The Natural Trend – 50 Rattan, Wicker and Cane Homewares

Rattan, wicker, cane, and bamboo are showing no signs of going away and are becoming increasingly popular in 2021. We are bombarded with images of Cane furniture on social media at the moment and the trend has become so hugely popular, it has become increasingly difficult to find homewares online.

Biophilic Materials Including Rattan and Wicker

People have resorted to creating their own upcycled cane furniture which I absolutely love. It is eco-friendly and sustainable and will probably stay on trend for many more years yet. I’ve written a few blog posts in the past about Biophilic design, including this one here.

Natural materials like Rattan and wicker are extremely versatile and hardy and can often last longer than wood furniture. I’m sure we all have elderly relatives who still have a piece of rattan furniture in their homes that we remember from our childhood!


Bamboo is also being hailed as a wonder plant. It needs very little water to grow so is good for the environment and as its natural fiber is extremely strong, it can often be better than using hardwood. It is also lightweight and easy to transport, great for when you’re having a little faff at home and moving around your furniture!

I’m always looking for new ideas when it comes to rattan and other natural materials to use in the home so I thought I’d share a few finds.

I love writing these sorts of blog posts. I’ve always been a little obsessed with interior trends especially ones that don’t cost the earth. The problem is, homewares are quickly going out of stock at the moment so you really have to be decisive when it comes to buying new things for your home.

I’ve included some of my favorite homeware stores like H&M, La Redoute and Maisons du Monde. A special shout-out goes to John Lewis’ new AnyDay range which has a huge selection of reasonably priced homewares, all focusing on quality, style, and value!

9 Under £20

It’s really easy to add a little bit of biophilic design to your own with these stylish and cheap products! 

  1. Sainsbury’s Home Sahara Battery Faux Rattan Large Lantern – perfect for outdoors to provide a little glimmer of light when all the festoon lights are out of stock!
  2. Maisons du Monde Round Rattan Mirror – if you haven’t got one of these in your home, do you even call yourself an interiors obsessive? 
  3. Maisons du Monde Pitcher with Rattan handle – too good to use as a pitcher, better to fill it with fresh flowers.
  4. HM Pink Jute doormat – a jute doormat, but in pink! Best get your front door painted to match 
  5. Dunelm French Cane shelf – at this price, I’ve bought one for every room!
  6. Very 5 Piece pastel Bamboo set – handy for all that salad people aren’t going to eat at your BBQ
  7. Oliver Bonas Black bamboo planter – for a teeny tiny plant
  8. Dunelm Bamboo Fruit Bowl – we have this and I find that it is very good at disguising the moldy banana nobody wanted at the bottom. 
  9. M&S Bamboo Chopping Board – even the chopping boards are getting on board (pun intended) with the parquet trend. 

9 Under £30

Pretty much the same as before, but a little bit more expensive! 

  1. Zara Home Rattan tray – impress your friends with this rattan tray, just be careful when balancing your drinks!
  2. Asda Rattan Table lamp – under £30 is definitely the Asda price!
  3. Zara Home Rattan Lamp – looks just as good during the day as it does at night
  4. Anthropologie Placemats – Mix and match colors or keep it plain
  5. La Redoute Akapa Basket with Lid – don’t do what I do and buy it thinking it’ll be big enough to keep your washing in and find out it barely holds your earrings. Always check the sizes kids!
  6. John Lewis Wicker Wrapped Jug – another jug that is far too good to be used for water! At this rate, your guests will be collecting their water themselves from the tap!
  7. HM Jute Cushion – perfect for outdoor use. Might be a bit scratchy
  8. HM Coat Hooks – I very nearly purchased one of these when I was last in London. I didn’t. It’s an excuse to go back to London
  9. Dunelm Cane Caddy – Caddies done right. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d hear myself say 🙂

9 Under £40 

It’s getting a little more expensive now and this price range seems to be all about the rattan! These homewares show just how durable and flexible rattan is and can be used to create pretty much any piece of homeware accessory. 

