Sage Green Bathroom: The Perfect Colour for Your Next Remodel

a sage green bath on marble tile flooring. The walls have botanical tiles on it and are painted sage green on the top half. There is vintage furniture and plants
Imagining a sage green bathroom

Imagine stepping into a space that’s both soothing and refreshing, one that combines the calmness of a spa with the elegance of a designer showroom. This is no dream. It’s the reality of one of the hottest trends in home design – the sage green bathroom.

More homeowners than ever are embracing this beautiful, nature-inspired hue, transforming their bathrooms into tranquil retreats. So, let’s explore why sage green may just be the perfect color for your next bathroom remodel.

a dark mahogany sink unit with sage green walls in the bathroom

In this post, I’ll delve deeper into the reasons behind the rising popularity of sage green bathrooms. We’ll look at the psychological benefits of this calming color and discuss why it has become such a sought-after choice for bathroom renovations.

Additionally, we’ll look at tips and strategies on how to incorporate this serene hue into your own space, from selecting the right paint and tiles to choosing complementary fixtures and accessories.

By the end, you’ll be equipped with all the knowledge you need to create your own peaceful oasis with a sage green bathroom remodel.

Why a Sage Green Bathroom? 

a sage green bath with herringbone tiles on the floor. The walls are panelled and painted in sage green and there is a large sash window

The psychology of color is a fascinating topic that delves into how different hues can impact our moods and behaviors. The color green, often associated with nature, has several psychological effects.

Here’s why:

Green, particularly shades like sage that are softer and muted, is frequently linked with feelings of calm and relaxation. This connection largely stems from our association of green with nature, as it reminds us of tranquil settings like forests, meadows, and gardens, which have a soothing effect on the mind.

Additionally, green symbolizes growth and renewal, which aligns with the idea of rejuvenation—a concept we often seek in spaces like the bathroom.

Psychological studies have shown that exposure to the color green can help reduce stress, create feelings of calmness, and even improve concentration and focus. It’s no surprise, then, that green hues are often used in design and decor to create serene and balanced spaces.

a sage green bath with white floral and green wallpaper and green panelling in the bathroom
Beautiful sage green aesthetics

For a bathroom, where relaxation and peace are key, a sage green aesthetic can contribute to creating an environment that encourages unwinding and de-stressing.

Whether you’re beginning your day with a refreshing shower or ending it with a soothing bath, the calmness of sage green can enhance these daily rituals, making your bathroom not just a functional space, but a restorative one.

Incorporating efficient plumbing and heating solutions in your sage green bathroom design also ensures comfort and sustainability but also enhances the serene ambiance of the space.

a sage green inspired bathroom mood board

A sage green bathroom is an on-trend and sophisticated choice for many reasons: 

  • Sage green is inspired by the natural world
  • Unlike bolder greens, sage is a muted and versatile color that can fit into various design styles
  • There’s an inherent sophistication to a sage green aesthetic. It’s a color that shows a thoughtful approach to design since it’s not the typical choice for a bathroom.
  • While sage green is currently on-trend, it’s also a timeless color that won’t feel dated in a few years.
  • Despite being a color, sage green acts much like a neutral in many designs.
  • Sage green is a color that appeals to all, making it a great choice for shared bathrooms.

Sage Green Bathroom Ideas

a sage green bathroom ideas mood board with paint colours, bath accessories and artwork
Sage green bathroom paint, tiles, and accessories

When it comes to introducing sage green into your bathroom design, you have several options. If you’re going for a whole remodel, then you can pick and choose how to add sage green to your bathroom.

If you’re just looking at a refresh, choose one or two designs to implement the color without breaking the bank. If you don’t want to update your bathroom or get the paintbrush out, you can easily add sage green with accessories like towels or bath mats. 

Finally, you could look at using sage green in bathroom furniture such as painting a vanity sink or towel ladder in the shade. 

Sage Green Bathroom Decor

Paint: Perhaps the simplest way to incorporate sage green into your bathroom is through paint. It’s relatively easy to apply and can change the entire feel of the room.

A matte finish can give a modern, chic look, while a satin finish is more durable and ideal for high-moisture areas like bathrooms.

Tiles: Tiles offer another great way to create a sage green bathroom. They’re practical for areas exposed to a lot of water, such as the shower area or the area behind the sink.

You could use sage green tiles as a backsplash, on the floor, or even on all the walls for a more dramatic effect. Sage green subway tiles can give a classic look, while geometric tiles in sage green can create a more modern aesthetic.

a white stand alone bath with exposed brickwork and metro tiles
Stonehouse Studio Pinnacle Olive Geometric Patterned Tiles – Victorian Plumbing

Wallpaper: Wallpaper has made a big comeback in recent years, and it can make a real statement in a bathroom. You could choose a sage green wallpaper in a botanical print to underscore the nature-inspired vibe or go for a more abstract or geometric pattern for a contemporary twist.

