Pink and Green Interior Design Ideas for a Vibrant Space

a pink and green living room with mid century bookcase, gallery wall and green velvet sofa

Pink and green should most definitely be seen together! I was never a massive pink fan (the color, not the rock star), I never really wore it or had it in my home.

Green, however, has always been one of my favorite colors as it made me feel connected to nature and the outside world and wherever I have lived, I have always had at least one potted plant to break up the magnolia! Over the last few years, I have increasingly started to use pink and green interior design in my home.

a dark green wall in the living room with a gold bar cart holding lots of drinks. There are vintage pieces of artwork on the walls and lots of plants
I absolutely adored this dark green in our living room

One of the first big (and brave seeing as my whole house was painted white) decisions I made when we started to redecorate was to paint my living room dark green. I loved this shade so much, it began my love affair with color.

After we started renovating our last home, pink started creeping in on a large scale. First, it came in the guise of floral murals and I started picking out the color from the flowers to decorate the rest of the room.

I slowly began to realize that pink pretty much went with anything, from navy blue to mustard and every room in my house now has a splash of pink in some form or other.

a large floral mural in the bedroom with a white metal bed and lots of pink accessories
My fabulous wall mural from introduced my first use of pink interior design in our house

The Psychology of Color

Do pink and green go together? I recently went to The Little Book of Color launch with Karen Haller and it made me think more about my love of color and our connection with it. At the event, I spoke to a color therapist and I told her that my favorite colors were pink and green.

She explained that my love of pink suggested that something had happened to me as a child that made me grow up overnight and I was yearning to be that little girl again.

She also said it was interesting that I liked green because this suggested I was constantly looking for security, whether that be in relationships, money, or home, which stems from what happened when I was young and she was absolutely right.

It made me look at color differently, how we use it in the home, and why we’re drawn to different shades. That 5-minute conversation had a big effect on me and made me realize why I love pink and green interior design.

a floral and nature-inspired gallery wall in the living room, surrounded by festoon lights. There is a green and pink velvet sofa, industrial style coffee table and plenty of plants.

According to Karen Haller, pink has positive effects of maternal love, nurture, and compassion whereas green can be restorative and create feelings of harmony, peace, and reassurance. You can see why they are the perfect pairing!

pink peonies on a coffee table with a green velvet sofa and gallery wall in the background

Do Green and Pink Decor Go Together?

Yes, decorating with pink and green goes together beautifully. The key is to balance the colors appropriately, so one doesn’t overpower the other.

Pink and green are complementary colors, which means they are located opposite each other on the color wheel, making them visually appealing when used together. Additionally, the combination of the softness of pink with the freshness of green can create a calming and soothing atmosphere, making it a great choice for interior design.

I think the two colors are so versatile, you can use them in any room in your house and are an easy way to add color to your home. Pink has traditionally been thought of as the perfect color for the bedroom whereas green has been mainly confined to dining spaces, conservatories, and living rooms.

But, by pairing these two colors together, decorating with pink and green can be used in every room.

From Olive Green and Blush to Emerald and Dusty Pink, there are plenty of shades to choose from but it’s important to get the right mix.

a green velvet sofa in the living room with a gallery wall, lots of cushions and plants and an industrial coffee table

My favorite sofa from looks even better with pink accents and shows how well pink and green interior design works! This bold color works beautifully with colorful wallpaper which can help introduce subtle pink interior design into your home.  

Pink and Green Interior Design in the Bedroom

a large pink and green floral wallpaper mural in the bedroom with a bed covered in dark green and pink bedding
A very extravagant floral mural that is perfectly complimented with emerald bedding in this green and pink bedroom. Mural from Hovia

A pink and green bedroom is probably one of the best places to start if you are new to this color combination. Green is a calming and restful color whereas pink is often associated with warmth and love. 

Huge floral murals always look fantastic in a bedroom behind a bed, keep the headboard to a minimum and go extravagant. With such a statement piece in a room, keep the bedding simple with a plain dye duvet and pillows in a color matching the mural and a throw in contrasting shades.

