Master Bedroom Trends: What’s Hot In Bedroom Design Right Now

A luxury bedroom with dark sage green panelled walls, vintage art work, Persian rug and leather headboard
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Your master bedroom is more than just a place to sleep; it’s a sanctuary, a retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The world of interior design is continuously buzzing with exciting trends that promise to transform your master bedroom into a stylish haven.

In this insightful guide, you’ll discover the hottest bedroom design trends throughout 2023, providing the inspiration you need to create a space that’s both chic and comfortable.

Master Bedroom Trends

In the broad panorama of home décor, bedroom design holds paramount importance for several reasons. Unlike communal areas like the living room or kitchen, the bedroom is a private space.

Bedroom design can deeply influence our mental well-being, given the amount of time we spend in it. A well-designed bedroom can become a place of solace, where one unwinds, rejuvenates, and escapes the hustle and bustle of daily life.

1. Sustainable Luxury

a bedroom with dark green panelled walls, botanical wallpaper, a leather headboard and green and orange bedding

Sustainability is a theme that continues to gain momentum in interior design, and it’s making its way into master bedrooms in a luxurious way. Going forward, we expect to see eco-friendly materials and sustainable furniture choices.

It’s entirely possible to have a sumptuous, high-end bedroom design while ensuring that your choices benefit the planet.

Here’s a guide on how to achieve this master bedroom trend:

  • Think reclaimed wood bedframes, furniture that has been responsibly harvested, and natural fiber rugs like wool, just, or sisal.
  • Look for organic cotton or bamboo bedding which have lower environmental impacts.
  • Invest in high-quality, timeless pieces that won’t need frequent replacement.
  • Use low or zero-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints. They’re better for the environment and healthier for your indoor air.
  • Use energy-efficient lighting fixtures and integrate dimmers for mood lighting. They can reduce energy consumption and add a touch of luxury.
alpaca throws in neutral colours
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  • Choose art and decor pieces from local artisans, reducing the carbon footprint associated with shipping items over long distances.
  • Make the most of natural sunlight, which not only reduces electricity usage but also creates an open, airy, and luxurious space.

If you are unsure where to start, create a minimalist, clutter-free space that will help your bedroom feel more luxurious. By having fewer but more meaningful items, you can reduce unnecessary consumption and waste. These choices not only reduce your environmental footprint but also add a touch of conscious luxury to your bedroom.

2. Nature-Inspired Palettes

A sage green bedding with vintage artwork and wooden bedside tables.

Bringing the outdoors in is a timeless trend, and it’s getting a fresh update. Earthy tones like sage green, terracotta, and deep forest hues are being paired with soft neutrals to create a calming and nature-inspired palette. These colors promote relaxation and create a serene atmosphere in your master bedroom.

Begin by determining what elements or scenes from nature inspire you the most. It could be a lush forest, tranquil beach, serene lakeside, vibrant garden, or a mountainous landscape.

  • Forest: Think of deep greens, muted browns, and soft grays.
  • Beach: Pale blues, sandy beiges, and soft whites.
  • Desert: Burnt oranges, soft browns, and deep reds.
  • Mountains: Cool blues, slate grays, and earthy browns.
  • Garden: Soft greens, vibrant flower colors, and earthy browns.

Once you have decided on your base color from above, extract brighter or contrasting hues from your chosen inspiration. For instance, a pop of yellow or pink from flowers in a forest or vibrant blues and aquas in a beach scene. You could use nature-themed wallpapers or murals to create a theme. 

Finally, use textures and patterns that reflect your chosen nature scene. Linen or jute can represent sandy beaches, while smooth cotton or silks can evoke the feel of flowing water or calm skies.

3. Textured Walls

Limewashed walls in the bedroom with minimalist style
Limewashed walls help add texture and are great for minimalist bedrooms

Texture is taking center stage in bedroom design this year. Instead of traditional paint or wallpaper, textured wall treatments are becoming increasingly popular.

