 3 shelves that are adjustable and can be used to store things like books, toiletries, and makeup. As it comes on wheels, you can move it depending on what item you need.

9. Buy a Wardrobe With a Sliding Door

a small bedroom with sofa bed and sliding wardrobe doors
This sliding door wardrobe integrated with a desk shows you how to maximize small bedroom storage. Spacepro Wardrobe – Homebase

Tired of having to stand on your bed whilst you open your wardrobe doors? Buy or install a wardrobe with sliding doors.

The best way to utilize space with a sliding door is to install doors from wall to wall, cordoning off the space behind it and filling it with clothes rails, drawers, and clever storage solutions.

10. Make Use of All the Space in Your Wardrobe

Wardrobes always have plenty of space that isn’t properly utilized and are the first place you need to start when looking for small bedroom storage ideas. With a little reshuffle and organisation, you may find that you can squeeze a lot more into your wardrobe than you thought!

Wardrobes are the perfect place to keep all your clothes, shoes, and bedroom items out of view. But, just like keeping your small bedroom clutter-free, it is best to keep your wardrobe clutter-free too!

Make sure there are designated spaces in the wardrobe so you know where everything goes and are easy to find quickly. Use plastic storage boxes with labels that can be stacked on top of each other and sit under smaller items of a wardrobe clothes rail like jumpers and shirts.

If you find you have extra hanging space in your wardrobe, get some hanging storage organisers to put in t-shirts, leggings, and other smaller items.

11. Wardrobe Drawers

Have you got space under your clothes in the wardrobe? Maybe look into purchasing a multipurpose wardrobe storage organiser unit.

These tend to come with fabric-style drawers so you can fit more items inside and are small enough to squeeze into any space in a wardrobe.

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12. Keep Your Wardrobe Open to Maximise Space

IKEA Pax wardrove with colour coded clothes, white fluffy rug and industrial style desk in a home office
This is such a great use of IKEA Pax wardrobes! Image credit:

If you have wardrobes with doors that take up all the space when open, think about taking the doors off to create more space when you are looking for items and actually make the room feel bigger!  

The perfect wardrobe for keeping an organised bedroom and maximizing space is the IKEA Pax System. You can modify it, so it uses all the space available and helps your bedroom feel less cluttered.

Another way to make the most of a small space is to use shelves, hanging rails, and clever storage systems so everything has its own dedicated space. 

13. Hooks and Hanging Organisers on the Back of Doors

Doors are normally forgotten when organising a room, but they can provide the perfect opportunity to create more storage space. You can get over-the-door storage organisers for anything these days, such as shoes, toiletries, clothes, and toys, keeping them all out of the way and up off the floor!

They are multi-functional and can hang anywhere there is space. Over the back of the door, inside of your wardrobe, or hanging from a metal pole.

14. Install Shelves Above the Doors

doorway to a hallway with vintage furniture and shelf above the door filled with plants
Image credit: Unknown (found on Pinterest)

Another area that is often overlooked is the space above the door! This is the perfect place to put books, baskets filled with jewelry, or storage boxes with rarely used items.

You could even just use it for plants to make the room more interesting and unique.

15. Hanging Laundry Basket

linen laundry basket hanging from some shelves
The perfect linen hanging laundry bag which comes with handles so you can hang it from anywhere! Either on the back of the door or under some shelves. Linen Door Hanging Laundry Hamper Bag, 19×27 Inches – Amazon

It’s all about keeping your floor space as clear as possible! Having minimal stuff on the floor lets the eyes swoop around the room giving it the impression it is bigger if you can see more floor space.

Look at buying a hanging laundry basket to keep all your dirty clothes in one place and not on a discarded chair or in a pile next to the wardrobe.

16. Bespoke Furniture to Use All Available Space

a wardrobe built into an alcove of a bedroom with lots of shelves
Small bedroom storage ideas Image credit: Sharps

If your budget allows, look at getting some bespoke wardrobes fitted into awkward spaces. Is your small bedroom in the eaves? Create little pockets of shelves so you can fit smaller items into the awkwardly shaped space.

If you’re looking for more small bedroom storage ideas, is there space not used under the window? Create a little storage bench with drawers so you can tidy things away.

This also means you can get rid of that chair no one sits on and whose primary use is to throw clothes on.

a small bedroom with bespoke cupboards and shelves built around a double bed

Finally, it may seem old-fashioned, but look at creating bespoke wardrobe space and shelves around your bed. If you don’t like the idea of having open shelving over your bed, this is a great way to maximize storage in your room, without it feeling too cluttered.

17. Fold Away Floating Desk

Another way to keep things up off the floor is to install a fold-away floating desk. This can be used to either work from or as a dressing table and can be pushed back against the wall once you’ve finished. Perfect for small and organised bedrooms!

18. Desk Organisers

If your small bedroom can squeeze a desk in, it probably won’t be on the large side! To keep it clutter-free and organised, make sure you invest in some good desk organisers.

Stackable desk organisers are the best for small spaces as they help keep your desk tidy. These work well for stationery items, makeup, and toiletries.

19. IKEA Day Bed

IKEA day bed with pink canopy over bed, pink wallpaper, IKEA chest of drawers and a jute rug
We had an IKEA day bed in my daughter’s old small bedroom. It was perfect for sleepovers and storage!

If your small bedroom is used as a guest bedroom or for when you’ve had enough of your husband’s snoring and want to get a good night’s sleep, why not put an IKEA day bed in the room? 

This is the perfect piece of furniture if you’re looking for storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget as they incorporate a few designs. 

IKEA day bed in a small bedroom with white wardrobe, jute rug and shelves
The perfect piece of furniture for an organised bedroom IKEA day bed

These beds are compact and multi-functional. They have ample storage underneath, can pull out to create a double bed (if there’s room for it), and double up as a sofa during the day. The perfect piece of furniture for a small room.

20. Commit to Having a Good Clear-out Often

One of the most important things you can do to create an organised bedroom is to keep it clutter-free and commit to having a good clear out and tidy as much as possible. If your room is small, you need to keep an organised bedroom so it is a calm place to fall asleep.

If your small bedroom (or box room) is a spare or guest room, we all know it can become a bit of a dumping ground, so make sure it has plenty of storage, designated areas for placing items, and a clear floor where possible.

I hope this “how to organise a small bedroom” blog with small bedroom storage ideas has helped you to finally tackle the clutter in your bedroom! If you have any advice on storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget, let me know in the comments! 

a day bed with shelves built around it and a drawer under the mattress

How Do I Arrange Furniture in a Small Bedroom for Maximum Space?

Place the bed in a corner or against the largest wall. Use tall, narrow storage units to conserve floor space. Avoid blocking walkways and keep the area around the door and windows clear.

Can I Fit a Work Area in a Small and Organised Bedroom?

Yes, consider a compact desk or a wall-mounted, fold-down table. Place it near natural light, if possible, and use vertical shelving for storage.

How Can I Make My Small Bedroom Look Bigger?

Use light colors for walls and bedding to create an illusion of more space. Mirrors can also help reflect light and make the room appear larger. Keep window treatments simple and avoid heavy, dark curtains.

What’s the Best Way to Decorate a Small Bedroom Without Cluttering It?

Choose a few key decorative items instead of many small ones. Use wall art or decals to save space. Keep the color scheme and patterns simple to avoid visual clutter.

How Often Should I Declutter My Small Bedroom?

Regularly review and declutter every few months. Keeping on top of clutter is more important in a small space to prevent it from becoming cramped and disorganized.

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how to organise a small bedroom and create more space Pinterest pin
Organised Bedroom Ideas

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