You can also add pink with self-adhesive wallpaper if you are experimenting with the color. Keep the pink subtle with other shades and add pops of pink to compliment your wallpaper.

If a large or floral wall mural is not your thing, keep the wall plain with an Emerald or Dark Green shade and add lots of prints in pink and green to provide a wonderful contrast.

Velvet green bedding in the bedroom with a dark green wall. There are dark green velvet cushions and a pink pouffe
Forest Green wall in the bedroom with green bedding and pink accents to add more color Credit: @harrison_nate_and_me
dark green velvet bed in the bedroom with pink bedding. The walls are painted pink and there is a large ball like chandelier hanging over the bed
You could also paint the walls pink and add green furniture!

Decorating with Pink and Green in the Living Room

I would say one of the most coveted things I see on Instagram is a green velvet sofa and that’s no surprise! Green interior design goes from strength to strength and is now one of the most used colors in our homes.

Green is perfect for the living room as it is so versatile and can be matched with so many different shades making the décor decision uniquely you.

olive green velvet sofa in the living room next to a pink door. There is a midcentury shelving unit next to it with lots of books
A pink and green living room

Keep the décor around the sofa natural so the sofa takes center stage, but add pink cushions and throws.

dark green velvet sofa in the living room with pink cushions and a pink wall
Very soft pinks are used to break up the green of this beautiful sofa but do not take center stage! Credit:

If you can’t decide whether to get a pink or green sofa, go for both to make a really bold statement in the living room.

You can mix and match cushions on the sofas to make the color scheme more cohesive. Consider getting a cushion cover from CovermyCushion that complements your theme. Additionally, bring in gold and wood furniture to pull the whole room together.

green and pink velvet sofas in the living room with a large black and white botanical wall hanging and wooden floorboards

If you don’t want to invest in new cushions, sofas, or furnishings, how about adding decor to your walls? You could create a full feature wall with pink and green wallpaper, or just add wall stickers to your living room with pink peonies or nature-inspired decals. 

dark green wall in the living room with a hexagonal gold mirror. The fireplace has a sunflower tile surround and there are peonies on a coffee table

Pink and Green Interior Design in the Kitchen

One of the biggest trends in the kitchen this year is a green fitted kitchen but how to decorate around it? By leaving the walls white, it can become a bit sterile, so painting your walls a very soft pink can provide a little bit of warmth in the room without it becoming overbearing.

For your dining table, you can buy tablecloths that will complement your painted walls. The slightest touch of pink on your walls will work with a bold green color for your tablecloths. If you wish to make a statement with more opaque wall colors, choose a tablecloth that has a more subtle pink or green shade. You may also opt for a white lace or linen tablecloth just to add a little texture to your decorated walls.

If you feel that painting the kitchen pink could be a bit too much (the kitchen can often be the biggest room in the house), there are plenty of ways to add pink without committing to paint.

a sage green kitchen with parquet flooring and pink tiles around the oven.
I think I have just died and gone to kitchen heaven! Credit: @peacockfinds Photo Credit: @beautifulhomesinthenorth

Feature walls are not just for the bedroom or living room, you could create one in the kitchen too with a pink chimney breast or paint above the backsplash which naturally draws your eyes upwards. Compliment it with open shelving or lighting to give it a luxurious look.

Pink subway tiles can provide a wonderful contrast to your kitchen cabinets. Lay them in a herringbone-style pattern to give them a contemporary twist.

pink herringbone metro tiles around the oven with a sage green kitchen

If you have gone for green cabinets, another great way to add pink to the room without painting the walls is by introducing it in the soft furnishings. Rugs, tea towels, curtains, and cushions and a quick way to update your kitchen without costing too much.

dark sage green kitchen cabinets with crittall windows and a red Persian rug in the kitchen
Green cabinets with a touch of pink in the floral display and rug. Image credit:

If you don’t want to change your current kitchen cabinets, but still want to add pink and green to your kitchen, think about changing your backsplash and painting your walls. Just don’t forget the ceiling!

green metro tiles in the kitchen around the sink with a wood burner and pink chimney breast
One of my all-time favorite kitchens! Image credit: DeVol Kitchens

Finally, my favorite subject, wallpaper! Again, wallpaper is not just for the bedroom or living room. You can add a real wow factor to any kitchen by wallpapering behind open shelving or any blank wall in the kitchen.

