Pink Bedrooms: 10 Ideas to Use this Versatile and Pretty Colour

Pink interiors have seen a surge in popularity in the last decade with pink bedrooms becoming increasingly fashionable.

No longer are they confined to little girls’ bedrooms, pink bedrooms are versatile, vibrant or calming, depending on what shade you go for.

pink bedrooms: how to use this versatile colour Pinterest pin

From Dusky Pink to Plaster Pinks like Farrow & Ball’s Setting Plaster, this colour can provide the perfect backdrop to a colourful bedroom or when using neutral colours.

Personally, I love the softer pinks for a bedroom as they create a beautifully calming interior anyone would want to sleep in. 

Farrow and Ball Setting Plaster on the walls of a bedroom with fireplace, round mirror and white wardrobe
One of the most beautiful bedrooms on the ‘gram – Setting Plaster in @elle_the_home_bird master bedroom

Is pink a good colour for a bedroom?

I get many people messaging me saying they love pink, but often their partner is averse to using it in the home.

If this is the case, the perfect place to start using this colour is by creating a pink bedroom. Start with soft, almost neutral pinks and in time you can start introducing more vibrant shades of pink.

Pink Bedroom Ideas for Adults

Creating a pink bedroom is not all about painting the walls. You can go for different shades on the walls, like green, and use pink in bed headboards, soft furnishings, art and rugs.

There are so many pink bedroom ideas for adults, here are a few of my favourites.

blush pink walls with oversized rattan light fitting, neutral bed divan and burgundy bedding
Image Credit: My Scandinavian Home

1. Pink Walls

When people think of pink bedrooms, they automatically think of the bright or baby pinks that adorn little girls’ bedrooms and clothes.

If you’re looking for pink bedroom ideas for adults, there are innumerable pink shades to choose from that can be more neutral, calming and the perfect colour backdrop to your bedroom.

The most important thing to consider when choosing paint for a pink bedroom is the amount of natural light it receives and which direction it is facing.

five paint samples
Pink pack – Coat Paint

North-facing rooms can be dark and cold, so go for paints with a hint of yellow in them to warm it up.

South-facing rooms can be overwhelmingly bright, so choose a paint that has a cooler, neutral tone to it with hints of grey and blues. 

Muted rose tones like Farrow and Ball’s Sulking Room Pink are extremely popular in the bedroom.

They can provide a dramatic backdrop which you can mix with stronger colours like royal blue and deep burgundies.

sulking room pink bedroom with abstract artwork and colourful bed linen
Colour Palette for Sulking Room Pink. Image credit: Farrow and Ball
dark pink walls with grey furniture and bed in the bedroom
Little Greene Nether Red

Plaster and salmon pinks are perfect for north-facing rooms.

They help to warm up the space without making it too dark and moody. Salmon pinks are wonderful for giving the room a soft glow and work with golds, greens and blues. 

salmon pink walls with abstract art, green velvet headboard burgundy cushions on the bed
Lick Pink 04 – Described as a stronger shade of calamine with a hint of grey.
salmon pink bedroom walls with vintage painting and cast iron bed
A bedroom using Farrow and Ball’s Middleton Pink. Image credit: @ourhouseonverde

Neutral pink paint that gives off just the slightest blush of colour is ideal for people who are a bit nervous about using pink in the bedroom but would like to slowly introduce it.

They are the perfect pink if you want to add patterned bedding or pops of brighter colours in curtains and soft furnishings.

pale pink walls in the eaves of a home with dormer windows and pink bedding
A calm and serene bedroom with Farrow & Ball Pink Ground. Image credit:

What colour goes with pink on a bedroom wall? 

If you want to create a pink bedroom by painting the walls, it’s all about what kind of design you want to implement. 

If you are looking for something bright and eclectic, use teal greens and mustard in bedding and soft furnishings. 

If you want the pink walls to take centre stage, keep the rest of the room neutral with off-white bedding, jute rugs and wooden furniture. 

salmon toned headboard in a bedroom with very high ceilings, chandelier and abstract artwork
The neutral pink plaster-toned walls look perfect with this Rivas Bed from Soho Home

2. Pink Two Colour Combination for Walls

Want to mix your pink walls up and add a bit of spice?

