Top 10 Garden Trends for 2022

Whilst I’m sat here writing this, the weather has made a miraculous recovery and it is gloriously sunny outside, so what better time to write about the top 10 garden trends for 2022.

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With our gardens becoming our sanctuaries over the last couple of years, we have become bolder and more experimental with how we use our outdoor spaces. They really have become an extension of our homes and the boom in sales for garden furniture, accessories and luxury items like outdoor offices and hot tubs has demonstrated this.

Home from home – Garden Trends 2022

Well-being and sustainability have also become more important in our everyday lives and where better than our garden to reflect this.

As the days are getting longer and the temperatures finally begin to rise, we can start to think about sitting in our garden again and watching nature come alive.

Garden Trends 2022

So, what are the garden trends for 2022? A lot of garden trends will revolve around our need for well-being and to protect the environment around us. This will include lots of planet and wildlife-friendly gardening, wild meadows and lawns and using what we already have.  

1. The Wild Life

Encouraging nature and animals back into our gardens is one of the most important things we can do when it comes to garden trends for 2022. If you are anything like me, you’ll be looking to rewild your garden to help nature find a home.

We all know the importance of planting flowers for bees and giving wonderful creatures like hedgehogs and butterflies shelter. Moving away from over-manicured lawns and leaving areas of our gardens for animals to forage and feed can all help.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

I love garden trends and making our garden an extension of our home, but if you’re a bit like me and sometimes find gardening a little overwhelming, I love this from Wilko! Their Garden on a Roll Collection is a border pack that helps you plant and grow a garden quickly and easily. There are many packs to choose from including – Mediterranean, Mixed Sunny and Wildlife

Wilko’s Garden On a Roll – Wildlife collection

We can all do our bit by buying peat-free compost, hanging bird boxes, choosing berry bushes and fruit trees to line our borders and buying plants of genuine native stock to re-wild our lawns.

How cute is this little bugs and insects hotel for your garden?
Bird Boxes from National Trust Shop

2. Wabi-Sabi style

Following on from the wild life, Wabi Sabi aesthetic has evolved from Buddhist philosophy in Japan which appreciates the forms and changes of natural landscapes. Finding the beauty in imperfection, wabi sabi can combine natural and manmade elements which change and weather over time.

Trees like Silver Birch with their peeling bark, stones shaped by the pressure of water near a fountain or leaving fallen leaves from a tree to create a natural habitat for important insects are all aspects of Wabi Sabi and go back to not overly designing your garden.  

Copper planters are beautifully imperfect and change over time. Image Credit:

3. Totally Tropical

I have always loved palm trees and ferns in the garden, they give you that tropical feeling without having to set foot on a plane.

Bali-inspired gardens have also seen an increase in the last couple years with water features, frilled parasols and layers of foliage and leafy plants taking centre stage.

A popular garden trend Bella Parasol – The Balinese Trading Company

The beauty of a Bali-inspired garden is that they rely heavily on leafy plants like bamboo, banana palms and agave plants which stay green and fresh all year round (although you will have to take some measures to protect them over the colder winter months).

Photo by Sonnie Hiles on Unsplash

4. Pergola Accessories

We were all about the wooden garden structure in 2020/21 with Pergolas going up in gardens left, right and centre. They were painted different colours, in all shapes and sizes and really helped zone our gardens. I can’t see this garden trend going any time soon!

Pergola – Cuckooland

We are now looking at more ways to integrate our Pergolas into our outdoor living space. Hanging lanterns, lights and plants from the pergola can enhance this space even more and help integrate that tropical feel with rewilding our gardens. One of the best plants to hang from a pergola is a fern, they are an extremely hard wearing plant and get better as they grow.

5. Water features

I don’t think there’s anything better for our wellbeing than hearing, being near or seeing water. Baths soothe us, swimming refreshes us and the sound of trickling water can automatically.

Having a small water feature, like a pond or water fountain, in the corner of your garden can do wonders for your wellbeing and can also help attract nature like birds or hedgehogs.

Make your pond a real feature of your garden! Corten Steel Pond –

6. Garden Furniture

Garden furniture in itself isn’t a garden trend, it’s a necessity! We saw a huge explosion of people buying up THE egg chair from Aldi back in 2019 and they still have a huge amount of popularity.

Aldi isn’t currently selling the Egg chair but it does have this lovely Rope Effect rocking chair.

Other brands have jumped at the chance to sell their version of the egg chair, with cosy and cocooning style furniture still a big garden trend for 2022.

Helsinki Outdoor Chair – Next

7. The Egg BBQ

Talking of eggs, the Big Green Egg BBQ is another hugely coveted item for the garden with them making an appearance in outdoor kitchens up and down the country and is the latest sought after garden trend. Not just a BBQ, the Big Green Egg can roast, grill, be set up as a pizza oven, pan cook and of course, BBQ!

The Big Green Egg

8. Pizza oven

If you love the idea of an Egg BBQ but like us, will probably only use it to throw a burger or two on so don’t want the expense, how about getting a pizza oven!

Ooni Karu Wood and Charcoal Fired Pizza Oven – Cuckooland

Friday night pizza making in the garden could become a really lovely tradition, who doesn’t love a wood fired pizza? As a family, I could see us using this often and there is no wonder why they are becoming a big garden trend. We are a pizza loving nation.

Image credit: Dobbies Garden Centre

9. Growing our own fruit and vegetables

With the current climate, it’s not surprising to see this garden trend going from strength to strength. You don’t even have to be a seasoned gardener, even growing a few small herbs in planters can help towards becoming more sustainable and self-sufficent (and perfect for sprinkling on top of your pizza!)

You could combine planting your own herbs with a water feature! Two garden trends in one. Perfect! Herb Planter Cascading Water Feature by Solaray –

Mini-growhouses have also seen an increase in demand with both outdoor and indoor growhouses giving you the chance to grow your own produce without the cost and space. These mini greenhouses are perfect for propagating plants, growing fruits and veg and germinating seeds whatever the weather.

Timber GroZone Greenhouse – Dunelm

10. Lighting

Another garden trend that just grows from strength to strength every year is lighting. When I visited the Maison et Objet Show in Paris (I wrote about my trip here), I saw some tapered LED candles and I have never been more excited about a product!

Isn’t this the most glorious set up?

They are perfect for setting up a cosy dining space in the garden in the evenings and are guaranteed to impress your guests when they come round to eat home made pizza from your pizza oven, sprinkled with freshly grown herbs from your water herb planter

TruGlow waterproof candle –
Large TruGlow waterproof candle –

I could probably add a lot more garden trends for 2022, but I have run out of time as I need to mow my lawn and get my planters ready for our garden! Which garden trend do you think you’ll try this year?

Mel x

my top 20 garden trends for 2022
Garden Trends – 2022

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