Choose a wallpaper with pink and green shades and then color-match these shades to introduce to the rest of your kitchen. You could paint your kitchen units a wonderful sage green or add green tiles.

If you don’t fancy wallpapering, look at adding pattern and color to your backsplash. 

soft pink kitchen cabinets with a botanical tile backsplash and white walls
Designer Kitchen Splashback Wallpaper – Flower & Marble at Limelace

Pink and Green Interior Design in the Bathroom

More homeowners are looking at becoming adventurous in the bathroom these days and I don’t mean by throwing fruit in the bath, sharing the bath with a partner, or locking the door so the kids can’t get in and enjoying a glass or three of wine.

Bathrooms are now a place of exciting renovations, fabulous patterns, and colorful tiles and more people are turning their back on traditional bathroom suites and monochrome designs.

One of my favorite ways to add pink and green interior design in the bathroom is to use pink tiles with lots of plants, green towels, and bath mats, ensuring the tile installation complements the overall theme.

Pink bath in the bathroom with grey walls, metro tiles and Victorian tiles on the floor. Plenty of plants on a shelf in the background
Our bath was originally white, but I painted the bath pink
pink square tiles with black grout in the bathroom. There is a black bath and green herringbone metro tiles on the floor
Green metro tiles provide a dramatic flooring backdrop and the color is softened by adding pink square tiles. Credit: @maxmademedoit

Wallpapers have also seen an increase in popularity in the bathroom recently and this is a fabulous and easy way to update a tired or lacklustre bathroom. Find a pink and green floral wallpaper and match a color to paint your bathtub! A bathroom worthy of a long and peaceful soak!

dark green with copper botanical print wallpaper in the bathroom with dark green panelling and a white sink
Green paneling with green and copper pink wallpaper Credit: @drummonds_bathroom Wallpaper by Anna Glover

And Finally…

There are many subtle ways to add pink and green interior design to your home. If your other half is not keen on a pink interior design (as I see with so many messages I get about the color), try using variations of pink like salmon or a very muted baby pink. They might not even notice that you’ve introduced pink into your home! :)

Some subtle ways to add pink to your home – 

  • Start by incorporating small pink accents throughout your space, such as throw pillows, curtains, or artwork. This will add a subtle pop of color without dominating the room.
  • Add pink grout to your white metro tiles with pops of green in kitchenware and canisters.
  • Adding pink to unexpected places such as on the underside of a shelf or on the inside of a cabinet can provide a subtle yet surprising touch of colour.
  • Instead of bright or bold shades of pink, opt for muted tones such as blush, rose, or mauve, which can add a subtle and sophisticated touch. These soft tones are the best way to add pink interior design to your home. 
  • Flowers! Possibly the easiest and most inconspicuous way to add pink and green to your home is to have flowers dotted about the house. Some of my favorite pink flowers include peonies, roses, begonias, tulips, hydrangeas, and ranunculus. You can go real or faux, although going faux ensures you have pops of pink and green in your house all year round. 
  • You can subtly add pink and green interior design into your home by introducing it with art. Keep the rest of the room neutral and add an oversized print above your sofa or bed. Or create a gallery wall out of pink and green. Once the artwork is in place, you can pick out colors from your artwork and slowly add them to your soft furnishings and furniture. 
a pink and green abstract piece of art above a dining table
Stay Grounded artwork – Green Lilli

I hope you’ve taken a little inspiration away from this green and pink interior design lovefest! Decorating with pink and green is associated with nature, such as the colors of flowers and foliage. This makes it a great choice for creating a fresh and lively atmosphere in your home.

When used together in the right proportions, pink and green interior design can create a well-balanced and harmonious look, with the warmth of pink balancing out the freshness of green.