Consider options like textured paint, grasscloth wallpaper, or three-dimensional wall panels. These choices add depth and character to your room, making it feel cozier and more inviting.

4. Canopy Beds Are Back

Canopy beds have been making a grand comeback. These elegant and romantic bed frames add a touch of drama to your master bedroom.

From minimalist metal frames to lush, drapery-adorned canopies, there’s a style to suit every taste. They create a focal point in the room and provide a sense of privacy and comfort.

Of course, you may also like to consider convenient but elegant trundle beds or perhaps a sumptuous ottoman bed, which also offers timeless romance. Whatever type of bed frame you prefer, you’re sure to find an option that’s right up your street in the extensive collection stocked by Bed Kingdom.

You can also explore the comfort and tranquility of weighted blankets. These blankets are specifically designed to provide deep pressure stimulation, creating a comforting hug-like sensation.

They have been proven to enhance sleep quality and alleviate anxiety. The king-size weighted blanket particularly are a valuable addition to any bedroom, and they can be enjoyed throughout the year.

5. Mix And Match Furniture

a leather chesterfield headboard on the bed with a walnut bedside table

Matching bedroom sets are giving way to eclectic and personalized furniture combinations. It’s all about mixing and matching different styles, materials, and eras to create a unique and curated look.

Determine the main piece of furniture you want to highlight, such as the bed. You could pair a sleek modern bed with vintage nightstands or combine rustic and industrial elements for a distinctive vibe.

Ensure furniture pieces don’t overwhelm or underwhelm each other. For instance, a large, statement bed might pair better with subtler nightstands. Also, while the furniture pieces don’t have to be the same color, maintaining a cohesive color palette will create unity. This could mean selecting varying shades of a particular color or choosing complementary colors.

While everything doesn’t need to be perfectly symmetrical, balanced arrangements can be pleasing to the eye. Having mismatched nightstands on either side of the bed can work, but try to ensure they’re of a similar size or height.

Before purchasing new pieces, try arranging existing furniture in different configurations or using online room planning tools. This will give you a better sense of what works and what doesn’t.

6. Bold Wallpaper Choices

a chinoiserie wallpaper in the bedroom with a wooden headboard and purple and white bedding

Wallpaper is having a moment, and bold patterns and prints are taking center stage. Consider floral, geometric, or abstract wallpapers to create a striking feature wall behind your bed or throughout the room. These wallpapers add personality and vibrancy to your master bedroom.

Make sure you consider the size of your room when selecting the scale of the pattern. Large patterns might overwhelm a small room, but they can make a grand statement in a spacious bedroom.

Also, consider your overall theme and what mood you want to achieve. There are so many beautiful wallpapers to choose from you could go tropical, geometric, vintage, or abstract. 

7. Heritage Motifs

Heritage motifs are design patterns that are derived from traditional arts, crafts, and cultural expressions of a particular community, region, or nation. Think of patterns such as Paisley, Batik patterns, Mandala, and floral patterns on kimonos. 

Incorporating heritage motifs into a bedroom design can add depth, history, and a touch of personality to the space. Before integrating heritage motifs into your bedroom, you need to decide what style and color palette you want to use.

A farmhouse-style bedroom could have gingham bedding with frills or an eclectic and colourful bedroom could have large Paisley-patterned wallpaper

To avoid making the room look dated, blend heritage motifs with contemporary design elements. The fusion of old and new can be both striking and harmonious.

8. Smart Bedroom Technology

a voice activated device in a bedroom

We are continuously seeing more integration of smart technology into master bedrooms. From voice-controlled lighting to adjustable smart mattresses (which can monitor body and environmental factors), technology is making sleep and relaxation more convenient and customizable.

These tech-savvy additions enhance your bedroom’s functionality and comfort, but make sure you don’t succumb to novelty and incorporate smart technology you don’t really need.

Focus on devices and systems that genuinely enhance your comfort, convenience, and sleep quality, and make sure these devices respect your privacy!