Remember, wallpaper may be best in half bathrooms or in areas not directly exposed to water unless it’s specifically designed for damp environments.

green botanical wallpaper, sage green panelling and a white stand alone bath in the bathroom
Green botanical wallpaper and sage green paneling is the star of the show in this bathroom

Wall Panels: Wall panels can be a durable and stylish option for your bathroom. They come in various materials like acrylic and PVC, and you can certainly find them in sage green for your bathroom remodel. Panels offer easy maintenance and can create a seamless look.

Accent Wall: If you’re worried that sage green might be overpowering, consider creating an accent wall. This allows you to incorporate the color without it dominating the space. An accent wall behind a vanity or a bathtub can create a beautiful focal point.

The Bath!

a sage green bath with green panelled walls and a vintage piece of artwork
A very majestic sage green bathroom!

A sage green bath can certainly be a stylish addition to your bathroom. There are several ways to introduce this element, based on the amount of change you’re willing to make and your budget.

Here are a few options:

  1. Sage Green Bathtub: If you’re ready for a significant change and investment, consider installing a sage green bathtub. There are freestanding options available in this color, which could become the standout feature in your bathroom. It’s a bold move that shows off your design confidence.
  2. Bathtub Panels: If you have a built-in bathtub with panels, you could consider painting the panels in a sage green shade. This will provide a subtle hint of color without overwhelming the space.
  3. Paint Your Bathtub: If you have a stand-alone bath that is white, think about painting it. I painted our bath pink, it was really easy to do and had a huge impact on our bathroom. Check out my How to Paint a Bath post. 

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Bathroom Accessories

a sage green sink with white tiles and bath. There is sage green vintage artwork and a vase with dried flowers

If you don’t want to change the decor or hardware, or carry out a bathroom remodel, you can easily update it with sage green bathroom accessories. 

Towels: Luxurious sage green towels can add a soft pop of color to your bathroom. You can opt for various shades of green or stick to one particular hue for a more uniform look. Display them on a towel rack, or if space allows, in a chic wicker basket.

If you’ve gone for sage green bathroom paint, perhaps bring in a contrasting towel color in soft pink or dark charcoal. 

sage green towels
Egyptian Cotton Bath Sheet, Dusty Green – John Lewis

Curtains: If your bathroom has windows, curtains provide a wonderful opportunity to add sage green. Choose a material and pattern that complements the rest of your decor. For a cohesive look, you could match the curtains to your towels or bathmat.

Bath Rugs/Mats: A sage green bath mat or rug can add a touch of softness and warmth to the bathroom floor while also contributing to your color scheme. Look for one that’s absorbent and easy to clean.

Shower Curtain: If you have a shower that uses a curtain, a sage green curtain could be a fantastic addition. Go for a solid color for a simple, classy look, or choose a pattern to add visual interest.

a sage green bath and shower curtain with white painted brickwork and oak flooring in a bathroom

Soap Dispenser/Toothbrush Holder/Bath Rack: Even small details can make a big difference. Choose a sage green soap dispenser or toothbrush holder for a subtle hint of color.

Artwork: Hanging art on the walls can give your bathroom a personal touch. Opt for pieces that incorporate sage green, whether it’s a botanical print, an abstract piece, or a serene landscape.

Storage Baskets: Sage green storage baskets can add a touch of color while also helping keep your bathroom tidy. They’re perfect for storing toilet paper, towels, or other necessities.

Vases or Pots: A vase with fresh or faux flowers or an indoor plant in a sage green pot can brighten up your bathroom.

Cabinets and Furniture

sage green walls and a sage green sink cabinet in the bathroom
If you are painting the walls and have a vanity unit, consider painting it the same color to give a cohesive look

Sage green is a highly versatile color that pairs beautifully with a range of tones, particularly with various wood colors and white.

Here’s how these combinations work:

Sage Green and Wood Tones

The organic, earthy feel of sage green makes it a natural companion to wood tones. Whether you prefer the deep, rich hues of walnut or mahogany, the warmth of oak or cherry, or the light, airy feel of birch or pine, sage green can complement them all.

a sage green bathroom with dark wood sink cabinet and marble top. There is a white sink, mirror and gold wall sconces
Dark wood works beautifully with sage green
  • Dark wood: The contrast between sage green and dark wood creates a dramatic and luxurious effect, and it can make the green seem lighter and more vibrant.
  • Medium wood: Medium wood tones, like oak or cherry, can bring out the warmth in sage green, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
  • Light Wood: Light wood, like birch or pine, paired with sage green can make a room feel breezy and spacious, perfect for a coastal or Scandinavian aesthetic.

Sage Green and White

a white sink on a sage green wall with exposed brickwork and vintage artwork

The combination of sage green and white is a classic one that can create a fresh, clean look in your bathroom remodel. This pairing is particularly effective in a bathroom where white fixtures are the norm.

