How to Use Coastal Boho Decor in Your Home for the Ultimate Relaxed Style

coastal boho decor living room with rattan light shade and coffee table and blue and white soft furnishings

Coastal boho decor is a unique and beautiful design style that combines the relaxed vibe of coastal design with the eclectic charm of bohemian decor.

With its use of natural materials such as woven textiles, wood, rattan, jute, and linen, this style creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that instantly makes you feel at home. Picture yourself surrounded by the gentle hues of the ocean and the warm sun, and you’ll understand the appeal of coastal boho decor.

From white-washed furniture to textured wall hangings, there are many ways to incorporate this style into your home. Try adding some boho-inspired throw pillows or a rattan chair to your living room, or experiment with a muted color palette for a laid-back, beachy feel.

coastal boho living room with large windows looking out over the sea and a large plant in the corner

Whether you’re looking for beach home decor or simply want to infuse some coastal charm into your home, coastal boho decor is definitely worth exploring.

Materials like shells, driftwood, and other ocean-inspired accessories can be used to create a warm and inviting feel. These items are often used as accents and decorations, adding to the coastal boho décor theme, and could include items you found on the beach on holiday or shell-shaped vases, ornaments, or faux coral pieces (just don’t buy the real thing!) 

a coastal inspired living room with vintage painting and marble fireplace

Adding other coastal elements such as reclaimed wood furniture, whitewashed furniture that feels like it’s been sat outside in the sun, and artwork with ocean or beach scenes can help complement your coastal-inspired accessories. 

In addition to the natural materials and beachy elements, this boho beach decor style often features a mix of textures and patterns, which brings bohemian influences into the design. Textiles like linen, cotton, and wool are used to add depth and warmth to the space, while patterns like stripes, florals, and geometric shapes are visually appealing and add personality.

All these elements are perfect for a coastal boho living room which can evoke feelings of being by the sea, even when you live miles away.

When they are combined, they create an eclectic and unique feel to any room. Textiles such as jute and soft pile rugs, macrame wall hangings, and embroidered fabrics are also commonly used. 

The color palette is typically muted and earthy, with a focus on shades of blue, green, beige, and white. The walls tend to be a bright white, with white-washed or weathered furniture.

However, pops of brighter colors like turquoise and coral can also be incorporated to brighten up the room and depth to the space.

Using Coastal Boho Décor in Your Home

grey sofa and blue persian style rug in the living room with wooden beams painted white and an oak kitchen in the background
Image credit: Ruggable

This is a style of interior design that combines elements of coastal style and boho home decor to create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. This unique style of decor offers a number of benefits that make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to update their home’s interior design.

1. It Creates a Relaxed and Cozy Vibe

a white corner sofa with bamboo coffee table, blue cushions and a blue wallpaper with white blossom trees

Coastal boho decor is all about creating a comfortable and welcoming space that feels like a reflection of your unique personality and style. The natural elements and muted colors used in this style of decor create a calming and peaceful environment that’s perfect for relaxing and unwinding.

2. It Incorporates Natural Materials and Textures

a rattan bed with plush rug and rattan oversized light fitting
Simple boho room decor

The main theme is characterized by its use of natural materials like rattan, jute, and other woven textiles, which help create a beachy boho decor vibe in your home. These materials add warmth and texture to the space and create a connection to nature, making it feel more peaceful and tranquil.

These materials can be introduced easily into any room in your house. Think jute stair runners and oversized rugs in the bedroom, rattan headboards, and bamboo coffee tables. 

3. It’s Versatile and Easy to Personalize

blue armchairs, cream sofa, blue geometric rug, blue patterend fireplace surround, white beams and white walls all make up this perfect coastal boho decor themed room
Adding pops of blue to the laid-back feel of a coastal boho decor-style living room gives an automatic nod to the ocean. Image credit:

Coastal boho decor is an eclectic style that can be adapted to fit a wide range of tastes and preferences. It’s easy to personalize this style of decor by incorporating your own unique artwork, furniture, and accessories.

Whether you prefer a minimalist look or a more eclectic aesthetic, coastal boho decor can be tailored to suit your individual style.

4. It’s Budget-friendly

a coastal boho decor
The perfect beachy boho decor style

Bohemian home decor is often characterized by its use of thrifted and upcycled furniture and accessories. This makes it a budget-friendly choice for anyone looking to update their home’s decor without breaking the bank.

Boho coastal decor leans towards lighter, earthy tones, whites, and ocean-inspired colors like blues and greens. You don’t necessarily need to repaint your entire house; instead, add splashes of these colors through inexpensive items like cushions, throws, or art pieces.

If you have an old sofa, you can look at getting white or cream covers for it and pairing it with blue cushions. Many thrift stores have old, vintage coffee tables that you can sand down and give a distressed look. Finally, add ornaments or a blue bowl with shells and pebbles from a beach to finish your coastal-inspired living room. 