9. Dark And Moody Bedroom Design

a bedroom with dark wallpaper featuring peonies, a red velvet headboard and dark mahogany bedside tables

While light and airy bedrooms have been popular in recent years, we are seeing a shift towards darker, moodier spaces. Charcoal, navy, and deep burgundy are being used on walls, bedding, and decor to create a cozy and cocoon-like feel.

To create a dark and moody master bedroom without it becoming overwhelming: 

Color Palette:

Choose deep, saturated hues like charcoal gray, indigo, forest green, or even black. Rich purples, deep teals, and burgundy can also add a moody touch. You could also consider painting the ceiling in the same shade or a complementary dark hue to intensify the cocooning effect.

Texture and Materials:

Opt for luxurious materials like velvet, silk, or faux fur in deep shades for the bed. Layering different materials and textures will add depth, including adding a plush, deep-colored rug that can make the space feel warmer and add another layer of texture.


Use dimmable lights to control the brightness of the room. You can use accent lighting and place lamps with soft, warm bulbs around the room to create pockets of light.

If you read or work in bed, ensure you have targeted lighting that doesn’t disrupt the overall mood. Scented or unscented candles can add a soft glow and increase the room’s ambiance.

Wall Decor:

Opt for pieces that feature dark hues or mysterious scenes. A large piece of artwork can serve as a focal point. Mirrors with dark, ornate frames can also work and help to add depth to the room. Mirrors can also reflect the limited light, enhancing the ambiance.


Opt for pieces that have a vintage or antique feel. Dark wood, matte black, or deep-colored upholstered pieces work well. Try to avoid too many bulky items which can make the room feel cramped. Instead, choose a few statement pieces.

Whilst the focus is on dark colors, you should think about adding a few neutral colors like beige, taupe, or grey to provide balance and stop the room from feeling too heavy. 

10. Wall-Mounted Nightstands

wall mounted nightstand in a bedroom with neutral colours and abstract artwork

Space-saving solutions are essential in smaller master bedrooms, and wall-mounted nightstands are gaining popularity. These sleek, floating options free up floor space and create a minimalist and modern look.

There are plenty of wall-mounted nightstands to choose from, including oak nightstands, industrial, and rattan, so you should easily be able to find one suitable for your bedroom. 

11. Maximalist Art Displays

a bedroom with a tartan bed, vintage artwork above the bed and glass statement lighting

Maximalism is all about embracing excess and creating a vibrant and eclectic look. Maybe it’s time to consider going big with art displays in your master bedroom.

Choose oversized, eye-catching art pieces or create a gallery wall that tells a story. Maximalist art displays add drama and personality to your space and are best displayed above the bed, where there tends to be more room. 

To create a maximalist display, use a mix of large, medium, and small pieces, beginning with one main piece in the middle that will serve as the anchor for your overall display. Don’t be afraid to mix and match frame styles, colors, and materials. I love how vintage frames look against flat matt frames or sleek modern ones. 

Always experiment with various layouts to see what works and include your own creations, photographs, or souvenirs from travels. I find the best gallery walls are ones that have unconventional items in them, such as a gold-painted letter or a macrame wall hanging. 

12. Velvet Upholstery

a bed with a blue velvet headboard and grey walls and bed linen

I am a big fan of using velvet in the bedroom, it is a luxurious fabric that’s finding its way into more bedrooms this year. Whether it’s a velvet headboard, upholstered chair, or plush throw pillows, velvet adds a touch of opulence and tactile comfort to your master bedroom.

Heavy velvet curtains can add drama to the room and also help in insulating the space, making it feel warmer during colder months. They can be paired with sheer curtains to allow natural light in while still benefiting from the rich texture of velvet.

Velvet comes alive in rich, jewel tones like emerald green, deep blue, burgundy, and amethyst. However, softer shades like blush pink, dusty rose, or even neutrals like gray or beige can be equally captivating.

Just don’t overdue the velvet! It can sometimes to opulent or heavy, so balance it with other materials such as linen, cotton, and wood furniture. 

