The Top Interior Trends for 2023: 12 Design Trends For Our Homes

While most of us know what our interior style is and decorate our homes accordingly, I still love to see what all the big designers, publications and the design world thinks will be the Interior design trends for 2023.

the top interior trends for 2023 Pinterest pin
The top interior trends for 2023

Over the last few years, we have spent a lot of time in our homes and have come to realise what works for us in home interior design.

Creating a welcoming and functional space has become extremely important as our homes have doubled up as workspaces, entertaining areas and a place to unwind from the daily stresses of life.

dark green MALM chest of drawers upcycled with cane webbing
I turned our IKEA malm chest of drawers into a multi-function space with a desk and bookshelf

2023 will see us all tentatively hang up our loungewear (or not if you’re like me! I’m not sure I’ll ever wear a pair of jeans again), and hopefully, look forward to a more positive year. Big emphasis on the “hopefully” there.

2022 was all about creating a cosy and calming home with trends like cottagecore, Japandi and soft colour palettes mixed with natural textures. These designs are all centred around sustainability, which is now an integral part of interior design.

Interior trends for 2023 will look at bringing more fun into our homes with a hint of luxury and sophistication. Can fun and luxury go together? They sure can!

benjamin moore paint conch shell with marble fireplace and large mirror in the living room
Home decor colour trends Benjamin Moore – Conch Shell

Interior Trends for 2023

If you are looking to refresh your home, move house or extend in the new year, you may be wondering what design styles to look out for.

What are the trends for 2023? Here is a roundup of 12 interior trends for 2023 we can all integrate into our home interior design.

  1. Plump and oversized furniture
  2. Wallpapered bathrooms
  3. Garden design
  4. The return of separate dining rooms
  5. Hideaway offices
  6. Ocean colours and sea-inspired interiors
  7. Spa style
  8. Curves and arches
  9. Original ceramics
  10. Oversized light fittings and wall lights
  11. Reds, terracotta and paprika
  12. Move away from perfect

1. Plump and oversized furniture

I like this trend! Being cosy in my home is probably one of the most important things to us as a family, so having furniture and in particular, sofas, that are oversized and cocooning are a must.

These are perfect for families and help create a relaxed ambience in any room.

emerald green sofa from
Layabout sofa squidger in Pond Skimmer – Loaf

Bean bags are now turning into sofas and brands such as Snug Sofa and Loaf have added “squidgy” sofas to their range.

These styles of sofas are ideal if you have little ones in your family!

The Cloud Sundae 3 Seater Sofa in Pine Green by Snug Sofa with wooden blinds, rattan light shade, knitted pouffe and wooden coffee table
The Cloud Sundae 3-Seater Sofa in Pine Green – Snug Sofa

Modular sofas are designed with curves in mind for unadulterated comfort, giving you the option to have oversized and enveloping furniture no matter how small your room is.

Cohen Modular Sofa in Olive by with white curtains, ficus tree and coffee table.
Cohen Modular Sofa in Olive –


2. Wallpapered Bathrooms

This is a controversial subject with many a conversation had online about whether we can/should wallpaper bathrooms.

This is not a new trend and is probably one of the most popular ways to decorate a small downstairs WC or powder room.

blue and white patterned wallpaper with dark blue stand alone bath, black and white checked flooring, cream panelling and old sashed windows.
Mel has never been shy of wallpapering her bathroom. I love her latest design. Image credit: @melanielissackinteriors

The smallest rooms in the house are always the easiest rooms to get creative and wallpaper is the best way to show pattern, colour and texture.

Choose a really bold and bright pattern in a small bathroom and paint your cabinetry or bath in similar shades on the wallpaper.

botanical and flamingo wallpaper in pink and green on the walls and ceiling of a small bathroom. Dark green panelling and a bright coral pink vanity unit with gold taps
Graham and Brown Midnight Tropic Wallpaper with Glasshouse paint on the panelling and Bikini paint on the sink cabinet

3. Garden design is going from strength to strength

I am not a gardener; I cannot keep outdoor plants alive and rarely mow my lawn.