5. It Evokes a Sense of Nostalgia and Wanderlust.

wooden headboard with blue striped bedding, rattan light shade with green armchairs, a rattan rug and a bird of paradise plant in the bedroom
Adding pieces you have bought on holiday, or favorite items you have picked up from thrift stores can add a touch of nostalgia and interest to your room. Image credit:

Coastal boho style often incorporates elements of travel and adventure, which can evoke a sense of nostalgia and inspire wanderlust. This makes it a great choice for anyone who loves to travel or who wants to create a space that inspires a sense of adventure and exploration.

How to Create Coastal Boho Décor

white shiplap walls are flanked by oak framed window, a grey sofa with blue striped cushions, shelving with shells and plants on it and a wooden rocking chair in the living room
Image credit: B&M Home – You can read about B&M latest SS23 homewares in this blog post

Whether you’re looking to create a cozy retreat or a welcoming living area, coastal boho elements can help bring a sense of calm and serenity to any room. Don’t overthink about combining materials, colors, and accessories. Choose items that you love, and as long as they stick to an overriding beach and boho theme, they will work! 

Natural Materials

a coastal boho bedroom with white and blue bed linen and a rattan headboard
Boho coastal decor incorporates lots of natural elements, clean white lines, and pops of blue

Using natural materials like stone, marble, and wood can help bring a sense of authenticity to your decor. These materials not only look great but also add a sense of timelessness to your space and will rarely go out of fashion. 

Rattan furniture is the perfect way to add natural materials to your space and can automatically make a room feel coastal. The rattan look has seen a huge resurgence in the last few years and it’s definitely here to stay!

You can use rattan material in many different forms. The obvious choice is rattan chairs or a chest of drawers, but you could also use this versatile material as a coffee table, tray, mirror or basket to hold your blue and white striped throws!

Muted Colours

white living room with tasselled chandelier and fireplace, dark blue persian rug, round oak coffee table and wooden shelves
I absolutely adore this boho coastal living room by Jessica Sarah Morris– she really has nailed the coastal boho trend with her use of neutral textures and color with a hint of blue. Read her living room makeover here – 

This modern coastal decor style is typically characterized by a muted color palette that includes shades of white, beige, and other neutral tones. These colors create a calming and peaceful environment that’s perfect for relaxing and unwinding.

Blue and White stripes

blue and white striped rug with a rattan and glass coffee table on top of it, cream sofas with striped and polka dot cushions and a large blue coral artwork
The blue and white striped rug is complemented by the artwork in similar colors. Image credit: Completely Coastal

This nautical pattern will never look out of place in a coastal boho-styled room. This style of pattern provides a fresh and vibrant look and can be added as cushions or rugs as a statement piece.

If you are going for a blue and white stripe rug, pick 2 colors from the rug and match them to plain cushions to balance the rug and pull the whole scheme together. 

Shiplap Walls

Are shiplap walls still a thing? Of course they are! They are such a classic style, they won’t be going anywhere soon. White shiplap walls help keep a room feeling clean and crisp and do not need a lot of upkeep, apart from the odd wipe-down.

Painting them a neutral color like white or greige will create a fabulous backdrop to the rest of the room where you can use a bit more color, like blue and white stripe cushions and artwork.  

If you don’t fancy the fuss of ripping everything out of a room and buying shiplap kits or wood to create the look, there are plenty of fabulous stores that now offer shiplap in the form of wallpaper! An easy way to quickly update a room in style

Eclectic Accessories

Incorporating a mix of vintage and modern accessories can help to create a unique and eclectic look. These accessories can include things like bohemian textiles, coastal-inspired artwork, and upcycled furniture.

Adding a nautical theme to your accessories is a clear nod to coastal boho décor!

Layered Textures

shiplap walls with floating shelf, bed with lots of layers and textures and rattan bench in the bedroom
How cozy is this setup? All you need now is the sound of the sea. Read more on B&M Homewares for Spring Summer 2023

Natural textures like woven textiles, waffle bedding, fluffy throws, rattan furniture, and wood accents are another great way to bring a touch of nature into your home whilst creating that cozy and inviting scene that coastal boho decor is all about. 

What do you want most after a long day at the beach and the cooler nights? To have a hot shower and snuggle up in bed or on a sofa with a good book and cup of tea. Take me there right now!

Whitewashed Furniture

Whitewashed furniture refers to pieces of furniture that have been treated with white or light-colored paint, stain or wash to create a distressed, vintage or beachy look like it has been out in the sun all day!

Whitewashed furniture can be quite understated so it is a great way to showcase all your eclectic accessories by placing them on top!

Casual Vibes

Coastal boho decor has a relaxed and casual vibe that’s perfect for creating a space that feels like a retreat from the stresses of daily life. This might mean incorporating comfortable seating options like floor cushions hammock chairs or swing chairs made out of rattan or bamboo.

With your chairs in place, create a cozy reading nook with plenty of pillows and soft lighting.