  • White Cabinets/Furniture: White cabinets or furniture against sage green walls can create a crisp, clean contrast that feels timeless and refreshing. The white will brighten up the room, and the green will add a soothing touch of color.
  • White Fixtures: Most bathrooms already have white fixtures, like sinks, tubs, and toilets. These will automatically pair well with sage green, helping to keep the bathroom bright while adding visual interest.
  • White Accessories: If you’ve chosen sage green cabinets or furniture, white accessories can provide the perfect contrast. Think white mirrors, lamps, shelves, or towel racks.

The key is to balance your tones and textures in a way that suits your personal style and the mood you want to create. Both wood and white offer versatile and stylish options for complementing your sage green bathroom.

Fixtures and Fittings

Brushed brass fittings next to sage green tiles in the bathroom
Brushed brass works beautifully in a sage green bathroom

The choice of fixtures can significantly enhance the overall look of a sage green bathroom. While sage green is versatile enough to work with a variety of metals, two options stand out as particularly complementary: brushed nickel and brass.

  1. Brushed Nickel Fixtures: Brushed nickel has a soft, matte finish that complements the understated elegance of sage green perfectly. Its subtle sheen reflects light without being too shiny, creating a modern, clean look. This could include brushed nickel faucets, shower heads, towel racks, and light fixtures. The cool undertone of nickel also balances the warm undertone of sage green, making for a well-rounded palette.
  2. Brass Fixtures: For a more luxurious and vintage-inspired look, consider brass fixtures. The warm, golden tones of brass provide a beautiful contrast to the cool, calming sage green, resulting in a rich, sophisticated aesthetic. This can be incorporated through brass faucets, drawer pulls, and even light fixtures.

Consistency is key when choosing your fixtures. Make sure all your fixtures are in the same finish for a cohesive look.

The choice between brushed nickel and brass ultimately depends on the overall design style you’re aiming for: brushed nickel for a more modern, sleek look, or brass for a classic, warm, and luxurious feel.

Complimentary Colors for Your Bathroom Remodel

a sage green bathroom with towel cupboard, grey flooring and gold accessories

Color palettes are flexible and personal. There are many ways you can incorporate sage green into your bathroom, but if you want to keep with a nature-inspired look, here are some ideas on colors – 

  1. Sage Green: This is the main color of your palette. A sage green aesthetic is a soothing, nature-inspired color that serves as the foundation for your design.
  2. Creamy White: A soft, creamy white can contrast nicely with a sage green bathroom, providing a fresh and clean look. This color can be used for your ceiling, trims, or bathroom fixtures.
  3. Soft Grey: A light, soft grey can act as a secondary neutral in your palette. It could be used for flooring or textiles.
  4. Wood Tones: Incorporate natural wood tones to bring warmth and texture into your space. This could be achieved through wooden furniture or accessories.
  5. Brass or Brushed Nickel: Depending on your preference, either brass or brushed nickel can act as your metallic accent in fixtures and accessories.
  6. Deep Emerald: As an accent color, a deep emerald can add depth and drama to your design. It can be used sparingly in accessories or textiles.

Making a Small Bathroom Feel Larger

a white bathroom with natural elements and sage green accessories

Sage green can have a significant impact on how we perceive the size and brightness of a room, particularly a bathroom.

Sage green, being a light and soft hue, can help to make a small bathroom appear larger. Light colors tend to reflect more light, which makes the space seem more open and airy, thus creating the illusion of more space.

As sage green is excellent at reflecting light, it means that whether you’re relying on natural light during the day or artificial light in the evening, a sage green bathroom will generally look brighter than a bathroom painted in darker colors. This quality of increasing brightness can make your bathroom feel more welcoming and relaxing.

The subtle, soothing hue of sage green can serve as an ideal backdrop to highlight other design elements in your bathroom. It can make white fixtures stand out, enhance the grain of natural wood, and draw attention to colorful towels or decorative elements.

Finally, a sage green bathroom has a natural, earthy quality that complements natural materials like wood or stone. This can enhance the overall aesthetic of your bathroom, making it feel connected to nature and thus more serene and spacious.

By painting your bathroom sage green, you can potentially make it appear larger, brighter, and more inviting. This makes it a wonderful choice for both small bathrooms and wet rooms in need of a visual expansion and larger bathrooms where the goal is to enhance the sense of tranquillity and space.

sage green bathroom with creamy white tiles, a sage green vanity unit, large round mirror and plants
Pair creamy whites with a sage bathroom

As you plan your next bathroom remodel, step away from the usual whites and greys and embrace this serene, nature-inspired hue. It’ll create a space that’s not just beautiful, but also a tranquil oasis you’ll love to spend time in.

Here’s to creating spaces that reflect not just our style, but also our desire for relaxation and rejuvenation!

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