The Top Paint Colour Trends for 2023 in Interior Design

With most of us putting down our paintbrushes for the year, we will start wondering what the paint color trends for 2023 will be. Many big paint brands have already announced their Colour of the Year 2023, ranging from deep, rich reds to mellow yellows.

Using colors in our homes is the best way to reflect our style and personalities. The colors we use can change quite dramatically over the years as we move through different times in our lives.

I find that the older I get, the more I gravitate towards calming, neutral, and nature-inspired tones like green, beige, soft and deep blues, and baby pinks.

Benjamin Moore

Paint Colour Trends for 2023

Every year, leading paint brands announce their Colour for the next year, chosen by color experts. Brands such as Dulux, Pantone, and Benjamin Moore analyze color data from all around the world from fashion to our homes and produce a color that they believe will feature prominently, with accompanying color palettes.  

It seems that the overriding theme of the last few years, using neutral and warm earth tones, is still omnipresent. These colors are perfect for use in our homes and green has seen a huge resurgence!

So, what paint colors will be popular in 2023? Red seems to be taking center stage in paint color trends with Pantone, Graham and Brown, and Benjamin Moore all announcing red tones as their Colour of the Year 2023. However, calm and neutral tones are still popular and feature heavily in many color palettes. 

Raspberry Blush paint in the living room by Benjamin Moore
Image Credit: Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore – Raspberry Blush

“Never a backdrop, Raspberry Blush is the definition of charismatic colors. A vivacious shade of coral tinged with pink, Raspberry Blush enlivens the senses with an electric optimism” – Benjamin Moore.

Benjamin Moore Raspberry Blush on the living room wall around a fireplace with a stripy rug
Color Trends 2023 – Benjamin Moore Raspberry Blush

Raspberry Blush is an extremely bold color to use in the home and a color that, if you’re going to use it, you might as well go for it!  Paint all the walls in this color and use equally bold and eclectic colors in your soft furnishings and furniture.

Pick rugs that help to bring out the vibrant color or use teals in your furniture and place different shades of red cushions throughout. 

Benjamin Moore Raspberry Blush on the walls in the dining room with a gold tablecloth
Color trends 2023 – Benjamin Moore Raspberry Blush

Benjamin Moore has created a color palette with eight beautiful shades that help complement their Colour of the Year 2023 perfectly. Each color has its own personality and can turn any room into a bright and eclectic masterpiece.

Obviously Conch Shell and North Sea Green are my favourites! These shades feature prominently in many paint color trends. 

Benjamin Moore colour palette consisint of raspberry blush, conch shell, cinnamon, wenge, savannah green, new age, starry night blue, north sea green
Benjamin Moore Colour Palette
Benjamin Moore Wenge in a kitchen
Benjamin Moore Wenge
Benjamin Moore North Sea Green on the walls in a dining room with a teal bench and white tulip chairs and table
Benjamin Moore North Sea Green
Benjamin Moore Conch Shell on the walls in the living room with a marble fireplace
Benjamin Moore Conch Shell
Benjamin Moore Cinnamon on the walls with mid century dresser and abstract art.
Color trends 2023 – Benjamin Moore Cinnamon

Pantone – Viva Magenta

Pantone also went for a bold pinkish red this year with Viva Magenta. This color is “inspired by the red of cochineal, one of the most precious dyes belonging to the natural dye family as well as one of the strongest and brightest the world has known”, said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute.

Pantone colour of the year viva magenta
Image credit: Pantone

As such a bright color, Viva Magenta is probably best used in soft furnishings and in art. This shade shows strength and power and is an electrifying statement color. It is probably the most vibrant of the paint color trends and will be seen in fashion, and interior design and interwoven into our lives. 

mood board of red products
Color Trends – Pantone Viva Magenta
  1. KitchenAid Mixer Tilt-head in Beetroot
  2. Elvan Manhattan Square Cushion Cover – Bordeaux and Red
  3. The Lowdown in Poppy – Mustard Made
  4. Martini Art Deco Arch Wallpaper in Red – Bobbi Beck
  5. Eva Sonaike Ona Cushion – Sweetpea & Willow
  6. PaiPai Armchair in Bright Fuschia – Ligne Roset
  7. Empire Gathered Lampshade in Fuschia Wicker – Fermoie
  8. Jack 3 Seat Sofa in Red Velvet –
  9. Cherry Wine Paint – Benjamin Moore
  10. Fantasia Scarlet Star Lantern – Paper Starlights

Dulux – Wild Wonder

In complete contrast to the vivid reds that Pantone and Benjamin Moore have chosen as their colors of the year, Dulux has gone for Wild Wonder. Dulux color trends always seem to play it safe and this year is no exception!