Lots of Light

corner of a living room with lots of windows, rattan lightshade, rattan chairs and coffee table pouffe. The ceiling is made with wooden panels.
Image credit: Pinterest (unknown)

Filling your home with natural light often gets overlooked and is one of the last things we consider when decorating our homes, but it is one of the most important factors when it comes to designing and choosing a color. 

Having a room full of sunshine and light can help make your room feel like a coastal retreat. Try and maximize light where possible by keeping the window treatments minimal so they don’t steal any light from the room (which will apply to most of us, unless you are lucky enough to have a room like the above!)

Natural Elements

Adding distressed or salvaged furniture is one of the best ways to add natural elements to a room. Talda Reclaimed Elm Bench – Nkuku

Coastal boho decor often incorporates natural elements like plants, seashells, and driftwood to create a connection to the natural world. These elements add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to the space, while also creating a sense of serenity and calm. Salvaged wood turned into furniture is one of the best ways to add natural elements to a room. 

Adding plants to your home is one of the easiest and most effective ways to incorporate natural elements into your décor.

Plants not only look great but also provide numerous health benefits. They help purify the air and can even boost your mood. If you have dark corners in your home, don’t worry! You can mix real and faux plants depending on the light and position of the room.

Macrame Hangings

a macrame hanging above a midcentury sideboard

What is a boho room without a macrame hanging? Bohemian decor is all about a free-spirited and artistic lifestyle. Macrame hangings fit perfectly into this style because they are often made by hand and have a natural, organic look.

However, you can think outside the box when it comes to coastal boho decor. If you don’t want to go down the route of adding macrame everywhere, which lends its hand to a more boho feel, how about adding macrame as a detail in curtains, cushions, and throws? 

Tips for Creating a Relaxed and Inviting Atmosphere in Your Home

blue abstract artwork against white walls with a white desk and grey sofa in the background

Creating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere in your home can help you unwind and destress after a long day and this is one of the most important factors when it comes to creating a coastal boho decor feel in your home.

Often, we have been stuck in sterile offices or workplaces so it is good to come back to our home comforts, and this is exactly what coastal boho décor is all about!

Here are some tips to help you create a space that feels cozy, comfortable, and welcoming:

Use Warm Lighting

Lighting can have a big impact on the overall ambiance of your space. Instead of using harsh, bright lights, opt for warm and dimmer lighting. You can achieve this by using table lamps, floor lamps, or even string lights.

Add Comfortable Seating

Creating a comfortable seating area is essential for creating a relaxed atmosphere. Invest in a cozy or oversized sofa, plush armchair, or even a bean bag chair for a laid-back feel.

Incorporate Soft Textures

Soft textures like fluffy rugs, cozy throws, and plush pillows can make your space feel much more inviting. These textures also help to create a warm and cozy atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxing.

Add Artwork

cream walls and curtains with a plump white corner sofa, blue cushion and throws next to pampass grass in a tall blue vase and an ocean inspired gallery wall in the living room
Plenty of ocean-inspired artwork in this beautiful gallery. Image credit:

Adding artwork to your walls can help make your space feel more personal and inviting. You can choose pieces that reflect your personal style or opt for nature-inspired art to create a soothing atmosphere. Adding artwork with ocean or sea-inspired scenes can help incorporate a coastal boho décor theme.

Use Calming Scents

Using essential oils, candles, or diffusers can help create a relaxing atmosphere in your home. Scents like lavender, chamomile, and vanilla can help promote relaxation and reduce stress. Sage and sea salt can almost have you on a boat, sailing off the coast of the Mediterranean!

Where to Shop for Coastal Boho Décor

If you’re looking to decorate your home with coastal boho decor, but don’t want to break the bank, here are some places to find unique and affordable pieces – 

  • Charity shops, thrift stores, and flea markets – These places are often full of unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. Look for items like vintage macrame wall hangings, woven baskets, and rattan furniture.
  • Online Marketplaces – Places like Etsy and eBay are great places to find affordable coastal boho decor. You can find a wide variety of handmade and vintage items, including throw pillows, wall art, and decorative objects.
  • Discount Stores – I love places like TJ Maxx, Target, and HomeSense. They often have a huge selection of coastal boho decor at affordable prices. Look for items like natural fiber rugs, woven throw blankets, and decorative wall mirrors.
  • Local Artisan Markets – Many cities have local artisan markets where you can find handmade coastal boho decor. These markets often feature local artists and makers who create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.
  • DIY Projects – If you’re feeling crafty, you can create your own coastal boho decor at home. Look for tutorials online for DIY projects like macrame plant hangers, driftwood wall art, and woven wall hangings.

Incorporating coastal boho decor into your home is a great way to create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere that reflects your personal style. By adding natural elements, earthy colors, and relaxed beachy vibes, you can create a space that feels like a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Whether you’re on a tight budget or have a bigger budget to work with, there are plenty of ways to find unique and affordable coastal boho decor to add to your space.

With some inspiration, creativity, and a little bit of effort, you can transform your home into a cozy, coastal boho oasis.

how to use coastal boho decor for your home Pinterest pin

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