TASSIMO My Way – A Quick Review of the Tassimo Maker for Delicious coffee

I was recently sent a TASSIMO My Way brewer and it is probably one of the hardest-working gadgets in our kitchen.

I’m a Mum and that means I drink a LOT of coffee. Gone are the days when the only coffee I would see would be in the form of the delicious coffee and walnut cake my Mum would make.

I have now swapped nights out in cocktail bars for days of running around after busy small people and frequenting local coffee shops!

Sleek and simple in design

TASSIMO My Way Brewer

Ever since becoming a mum, my coffee habit was starting to hurt my bank balance and I was finding that increasingly, I would only take my kids to places where I knew the coffee was good.

It was time to find a way to produce amazing “cafe” standard coffee in my own home. So, when TASSIMO contacted me asking if I would like to try out their new TASSIMO My Way brewer I jumped at the chance.

tassimo coffee range
A selection of fabulous branded coffees

Plenty of hot drinks to choose from 

When we received the TASSIMO, they also kindly sent us a selection of drinks with it, including Costa Americano, Milka Hot Chocolate, Kenco American Smooth, L’OR Latte Macchiato Caramel (my personal favorite!) and Costa Cappuccino.

TASSIMO has partnered with some amazing coffee and hot chocolate brands to ensure you get the perfect cup every time.

A perfect addition to our kitchen

Sleek in design 

The TASSIMO My Way itself is very sleek and stylish looking. We received the black version and it looks fabulous in our newly renovated kitchen (it also comes in white and red).

It has a digital interface where you can choose how strong/hot/big you want your coffee and has programmable presets so you don’t have to enter this information every time.

It also has a removable shelf so it can cater for large mugs or small espresso cups.

Fill the water tank that sits behind the Brewer
Choose your coffee and open up the T-disc lid
Place T-disc into the Brewer
Choose how you want your coffee – what strength, size and temperature
And let the My Way Brewer take care of the rest!
You can also adjust the shelf depending on the cup size
Mine’s a Latte – perfect

How to set up the TASSIMO

The setup is easy, just fill the water tank (which can hold 1.3 liters of water), plug it in, and put it through a cleaning cycle a few times. Simples! You’re ready to go.

You then select a drink place the T disc on the top of the brewer and choose your settings. Each disc has a bar code and the TASSIMO reads this with its Intellilbrew system, so it knows how to deliver your perfect coffee. If only Mr B was so easily programmable!

Looks good everywhere!
Anyone want to pop round for coffee?

Perfect coffee every time 

I used to be embarrassed when inviting other “Mummy” friends over for a play date as my Supermarket brand coffee just didn’t live up to expectations!

In fact, I’d suggest going to soft play centers where the coffee would often turn up in polystyrene cups. It would be so hot, it would burn your mouth so you couldn’t actually taste how bad it was.

This weekend, I invited a few friends over and I happily asked them all what type of coffee they wanted, I was finally the hostess I’ve always wanted to be. The TASSIMO easily produced several perfect cups – the no-fuss Costa Americano, the Milka Hot Chocolate for the chocoholic, and the L’OR latte Macchiato Caramel for the Mum who had been up since 4.30am with her kids!

When I sat down and joined them, they all admitted they were just here for the coffee. Jokes! (at least I hope they were joking….)

Thank you TASSIMO My Way, you certainly are one of the best new additions to our kitchen. Now, do you make kid’s meal brewers?

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