Dulux Wild Wonder on the walls with flowers in vases
Color trends 2023 – Dulux Wild Wonder

Wild Wonder is described as a natural shade of yellow that helps us connect our homes with the outdoors. It is a glowing natural tone that offers us a connection with nature and brings a sense of natural magic to our homes.

Wild wonder on the walls of a spacious living room
Dulux Colour of the Year 2023 Wild Wonder

As always, Dulux has brought out 4 different color palettes that help you use Wild Wonder in your home. There is a palette for everyone that complements many paint color trends for 2023 and includes earthy and neutral tones to vibrant shades.

Lush Colour Palette

The Lush Colour Palette was created to help you bring a soothing space to your home. Feeling connected with nature is good for our well-being and can help us feel part of the world around us.

Lush colour palette by Dulux
Lush color palette by Dulux

The Lush color palette is inspired by woodland scenes and forest floors to help create a soothing atmosphere in our homes. Beautiful greens and browns help to create a calm space with soft lilac tones bringing a splash of contrasting colour.

Lilac also features heavily in paint color trends for 2023. 

wild wonder dulux paint on the ceilling with skirting boards and doors painted in violet dream, panellingin sea holly and walls in hazy morning
Wild Wonder used on the ceiling with the walls painted in Violet Dream, Sea Holly, and Hazy Morning
walls painted in dulux sea holly
A dark and nature-inspired dining room. Colors used – Cocoa Pod and Sea Holly

Buzz Color Palette

Staying with the nature theme, the Buzz color Palette brings more bright colors to the table. It is inspired by the natural energy and biodiversity of meadows, prairies, and grassland and brings cheerful shades like orange and pink to your interior designs.

Dulux Buzz Colour Palette
Dulux Buzz Colour Palette

These colors are best for making bold statements in a room and can help inject personality into your home. Use them in color-blocking in a bedroom or for a bold door and skirting board color.

kitchen painted in yellows, pinks and oranges in stripes with a wild wonder painted island
A colour-blocked kitchen!
wild wonder on the walls in the bedroom
The Buzz color palette is perfect for a bedroom. Bright colors are featured often in Dulux color trends.

Raw Colour Palette

If you prefer a more neutral palette, then the raw color palette is for you! This palette consists of rich natural tones that reflect woody and earthy tones all around us.

Raw Colour Palette - Dulux
Raw Colour Palette – Dulux

If you are looking for a rustic, farmhouse vibe for your home, then this palette is perfect. It incorporates lots of warm tones that look perfect with natural materials, exposed wooden beams, and wooden flooring.

Brave Ground, Acorn Cap, and Warm Straw all work in harmony with the lovely yellow hue of Wild Wonder and are some of my favorite paint color trends.

wild wonder used with beige in a checkerboard pattern in a hallway
Wild Wonder in a rustic setting
wooden kitchen cabinets with farmhouse style windows
Perfect for that farmhouse kitchen look
natural tones used in the living room with a curved sofa
Using Wild Wonder, Woven Hemp, and Brave Ground can create a calming neutral palette for the living room

Flow Color Palette

Finally, Dulux has brought out the Flow Colour Palette to complement Wild Wonder. With its use of blues and beiges, it is inspired by the tides, waves, and natural rhythms of the earth.

Dulux Flow Colour Palette
Dulux color trends – Flow Colour Palette

These colors bring a fresh vibe to your home and their calming and neutral base is timeless. It can help bring back memories of lazy days on the beach with the neutral beige shades mimicking the sand and shells and the darker blues representing stormy seas.

loft conversion bedroom with built in beds
This room certainly reminds me of lazy days on the beach
grey blue walls with wild wonder used as a border
Using Wild Wonder as a contrast between the greyish blue and white of the furniture
wild wonder and grey blue used in a living room with large windows
Colour blocking is a fabulous way to bring personality to a room

Dulux Colour Forecast

As well as the Dulux Colour of the Year, Dulux also promotes and supports design trends with its annual Dulux Colour Forecast.

They help set the mood in your home with three emotive palettes inspired by our need to reconnect with nature, a desire for balance and calm, and interjecting joy and play.


