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In the past, I never really thought about using pink in my décor. I always opted for its bolder sister red, but my love affair with this color soon ran its course.

Red is the color of love but can also be seen as an aggressive color and can easily overstimulate which is not a great color to have in the home.

red velvet sofa, green walls and fireplace in the living room
Probably the only red item I have in my home, this glorious Mulled Wine snuggler from

I started using less red in my home, preferring the more neutral tones of green and blue and I quickly discovered that pink was pretty much the perfect tone to use with these colors.

My living room began its decorating journey with dark emerald greens and wood tones, but I slowly introduced pink to soften the mood, and love how pink and green go together. I wrote a blog post about the perfect pairing, pink and green, here. 

Pink can also be seen as a neutral. There are so many different shades of pink such as blush, dusky pink, magenta, nude, rose, and baby pink, there really is a pink for everybody to use in the home.

pink paint colours dulux
Just a few pinks in the Dulux Pink range!

Pink is a very flexible color and can be used to soften stronger colors like dark navy blue or strong emerald green. Soft pink is a great alternative to beige colours with many homes adapting their wall colour from the universally disliked magnolia to the softer pink shades of Farrow & Ball Calamine or Little Greene Pink Slip 

pink walls in the dining room
Little Greene Chemise is a great alternative to beige! Image credit:

Why Does Pink Still Carry a Stigma?

I know a lot of people are still not convinced about using pink in their homes. I get a lot of DMs via Instagram from women saying they love the pink in my home but their husband/partner would never allow them to paint a room pink!

Funny how in 2021, some people still find pink offensive.

Pink is often associated with love and romance, so does it make men feel they are losing their masculinity by having a pink cushion in their home? I dunno!!

Apparently, Norwich City Football Club painted their opponent’s dressing room pink as it could potentially lower testosterone levels and aggression and give the Norwich team an edge. So, if your partner is vehemently opposed to having pink, maybe he’s the very person who needs pink in his life? Haha.

Norwich City F.C. pink dressing rooms

How to Use Pink in Your Home

Paint Your Walls

One of my favorite colors to go on my walls is pink! I have a bright pink chimney breast in our guest bedroom and love the bright pop of color it brings to the room.

pink chimney breast and plenty of plants in the bedroom
There’s a lot of pink in this room! Chimney breast painted in Pink Ribbon Support by Valspar

It doesn’t have to be so in your face though, you can go for more subtle pink colors (and for those people who have partners that don’t like pink, start with one of these shades). Start with painting a feature wall and live with it for a bit. If you find that you love the color, be brave and paint the whole room! 

This pink is perfect for homes that want to add a soft touch and color. Love how they’ve used it in the kitchen with contrasting tiles. Color – Little Greene Light Peachblossom
Panelling is all the rage at the moment and I love this Sulking Room pink colour! Image credit: @theonebespoke
Or just go for it and paint the whole room in pink. @thehousethatcolourbuilt shows us how it’s done

Pink Accents

If you don’t want to go painting walls in pink just yet, think of all the accessories you could use with accents of pink.

Cushions, curtains, rugs, bedding, and homewares in pink help soften a room and bring a little color. Pink works brilliantly in Scandi and Boho interiors!

Pink provides a bit of color to this beautiful boho bedroom. Yucatan Gypsy Print – La redoute
A perfect example of a scandi bedroom with accents of pink. Image credit: @kaekooshop
Beautiful soft and subtle touches of pink in this bedroom. Image credit:

That Coveted Pink Statement Sofa

Try and think outside the box when it comes to choosing a sofa color! Pink is once again a fabulous alternative to the cream, grey and brown sofas we see in so many homes, and with a huge variety of shades and tones to choose from, you can pick out a color that will be forgiving on stains or make a real statement in your living room.

Susanna’s bright fuschia sofa shows how pink can work perfectly in a scandi interior setting. Image credit – @Shnordic
I always get asked a lot of questions about my Izzy sofa in orchid from
If you don’t fancy going all out with a pink sofa, a pink accent chair also works. Image credit:
This is the perfect example of how pink can really add personality to a room. Image credit:

Pink Furniture

I do love a bit of upcycling and I have seen several accounts on Instagram paint their furniture beautiful shades of pink. Chest of drawers, wardrobes, and dressers have all been getting the pink treatment and making me want to reach for the paintbrush (again).

If you don’t fancy doing it yourself, furniture shops have been getting on board with the trend with some perfectly pink pieces of furniture to choose from.

Jade’s beautifully scandi inspired home has pops of blush pink everywhere. I love this pink upcycled wardrobe. Image credit: @jade.doutch
Susanna’s stunning kitchen is made all the more delightful with her pink kitchen cabinets. Image credit: @shnordic
Pink dresser in Peppercorn Pink – Neptune
I love the colour of these dust pink and copper Elona drawers from
Pink Jimi set of nesting tables – La Redoute
I painted this old and unloved cabinet to pink and it’s given it a new lease of life!

Pink Tiles

Don’t fancy painting a wall pink? How about adding pink tiles to your kitchen or bathroom?

Keep the pink a neutral shade like dusky pink or blush so it provides a subtle background to your white bathroom suite or kitchen cabinets. You could even introduce pink tiles on the floor.

A twist on the traditional white metro tiles, this pink version has a fabulous sheen that makes it look glazed. Imag credit:
Amanda has used some pink and white tiles in her bathroom which compliment her pink basin beautifully. Image credit:
This inspired bathroom features painted stencilled tiles which Katie did herself, which she wrote about in her blog. Image credit: @candycoloredhome 

Pink Accessories

Lighting, tableware, bath mats, faux flowers, vases. How about introducing a little bit of pink into a room with some inspired accessories, I promise you your pink obsession will grow from there.

Pink Doors

And last, but not least, the omnipresent pink doors! Pink seems to be the colour of choice at the moment with many a front door going a colour of blush! And I can see why…

When we first moved into our house, our front door was painted a garish neon pink and I disliked it immensely. We hastily painted it a gloss emerald green but I now wish I could change it back.

I think the number of front doors going pink these days just goes to show how much pink is being accepted as a fabulous color to decorate with and pretty much goes with anything!

Emily’s pink front door really suits the character of her cottage. Image credit: @acorn_cottage_
Sarah loves to use pink in her beautiful home. Image credit: @hearts_at_claremont
The Queen of pink, Kate has painted her internal doors pink. Image credit: @kate_rose_morgan
A gorgeous pop of pink in this bathroom. Image credit: @the_koo_koo_nest_
One of my favorite hallways, Sofie always comes up with amazing designs. Image credit: @threeboysandapinkbath

Phew! I’m all pinked out. I think I may have to go and find a dark room to lie down in for a while as I feel quite calm and restful as if a big pink fluffy cloud has wrapped its arms around me and given me a big hug.

This is why I love pink! I think, perhaps, people still see it as a childish color and reserved for girls’ bedrooms only. But if you use it as a neutral with other stronger colors, it really can have a soothing effect on a room that makes it welcoming, cozy, and serene.

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  1. Wish I could send photos of my remodeled/redecorated French Normandy home…all re wallpapered in pinks, teals and whites, my favs. Hearth kitchen has blush stools/chairs, pink touches in every room! Pink jusyt makes me feel happy. Blush IS a neutral , and I use every shade in my home.

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