However, my garden blog posts are often my most-read articles because people love ideas for their gardens.

A garden with a Mediterranean feel. Henley Glass & Teak Oval Dining Table with 6 Richmond Dining Armchairs – Bridgman

How we use our gardens has been a huge subject over the last couple of years with many of us zoning our outdoor space with areas for eating, entertaining and relaxing at the weekend.

Our gardens have now become an integral part of our home interior design. 

The top garden design trends for 2023 include –

  • Cottage-style gardens – letting our garden go wild with plenty of colourful and fragrant flowers and rustic elements like growing plants in old wheelbarrows
  • Mediterranean style gardens – with our climate changing and our gardens becoming a bit more water scarce in the summer months, Med gardens are the perfect design. Olive trees, herbs and gravelled courtyards look fabulous without having to worry about watering.
  • Going vertical – as house prices rise and a move to an idyllic countryside home with a huge garden becomes increasingly out of reach, we are making use of all the space we have in our small gardens. Pergolas, gazebos and trellises can help zone our spaces and hanging baskets and planter boxes on walls help cover up unsightly walls and fences.
Use hanging baskets or wire planters to hold your garden plants. Image credit:
  • Rewilding – we are swapping our manicured lawns for meadows. Mowing less (music to my ears), planting meadow-friendly flowers and leaving areas of lawn untouched for the nature around us
  • Using more tropical plants – I love having ferns, palms and exotic-looking plants in my garden, that’s if they are able to survive! Tree ferns have become extremely popular and palms are easy to look after. Just add a pina colada and a sunbed
New fronds! Photo by Jaakko Kemppainen on Unsplash

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4. The return of separate dining rooms

If you’ve got enough space that is! I like the idea of a separate dining room, but I think it really depends on your home situation.

We moved a few times whilst our children were young and if we were ever lucky enough to have a separate dining room, we turned it into a playroom.

dark pink wall with gallery wall, mid century shelving with plants, green velvet sofa and La Redoute rug in a living room
This space in our previous home could have been used as a separate dining room, but we decided to turn it into a dedicated play/media room and office space.

However, my kids are now a little more grown up, so I like the idea of a separate dining room.

I love having an open-plan kitchen and diner, but there is something appealing about having a dedicated, intimate place to have family meals and dinner parties.

Exposed steel beams in the dining room with mid century sideboard, woodland wallpaper, boucle armchair and industrial style shelving
A corner of our current dining room. This is on the other side of the kitchen so is quite a noisy and busy place! You wouldn’t think that looking at this photo 🙂

With our open-plan kitchen, the dining room has always had to integrate with the décor of the kitchen.

A separate dining room would be a fantastic place to get creative with texture, and pattern and create cosy corners with the latest home decor colour trends. 

dark sage green walls, dining table and cream chairs with rug in a dedicated dining room
Piper Dining Chair –

5. Hideaway home offices

We may have all returned to work after Covid and lockdown, but “hybrid working” (where employees split their time between the office and home) is still much higher than before the pandemic.

multiple shelves, a white IKEA desk, bamboo chair and plenty of plants in a home office
This was my work setup throughout the pandemic.

It has been reported that 47% of American workers and 58% of UK workers prefer the hybrid working model and want to continue with flexible hours and locations.

Furniture that has multiple uses is ideal for hideaway offices. Cabinets can be folded down to create a desk space and writing bureaus are becoming a popular choice in the bedroom.

oak cabinets and cupboards with shelving, a home office and green velvet chair integrated into a small kitchen
This home office and storage space have been cleverly integrated into the kitchen. Richmond sandstone oak – Benchmarx Kitchens and Joinery

With the increase in popularity of home organising and storage, desks that fold away or shelving units that can become a desk, shelf and storage unit all in one will continue to evolve and increase in demand.

