The Definitive Guide to Instagram Reels – A Social Media Must Have?

I think from a very young age I’ve been drawn to watching short videos. My Dad was an avid Cine filmmaker, taking his Chinon 410…

Pinterest for Beginners – How to Get More Traffic to Your Social Media

If you are a blogger or small business owner, the best way to get traffic to your blog or website is undoubtedly Pinterest. In this blog post, I teach Pinterest for beginners, how to get started and what’s important.

How to Become a Brand on Social Media and Why it’s …

Instagram is the biggie isn’t it? Becoming an influencer (yes, we ALL hate this term) is slowly becoming a full-time employment choice, but it gets a lot of bad press. Why do people want to be influencers? Is it fame? Money, attention or to inflate your ego? It’s time to think about yourself as a brand…..

Why You Should Change Your Pinterest From Personal to Business

Continuing on the theme of all things Pinterest (if you only ever use it for pictures of cats and tutorials on how to make slime, this isn’t for you! 😊), I will write a blog on each of the top tips I included in my blog post “How I Grew My Pinterest Views to Nearly 4 million in under 4 months”.

Becoming A Better Blogger

I am rubbish at new year resolutions and frankly, stereotypical with it all. Every year I promise to get thinner/richer/fitter/become a teetotaller and every year I fail miserably. By January 10th I’m reaching for the wine…