If you are not keen on painting all your bedroom pink, how about going to a stylish two-tone wall?

This is a modern take on the old dado rail of period properties and can be fresh and contemporary.

dark pink and light pink two tone pink combination on the bedroom walls with dark teal velvet headboard
Mixing two tones of the same pink adds height and depth to a bedroom. Image credit:

Creating a divide along a wall and matching two colours can help add depth to a room but is not too overtly fussy.

You could look at painting a matching pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls or combine off-whites, greens or a deep red with your favourite pink.

deep burgundy ceiling and soft pink walls wiht IKEA Malm chest of drawers and bed in a bedroom
IKEA Malm series with two-tone walls – IKEA

For a really daring look, carry the top colour over your ceiling which helps to cocoon the room making it feel warm and cosy.

3. Pink Beds and Headboards

One of the best ways to create a pink bedroom is to purchase a pink bed.

Velvet beds add a touch of luxury to any bedroom, choosing them in a pink shade adds a feminine touch without it being too overbearing.

pink velvet bed with monochrome tropical wallpaper and green accessories
Knox Velvet-Finish Bed Frame in Pink – Dreams
close up of pink velvet bed frame in the bedroom
Knox Velvet-Finish Bed Frame in Pink – Dreams

Although velvet material seems to be the go-to for pink beds and headboards, you can also get them in brushed cotton or boucle.

With the bed taking centre stage in your pink bedroom, keep the décor around it neutral so the pink really stands out.

pink boucle bed in a neutral bedroom
Saba Wabi Bed –

Shop Pink Beds

4. Using green in a pink bedroom

Green is my favourite colour to go with pink, I use it often in my home.

Pink helps warm up the naturally cool tones of green, whereas green can make pink feel more natural and connected to nature.

Pink and green sit opposite each other on the colour wheel so are the perfect contrast to use in any room and especially the bedroom.

Keeping the tones calm and fresh like sage and blush pink can make a bedroom a cosy space to wake up to in the morning.

Farrow and Ball Setting Plaster, Pointing and Bancha are all used in the bedroom. Image credit: @camillearchitectures

5. Pairing pink with blue

Another fabulous colour to use when creating a pink bedroom is blue. Pink is such a versatile colour; it goes with many shades on the colour spectrum.

Pink and blue work together as they help to complement one another. Blue is a cool shade and can help tone down the warm tones of red that you so often find in pink.

dark royal blue with pink velvet ribbed headboad and dark blue, pink and green bedding
Image credit: Tesco
Dark blue walls with rattan headboard and pink throws and cushions in the bedroom
The perfect pairing of dark blue and blush pink. Image credit: Abigail Ahern

One of my favourite colour combinations has to be dark navy blue and pink.

The dark shades of blue are extremely dramatic. Using a soft blush pink helps soften the look, making the room feel cosier and inviting.

Blush pink walls with cast iron bed, dark blue and floral bedding and dark green cupboards in the bedroom
Blush pink walls with dark blue bedding. A beautiful pink bedroom Spitalfields Bedding – Cath Kidston

Another classic combination for the bedroom is soft pink and baby blue.

These pastel colours work in harmony together creating a perfect room for relaxing in without being too overstimulating.  

huge plush cushioned bed, blush pink walls and blankets with baby blue painted doors, bed linen and lamp shades
Beautiful pastel tones of blush pink and baby blue. Image credit: Beddy-Byes Bed – Loaf

6. Pink in wallpaper

I love using wallpaper in the bedroom.

It is a great place to experiment with patterns and colour and can set the colour scheme for the room.

If your wallpaper is mainly pink, pick out other colours from the pattern and use them in soft furnishings, your headboard and furniture.  

coral wallpaper with blue cranes and palms trees, pink panelling and blue velvet ribbed headboard in the bedroom
Pink wallpaper is perfect for a bedroom and can help set the colour scheme for the room. Crane Fonda Coral wallpaper – Divine Savages

Floral and oversized wallpapers on bedroom walls are the perfect backdrop against a bed and can help complement the colour of the headboard.