This will be one of the top interior trends for 2023

Navy blue cupboard that opens up as a desk space for your home office
Cleverly pack away your home office after a day’s work. Home Office Armoire Desk Cupboard – The Dormy House

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6. Ocean Colours and Sea Inspired

Now, this is a trend that I am 100% behind. I have always loved the sea and being on the beach, I think this is why blue and green are my favourite colours to use in the home.

vintage sea painting with boats on a wall mural with walnut furniture
Walker Seascape Bespoke Mural – Graham and Brown

Are accent walls in style? Absolutely. Accent walls are perfect for adding wallpaper and getting creative with your home interior design, so this trend is perfect.

This year’s nod to the ocean doesn’t just centre around colours either. Wavy stripes, curved patterns and animals and plants that are found in the sea are all making an appearance in fabric, wallpapers and soft furnishings.

Being near the sea and hearing the waves crashing is known to be good for our well-being, so introducing all things associated with the ocean will help us feel calm and relaxed in our homes.

waves wallpaper on a wall in a dining room with dining table and chairs and rattan light fitting
Waves Pattern – Photowall

If you don’t want to add wallpaper or change your furniture to fit in with a sea-inspired or spa-like theme, how about updating your sofa with a sofa cover? There are plenty of different colours to choose from, you can have a dark blue or green sofa for a fraction of the cost. 

7. Spa Style

Continuing with the calm and relaxing vibe of our homes, Spa-like interiors will see a huge surge in popularity in 2023.

Our homes have become our own private sanctuaries over the last couple of years, so why not create spaces that are good for our well-being and mental health?

Bathroom Setting with Ivory LED Candles
Bathroom Setting with Ivory LED Candles – Lights4fun

This isn’t just confined to our bathrooms either.

Using calm and neutral colours, with a sprinkling of sage greens is the perfect way to start.

Adding wooden textures in the form of panelling or panelled furniture with reclaimed wood can give a rustic, natural feel which is perfect with green tones.

wooden panelled walls and wooden floorboards in the living room with olive green sofa
The Rebel 3 seater sofa in Olive – Snug Sofa

Adding low shelving with lighting (highlighting under the shelves with soft LED lights is a good idea) with oversized candles will create a spa ambience to your home.

Create table centrepieces with foliage, pebbles and candles and display books on well-being and nature.

LED mirror in the bathroom with marbled wall tiles, grey vanity unit and sink and multi coloured tiled flooring
Putting LED lighting behind mirrors and shelving automatically gives it a spa-like feel. Roper Rhodes LED mirror – Sanctuary Bathrooms

Finally, smell!

You can’t create a spa-like feel to your home if it smells of wet dogs and dinner.

Diffusers and candles are the best way to provide this with my favourite being The Atomiser by Aromatherapy Associates. The Pure Essential Oils used leave the most relaxing and long-lasting scent.

Everyone who comes into our home when we have the diffuser on always comments on how our house smells like a spa!

diffuser on a bedside table
The Atomiser – Aromatherapy Associates

8. Curves and Arches

Not only are we seeing curves in the form of waves in patterns, but we are also seeing curves and arches appearing in the very fabric of our homes.

Creating arches and curves with the latest home decor colour trends can provide an eclectic backdrop in our home interior design. 

dark navy blue wall and curved doorway into a bedroom with huge floral wall mural and bed
Curved doorway into the bedroom. Image credit: Graham and Brown

Arched doorways into another room help our homes flow better and replace the harshness of rectangular doors.

If you can’t afford the expense of changing the structural elements of your home, think about painting arches around your doorways or as painted colour blocks.

dark beige arch mural in a home office
You don’t have to paint the arch yourself, you could go for an arched wall mural! Arch Shape Sandstone mural – Dunelm

Circular rugs and curved pieces of furniture are an easier way to introduce curves into your home and are ideal for smaller spaces.

No more banging your legs on sharp corners or tripping over the corner of a rug on your way into a room.

Circular jute rug with green wall panelling
Natural woven round circle rug – Natura

9. Original Ceramics

Buying local and from small businesses has never been more important.