I can only see more of my rooms in the house going this way as I love how it brings a botanical and natural feel to my home.

Q. What goes with pink and green? 

A. Pink is a tint of red, while green is a mix of blue and yellow. The complementary color for pink is greenish-blue or teal, while the complementary color for green is pinkish-red or magenta. Therefore, the colors that complement both pink and green together are teal and magenta.

Q. What rooms are best designed using pink? 

A. Pink is a versatile color that can be used in many different rooms, depending on the shade and how it is used in the overall design scheme. The best rooms to use pink interior design are bedrooms, nurseries, living rooms, and home offices. Although, I’m happy to use it in any room!

Q. What shades of pink and green work well together? 

A. Pale pink and mint green, dusty pink and olive green, hot pink and lime green, and blush pink and sage green are all good color combinations. 

Q. How can I convince my partner to use pink interior design? 

A. Include them in the design decisions and start by discussing your pink and green interior design ideas. Suggest using pink as an accent color in throws or cushions and show him examples of pink interior design. If your partner is still hesitant about using pink, be open to compromise on other design elements. 

Pink and Green Interior Design Ideas for a Vibrant Space Pinterest pin
Pink and green interior design

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  1. Great article. Off to buy some Miami pink accessories NOW! Have lots of green and going to have a play, so thank you for the inspiration – love, Suzie x

    1. Thanks for commenting Suzie! I love Miami pink, I’ve always loved that tropical vibe! The next arm chair I get will definitely be in that colour. Mel x

  2. Loved your article and I’m looking for that sofa now! Can I ask where that lovely coffee table
    Is from?

    1. Hi Rachel

      Green is my absolute favourite colour to use in decor, there are so many fab shades and they actually make me happy! Great blog post on sage green, another one of my favourites!

      Mel x

      1. Hi Melanie,

        Love your ideas. What do you think of VERDIGRIS GREEN walls from F&B with hot pink accessories and tan leather sofa ?
        Thanks. Rachel

        1. Hi Rachel

          I think yes!! Go for it. Pink and green are the dream combination and the verdigris and hot pink would look superb together because they are both bright (almost neon) colours. With such bright colours, it would be very difficult to find a sofa that would fit with this scheme so tan would work wonderfully. The only other way you would be able to compliment a sofa with those colours is going for a pink or green sofa in different shades. But this might prove too much.

          Mel :)

  3. We all want to make our house beautiful and yes it’s hard, it’s not like changing clothes. People must choose the most suitable paint colour and furniture must look good and match the paint colour. Nice work, your article will help many people to achieve their dream home.

  4. Love this! I am looking at decorating my loft room turned office. There is an old green carpet in there and I’ve been struggling to think what colour would go but have decided on a kind of dusky pink perhaps. Any suggested favorite pink paint colours I should be looking out for?!

    1. Oh gosh, too many to recommend but some of my favourites have to be –
      Hellebore – Little Greene
      Heart Wood or Pink Sandstone – Dulux
      Sulking Room Pink or Cinder Rose – Farrow & Ball
      Mel :)

  5. Love this combination and you have inspired me to take the plunge! I I am redoing my home office and I’m thinking a hunter green accent wall for my backdrop on zoom and would like a pale pink wall on the other three walls… any suggestion on what pink would go with a hunter green? And I’m thinking Benjamin Moore’s hunter green but if you have another recommendation I’d be happy to hear it! Thank you so much:-)) cathy

    1. That green is an amazing colour! I think that’s it’s such an impactful colour, it would be best to go for a softer pink. Like Farrow & Ball Calamine or Benjamin Moore First Light (which was their colour of the year in 2020!)

  6. I am loving these colour combinations. May I please ask where the pink/copper leaf wallpaper is from?

  7. Hi Mel,
    I’ve just ordered a pink and green couch before coming across your article, I love it all :)
    I’m debating between jungle or floral furnishings for the rest of the lounge now.
    I was wondering where the floral pink and green rug is from ? It brings the sofas together so well.

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