Using floral wallpaper in the bedroom will often incorporate other colours, so pink doesn’t have to steal the show!

dark pink and grey floral wallpaper with green walls, burgundy headboard, pink and green cushions and bed linen and burnt orange throw in the bedroom
This Ava Marika Moody Wallpaper by Woodchip and Magnolia helps to highlight the burgundy headboard. Colours are expertly picked out to use in the bed linen and soft furnishings
blush pink paint sample
You can complement this wallpaper with pink walls. Pink Cloud – Woodchip & Magnolia
pink wallpaper with a mint green, baby blue and mustard floral design. Oversized vase with pampas grass and knitted throw on the bed
This wallpaper by Woodchip and Magnolia has pink as the base, but you could pick out the mustards and mint greens in the design to use in your bedroom. Onism First Light Pink Wallpaper – Woodchip & Magnolia

7. Pink in a Gallery Wall

Art is the best way to express your favourite colours if you don’t want to go to the trouble of redecorating a room.

You can use pink in posters and create a gallery wall above your bed or keep your room neutral and scatter pink-inspired artwork throughout your pink bedroom.

Plaster pink walls and a large gallery wall in the bedroom
Prints from Desenio
pink and white walls with artwork and mustard and pink bed linen in the bedroom
I love how Kimberly has used pink and mustard in her bedroom and reflected that in her artwork. Image credit:

Art is a great way to highlight a corner of a room, sectioning it off and creating its own little space. 

Create a little dressing area with pink accessories and all your favourite pink prints can make a bespoke corner just for you!

white walls and pink bedding with gallery wall around the dressing table
I love how the artwork sections off the dressing area, turning into a little Emily in Paris scene! Image credit: Poster Store

8. Pink furniture

We’ve covered beds, how about the rest of the bedroom furniture?

Bedside tables are the best place to start and provide a little pop of colour to your bedroom. 

pink and rattan bedside tables with white walls in the bedroom
Bue Pink Mango Wood and Rattan bedside table – Oliver Bonas

Wardrobes and a chest of drawers are other areas you can create a pink bedroom without it becoming the dominant colour.

We recently updated our wardrobes by putting on new doors to make them look more modern, adding botanical wallpaper and painting them pink.

pink panelled wardrobes with botanical wallpaper in the bedroom
Painting our wardrobes pink and adding wallpaper instantly updated them and made them a feature in our bedroom

Finally, if you want to add a pop of pink to your bedroom, why not invest in a pink dressing table and matching stool?

pink curved dressing table with metal stool, round mirror and dark green panelled wall
Pink wood and metal dressing table – Homary

9. Pink bedding and soft furnishings

Probably the best way to create a pink bedroom without spending too much money is pink bedding and soft furnishings. 

There is so much to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

neutral walls with panelling, wooden headboard, oversized cushion and pink striped bed linen in the bedroom
Fred Brushed Cotton Blush Pink Bed Linen –
bed on pallets with plaster pink walls and blush pink bedding
Brushed Pink bedding set – Roomlife

Pink bedding pretty much goes with anything.

Keep your room neutral and make your bedding the star of the show, or go for bright wallpaper and paint and colour match the bedding.

silk pink bedding on the bed with white walls and vintage artwork in the bedroom
How beautiful is this setup? Mulberry Silk Bed Linen by Gingerlily in Vintage Pink – French Bedroom Company
Soft grey walls with vintage artwork, pink, blue and striped green bedding in the bedroom
Mix and match bedding colours to make your bed centre stage! Salt Pink Seersucker Cotton Bedtime Bundle – Piglet in Bed

10. Pink Ceilings

And finally…

Have you ever thought about painting your ceiling pink? If you love pink as much as me, it would be quite nice to lie in bed and look at a pink ceiling.

If you have a dado rail in the bedroom, use this as a natural barrier to paint pink upwards and cover your whole ceiling.

If not, use a different colour for the ceiling and colour block for an interesting contrast.

salmon pink ceiling, pink furniture, pink bed and mustard bedding in the bedroom
A bright salmon pink in the bedroom. Image credit: @threeboysandapinkbath
blush pink ceiling and white walls with an IKEA day bed in a small bedroom
I love the contrast of the white and dark blush pink in this small bedroom. It makes the room feel bigger! Image credit: @myinteriortales

Pink doesn’t have to be overwhelming in the bedroom.

If you choose the right shade and combine it with a contrasting colour, it could be just what your bedroom needs!

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