  1. Anthropologie Hanging Woven shelf – I had to include something from Anthro, it’s the law
  2. Dunelm Wicker Tiered pendant – slightly tapping into the IKEA pendant there. 
  3. Habitat Boho Double Plant Stand – I don’t normally chase someone around a supermarket, but I was recently in Sainsbury’s and saw someone carrying this and had to know where they’d found it! Turns out it is reasonably priced too. 
  4. HM Large storage basket – a large basket to store things. 
  5. HM Hook detail mirror – not quite sure what you would hang from it? Hair ties? Necklaces? 
  6. La Redoute Tear Drop Mirror – another mirror, without the hooks
  7. HM Rattan Basket – I have coveted after this item for a long time now!
  8. Next Rattan Tray – a round rattan tray
  9. Asda Wicker table lamp – all the heart eyes for this item!

9 Under £100

Now we get into the really exciting biophilic homeware designs, furniture! I want it all. 

  1. John Lewis Anyday folding cane chair – and of all the things I need, I need this the most. 
  2. HM Wooden and table lamp – this looks a little more hardy, I love the design
  3. La Redoute Makita Wicker light shade – we have one similar to this and although it looks big, it makes a fab statement. 
  4. Maisons du Monde Amina pendant light – definitely a touch of Ibiza about this one. 
  5. Maisons du Monde Garden Chair – pretty
  6. Maisons du Monde Bedside Table – I love the combination of green and woven wicker on this must have bedside table. 
  7. Made Moreno side table – perfect place to rest your G&T
  8. Dunelm Franco side table – if you can’t be bothered to upcycle a table and record it for an Instagram Reel, just buy one from Dunelm 🙂
  9. Maisons du Monde Pendant light with Pompoms – my favourite colours all displayed in Pompoms. 

9 Splurges!

Here are the items that I would gladly fill my whole house with if I won the lottery. 

  1. Cox & Cox Cane chairs – a touch of Parisian chic to this pair!
  2. Dunelm Modular Garden Set – garden furniture is selling like hot cakes at the moment so get your rattan whilst you can
  3. HM Rattan Door Cabinet – the perfect bit of furniture to scratch that cane door itch
  4. La Redoute Theopane Braided lounge chair – I have dreams of sitting in this chair lounging, obviously, with a knitted throw, glass of red and a good book. I have young kids, that will never happen
  5. La Redoute Buisseau Cane bedside table – you can probably see why La Redoute are always my go to for biophilic design!
  6. La Redoute Solid pine and rattan wardrobe – the perfect place to hide away all your loungewear
  7. HM Large jute rug – jute and a geometric pattern, what’s not to like? 
  8. Maisons du Monde Buffalo hide, cane and black metal chairs – a little bit of luxury for your dining table. 
  9. Oliver Bonas Kinship Rattan Table – I feel like someone is going to come along and start playing black jack on your posh new rattan table. 

And, to Finish, a Few Non Interior Related Items!

I know, it’s very unlike me to stray away from interiors. But, believe it or not, I actually have other interests and hobbies! While looking for all things natural like rattan, bamboo, and wicker, I came across a few other items that I thought I would include. 

I love this shell shaped wicker bag from TopShop (now ASOS. I can’t keep up!). This is perfect for all occasions, a night on the town, a shopping trip or even to the beach. 

Who doesn’t love an espadrille? These HM Espadrille sandals are a gorgeously simple design and perfect for showing off your tanned legs. If you’re lucky enough for your legs to tan that is… Every year it’s like the top half of my body has been to Mallorca and the bottom half Manchester. 

Now, this company is a new find for me and I will be buying ALL my loungewear and gym kit from them from now on. These are the Origin Bamboo Joggers from Bamboo Clothing. All their products are made from Bamboo so extremely sustainable, good for the planet, and very hard-wearing! 

Ok, strictly not made from rattan or any other “natural” materials, but I love these Bamboo shaped earrings by Oliver Bonas. A playful take on the classic hooped earring. 

And finally, this lovely wicker bag, also from Oliver Bonas!

I hope you liked some of these items, I’d happily have any of them in my home and I will definitely be introducing a lot more natural elements to our new home. When we finally get the go-ahead for the renovation!

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