With a lot of uncertainty in our lives, the Balance palette helps to restore a sense of calm in our lives. This palette features delicate pastels, oceanic hues, and accents of deep garnet. I adore this palette and could easily use any of these colors in my home. 

Balance palette dulux
Dulux Color trends – The Balance palette featuring calming hues and matching deeper tones
teal blues and greens painted around a marble fireplace
An eclectic mix of greens and blues
dark blue bedroom with chandelier
Moody blues in the bedroom
dark blue walls in the living room with a marble fireplace and arched doorway
A beautiful contrast of Terrace White and Sea Kelp


The connect palette features soft earthy neutrals, natural, muted greens, and wheat yellows. These are all complemented with accents of warm deep brown, grey, and charcoal.

Dulux colour trends - The Connect palette
Dulux colour trends – The Connect palette

Connect is what it says on the tin. It helps us connect with the outdoors and is vital to our mental health and well-being. Sustainability and eco-friendly vibes are key to this palette and all the colors work in harmony with natural materials and plants.

Japandi style living room
These colours work well with mid century furniture
modern rustic dining room farmhouse style
Whisper White, Wasabi and Stilted Stalks bring farmhouse and vintage together.
deep brown/red walls in the hallway with wooden bookcase
Apparition and the red tones of this Basset Brown paint provide a dramatically earthy scene.


The Revive palette is full of color, joy, and creativity. It features lots of soft blues, lilacs, and vibrant emerald greens with accents of pinks and yellows. All the colors of the rainbow!

Dulux colour trends - The Revive Palette
Dulux colour trends – The Revive Palette

This palette absolutely personifies eclectic home décor with color used in new and unexpected ways. It draws its inspiration from a mixture of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s and is full of graphics, patterns, waves, and geometrics. It is the brightest of paint color trends for 2023. 

Dulux dog sitting in the living room
The famous Dulux dog is oblivious to his bright surroundings!
brightly coloured living room
Revive puts pattern at the core of its palette
pink accent wall in the kitchen with glass table and orange chairs
Not just on the walls, the revive colors can be used in furniture, art, and soft furnishings.
Green wall and ceiling in the bedroom with checkerboard bedding
The perfect green for a bedroom
Green wall and ceiling in the bedroom with checkerboard bedding
Keep the walls white and paint that ceiling!

Graham and Brown – Alizarin

One of my favorite paint brands, Graham and Brown has chosen the paint Alizarin as their color of the year. Alizarin is an auburn red shade that will easily bring warmth to any room and can be brought to life with one of their amazing wallpapers. 

This is a deep rich red and is in keeping with the red trends we are seeing for 2023. A bit like Benjamin Moores Raspberry Blush, if you are going to use this color, then go for it!

Paint the whole room in this beautiful red and choose teal, rust, or dark blue furnishings to complement it. If you feel this color is a bit much to paint the whole room, use it on your doors and skirting boards or introduce a pop of this color as a color block.

Alizarin painted pannelled door walking into a living room
I love how they’ve paired Alizarin with terrazzo flooring
bedorom archway looking at an Alizarin painted ceiling and deep blue walls
Painting the ceiling in Alizarin which works well alongside Graham and Brown’s wallpaper of the year – Florenzia Dusk


Another favorite paint brand of mine, Valspar has named 12 colors that they believe will be trending in 2023. These colors are designer-led and are matched to help people be braver in their homes.

Colour trends 2023 - Valspar
Color trends 2023 – Valspar

I have to be honest, there are no paints that really jump out at me in this color palette, but I think they are much more useable in our homes and appeal to the masses. These colors will all work well together and can perhaps help people move away from a safer color palette by incorporating new paint color trends into their homes.

As Sue Kim, Valspar’s colour marketing manager says –

“Valspar’s 2023 Colours of the Year are usable shades that encourage self-expression and anyone can envision in their space. With our 12 colors to choose from, you are guaranteed to find a color that is picture-perfect for you!”

denim blue sofa and pale blue walls with pops of yellow and red
Image credit: Valspar
dark green walls in the living room with beige furnishings
Image Credit: Valspar

There really is something for everyone in 2023 Colours of the Year.

Whether you prefer a calming color palette or like to be a bit bolder and use bright shades in your home, many of the palettes still give a nod to nature and incorporate natural colors into our home.

What paint color trends will you use in your home? 

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