13. Greenery And Biophilic Bedroom Design

a green bedroom with rattan light shade and bed. There is a jute rug on the floor and plants

Bringing the outdoors inside is a trend that’s here to stay and is synonymous with a sustainable bedroom. In recent years, master bedrooms have started to incorporate more greenery and biophilic design elements.

Introduce greenery through potted plants, hanging planters, or even vertical gardens. Plants like snake plants, peace lilies, and pothos are great for bedrooms as they require minimal sunlight and purify the air.

Nature-inspired decor, as mentioned before, is also important in biophilic design. Hang art pieces showcasing landscapes, flora, or fauna, and opt for fabrics with botanical prints, or materials like jute or linen for a more organic touch. 

Rattan is also growing in popularity with it now being used in furniture such as bedside tables, wardrobes, and chairs. It has an almost airy feel, quite the opposite of the heavy oak furniture we have seen as commonplace in the bedroom over the years.

It also adds some much-needed texture to the room and pairs well with earthy tones. 

14. Personal Spaces and Nooks

A hanging chair in a bedroom next to a window

Having a dedicated space in your bedroom to read a book or meditate has become an important part of our home decor. If you lack the space in your home to create this space, a nook in the bedroom is a great idea. 

Even if you have a smaller bedroom, a cozy nook or a little corner can work perfectly. The key is to make the most of the available space. Choose a spot with natural light, especially if you want to read! However, if this isn’t possible, you can add suitable lighting. 

A plush armchair or a chaise lounge is great for reading, place a soft rug under the chair to help define the area and make it feel cosier.

If you’re setting up a reading nook, having a small bookshelf or floating shelves can keep your books close by. If you are using the area to relax or meditate, add storage baskets to keep cushions and blankets. 

15. Customization And Personalisation

a bedroom with pink panelling, pink and blue tropical wallpaper and a large blue bed
Have fun with your color palette and decor in your bedroom! Image: Divine Savages

Personalization is a key theme in bedroom design this year. More homeowners are opting for custom-made furniture, bedding, and decor items to create truly one-of-a-kind spaces.

Consider commissioning a local artisan to create a bespoke headboard, or design your own custom wallpaper with a unique pattern or colour scheme.

Upcycling furniture and creating your own headboards, like upholstering an old bed or using wood paneling to create a stunning backdrop, are all the rage on Instagram at the moment. Customization allows you to infuse your personality into every aspect of your master bedroom.

16. Embracing Vintage And Retro Vibes

a vintage farmhouse bedroom with a green bed, vintage bedding and artwork and floral curtains

Vintage and retro aesthetics are making a comeback in master bedroom design, which I talked about in my wallpaper design trends. From mid-century modern furniture to Art Deco accents, incorporating vintage elements can add character and nostalgia to your space.

Before you start your master bedroom plans, decide on which retro era you want to evoke. The term “retro” can cover various periods, from the ornate aesthetics of the 1920s to the funky patterns of the 1970s. Each era has its unique style and flair.

You can hunt for unique vintage finds in charity shops or explore specialized vintage boutiques for pieces that evoke a sense of timelessness. Patterned wallpaper either in a delicate floral pattern for a vintage look, or a geometric pattern in bright colors for a retro look, will help add an authentic touch to your bedroom. 

17. Statement Ceilings

cloud and tree-shaped wallpaper with blue walls in a bedroom
Show-stopping wallpaper on the ceiling of a blue bedroom

While we often focus on walls and floors, the ceiling, or 5th wall, is gaining attention as a canvas for creative design. If you want to instantly update your bedroom, consider making your ceiling a focal point.

Whether it’s a stunning chandelier, a hand-painted mural, or dramatic ceiling beams, a well-designed ceiling can add drama and interest to your master bedroom and pull your whole scheme together. 

There’s no doubt about it: the current trends are all about creating master bedrooms that are both visually stunning and deeply comfortable! These trends cater to a wide range of styles, from sustainable luxury to moody maximalism.

Whether you want to embrace the outdoors, experiment with bold patterns, or incorporate smart technology, there’s a trend that suits your taste and lifestyle.

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