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    Meet the creator

    Welcome! I’m Mel!

    I have always been obsessed with interior design and home decor and have renovated several homes over the years. When I go on holiday, I book the hotel for the interiors, not the location! :)

    I am a full-time blogger, content creator, tea drinker, and husband nagger. Welcome to Melanie Jade design!

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    Gardening doesn’t have to be challenging!

    I may have a green finger when it comes to indoor plants, but I have always found gardening tricky! However, gardening isn’t just about growing tomatoes and mowing the lawn, it’s about creating an outdoor space that works for you.

    Organize the Home

    I will definitely let my Husband take the crown as the Organizer of our house. However, I love nothing better than having a really good sort-out and keeping our home free from clutter. Here’s how!