Colourful Ideas for a Boys’ Bedroom – My Son’s Bedroom Makeover.

I find boys’ bedrooms so hard to design and I probably spend the most time trying to come up with ideas for my Son’s bedroom than any other room in the house. I can put together a scheme for my bedroom or my daughter’s quicker than my husband says yes to an Indian takeaway for tea (not sure what that says about my cooking?), but my Son’s bedroom often leaves me scratching my head for ideas.

colourful ideas for a boys' bedroom

In our last house, I created a jungle theme for my Son which centred around green and mustard tones . I loved this room and wrote a blog post about how I created it here

I loved my son’s bedroom in our last house. I created a jungle theme using wallpaper from Rebel Walls and kept the room to green and mustard shades.

Why is that do you think? Is there a real lack of inspiration for boys’ bedrooms on Pinterest? Are we still stuck on the fact that we should use blue and yellows for a boys’ bedroom and pink for a girl?

I think for me it’s because boys’ bedrooms always seem to centre around a theme, i.e., dinosaurs or football and my son has no real interest in either! But mainly because I know what I want décor wise in my bedroom and my daughter has inherited my love of all things interior design, whereas my Son just shrugs his shoulder and goes, it’s a room Mum?!?

My daughter helped me choose this wallpaper and colour scheme. My Son, however, would probably prefer to watch paint dry than choose a scheme!

Choosing a theme for a Boys’ Bedroom

For me, a room design scheme always starts with colour. I’ll see an image on Pinterest or I’ll get sent a piece of artwork and the room develops around that. I have worked with Dulux on numerous occasions in the past and when they asked me if I’d like to create something centring around their Colour of the Year 2021 – Brave Ground (which I wrote about here) and pairing it with Tranquil Dawn (their COTY 2020, I wrote about it here), I knew exactly what room I wanted to use it in.

A bedroom using Dulux Brave Ground and Tranquil Dawn. Image credit: Dulux

However, I didn’t just want to paint my Son’s walls in Brave Ground and Tranquil Dawn and be done with it, I wanted to be a little creative by either using block colours or an ombre effect. I started looking for inspiration and I came across this image.

Jovial Wallpaper – Hovia

I have always loved Terrazzo design and loved how this wallpaper had incorporated a geometric pattern. It is perfect for a boys’ bedroom, so I decided to hand paint this design onto the wall myself.

I knew the Dulux Brave Ground Earth Palette had very similar colours so decided to use Midnight Garden, Mysterious Teal, Tranquil Dawn, Tissue Paper and Brave Ground from this palette. Finally, I added Dulux Treasure Chest to add a bit of contrast to the pattern.   

Dulux Midnight Garden
Dulux Mysterious Teal
Dulux Tranquil Dawn
Dulux Tissue Paper
Dulux Brave Ground
Dulux Treasure Chest

It was very simple to do. I first painted the wall in Tissue Paper, followed by sectioning off parts of the wall with frog tape and began to hand paint the terrazzo design onto the wall. I wanted to keep to a very loose recurring pattern to make sure the colour was evenly distributed and it took me about a day to complete.

My Son’s blue room before
First I painted a background colour – Tissue Paper
Then I sectioned off the pattern with frog tape and painted the left hand corner in Tranquil Dawn
Started the terrazzo design on the top with all 5 colours

Finally, I painted the rest of the wall in Tranquil Dawn and Mysterious Teal and took the frog tape off. Simples!

Terrazzo pattern finished and tranquil dawn and mysterious teal added
Taking the tape away
Clean lines

The Finished wall

I’m so pleased with how this wall has turned out, it definitely adds interest to the room and moves away from the very cold blues my Son had in his bedroom when we moved in. 

I have painted the rest of the room in Tranquil Dawn and the wall opposite to this in Midnight Garden. These are some of my favourite colours and it gives the room a more grown-up feel and perfect for a boys’ bedroom.

The Final Touches

In the next couple of weeks his toddler bed will be replaced with a new double bed which will go in this space and I shall put some bedside tables and floating shelves above. I will also add a large rug to break up the cream carpet and add some pattern and texture.

His new blue velvet bed, Elona Navy Blue –
Quilda vintage bedside table – La Redoute
These floating shelves will go either side of his bed. Luci Floating Shelf – Wayfair
Hackney diamond rug –

His room is actually quite long so at the other end of the room I will put his rattan wardrobe from, the upcycled chest of drawers I made him and a desk (you can get a desk similar to this one at La Redoute) where he can eventually do his homework (still a few more years away from that thank goodness!)

He has two ceiling lights so I have gone with rattan lamp shades from to help bring in natural elements into his room

Reema wardrobe –
My Son’s chest of drawers that I upcycled using Dulux paint
Once his double bed turns up, I will move this desk from La Redoute to the other side of the room. Click here for a similar desk
Henna Woven lamp shade –

Accessories for a Boys’ Bedroom

The final touches will be adding mustard to the room with his curtains, lamp, art work and lego head that we had from his old room. I think the mustard tones adds a fun element to the colour scheme and helps break up the blues and greens. 

Leiden Ochre Desk Lamp – Dunelm
Winter Morning –
Wavy embroidered cushion – La Redoute

I think it’s always tricky planning a boys’ bedroom, but if you nail the colour scheme from the beginning, the rest of the planning should come easily! Hopefully this room will last him for many years to come.

Mel x

boys' bedroom


  1. Alison whyte
    02/05/2021 / 9:44 am

    Looks fantastic, its given me some really good ideas on how to decorate my new home

    • Melanie Boyden
      06/05/2021 / 3:04 pm

      Hi Alison, thank you for your comment! I thoroughly enjoy putting together new rooms from scratch!
      Mel x

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