Society is increasingly moving away from fast fashion and fast design and buying items that are vintage, sustainable, and good quality are not only better for our bank balance in the long run, but they also help us to find our true interior style.

green, cream and blue glazed plant pots
Top Drawer HKD Ceramics CRAFT

Buying ceramics that have been locally made and hand crafted will provide a unique piece for your home.

These can be anything from vases to mugs, to kitchenware. Each item will have a unique texture and will tell an individual story, which will last you for many years to come.

green and beige soup bowl, small plate and large plate with green tint
Soup Bowl – Edit Juhasz Ceramics

Look to buy ceramics in rust and terracotta shades, the perfect colour trend for 2023.

10. Oversized light fittings and wall lights

Wall lights are high on the list of interior trends for 2023.

Nobody likes the Big Light in the living room, so wall lights are the perfect alternative to brightening up your lounge in the evening but keeping that intimate feel.

Wall lights are perfect for lighting up a corner of your home, artwork or a feature wall painted in the latest home decor colour trend.

dark burgundy walls with cone shaped wall lighting and boucle arm chair
Image credit: Lick

Even though most of us don’t tend to use the big light in the living room, we can still make a feature out of the light fitting.

We rarely turn our light on in the living room but have the most beautiful light fixture from taking centre stage!

With oversized light fittings becoming all the rage in 2023, go for the biggest light fitting the room will allow.

green cabinets, persian style rug and green velvet sofas in the living room
We went for a large statement light in our living room. Light fitting from

2023 in home interior design will also be a year for exaggerated sizes and a bit of fun, so think about replacing those old and dusty lamps.

Go for oversized lamp shades in spheres, globes or cones and mismatch the colours on the shade and base.

black and white lamp base with cream shade. blue panelled walls with blue tiger and palm wallpaper
Montecristo in Black and White – Pooky Lights

Lighting in your home is extremely important, so try not to overlook it and make it a fabulous statement!

11. Reds, Terracotta and Paprika

Pantone, Benjamin Moore and Graham and Brown all named a red-toned colour as their colour of the year for 2023.

Red is a brave colour to use in the home, but if you choose a softer shade in the red family, like rust, terracotta and paprika, it can bring warmth and personality to your home interior design.

Red is not often seen in home decor colour trends, but they are an exciting shade to use with calming neutral colours. 

red paint on the walls with mid century furniture, abstract painting and mirror
Benjamin Moore – Raspberry Blush

The home decor colour trends for 2023 have been described as “Sunset hues” and can help us feel reenergized and refreshed, ready to face the day.

Pair these colours with soft yellows, warm beige and muddy pinks to create your own little sunset in your home.

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12. Move away from perfect

For the last decade or so, perfectly aesthetic interiors have been inspired by social media and in particular, Instagram.

Our homes became showcases of our style and wouldn’t look out of place on the cover of a magazine.

But it is so hard to keep up with and is neither sustainable nor good for the planet.

blue velvet sofa and cream walls with shelf
Sustainable Velvet Medium 3-Seater Sofa – Rockett St George

Over the last 5 years or so, I lost my sense of style as I chased the latest trends or tried to keep up with social media home décor accounts that were popular and growing in size.

I started using colours and buying furniture and items for my home I wouldn’t necessarily have bought if it wasn’t for social media.

grey kitchen cabinets with open shelving and lots of plants
Finding my kitchen style!

One of the most important interior trends for 2023 is slow living and style.

It doesn’t matter if we have the latest velvet colour on our sofas or the current furniture design. 2023 is all about sustainability and making the best of what we already have.

Upcycling, shopping our home (where we move items to different rooms to give it a new lease of life) and swapping items with friends and family will truly make a happy home.

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dark green malm chest of drawer with can webbing
Upcycling old IKEA Malm chest of drawers

Trends come and go but I think there are a lot of trends here that are already in your home or will last for many years to come.

What home interior design trend will you use?

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the top interior trends for 2023 Pinterest pin
The top interior trends for 2023


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