The Top Wallpaper Trends for 2023 – Nature, Texture and Big Print

Wallpaper is showing no signs of losing popularity in 2023 with it now becoming a regular feature in our design decisions.

They are no longer confined to a feature wall, with many people using wallpaper in the kitchen, hallway, upcycling furniture and even wallpapering the bathroom!

the top wallpaper trends for 2023: nature, texture and big print Pinterest pin
Wallpaper trends for 2023

What is trending in wallpaper?

The popular designs of 2022 are still going to make an appearance, but there are some emerging patterns and styles in wallpaper trends for 2023.

The top paint colours for 2023 are centred around reds, browns and golden yellows with a nod to the 70s.

Retro-style prints and more simplistic styles like stripes and monochrome patterns will be the dominating designs for 2023.  

1. 70’s print

As seen in the emerging paint colours for 2023, bright colours of the 50s, 60s and 70s play an important part in décor for 2023.

The 70s in particular is a decade that is seeing a resurgence in wallpaper with retro, bold geometrics in many different shades of brown, orange, purple and green.

brown and beige circles on wallpaper
Retro circles mural wallpaper – Ever Wallpaper

If you don’t fancy using bright and retro patterned wallpaper design on a wall, look at using it as a backdrop on a bookcase or part of a furniture upcycle.

Mint green chain like 70s wallpaper in the bathroom
Rebel Knit Tourmaline – The Curious Department

These wallpaper designs are perfect when paired with the deep/rust red paints that are trending for 2023.

If you don’t want to paint a whole room in a deep red, you can break up the colour with a splash of wallpaper!

Use a wallpaper that incorporates a modern trending design like a retro print of oversized floral patterns. 

Retro print with reds, browns, oranges and creams
Chimera Wallpaper in Umber – Milton & King
Benjamin moore cinnamon paint with mid century style chest of drawers and abstract art
Retro wallpaper will sit nicely alongside this Benjamin Moore Cinnamon paint

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2. Wallpaper in Furniture

This isn’t a new thing with many designers and upcyclers using wallpaper to update and transform dated and tired pieces of furniture.

Wallpaper is used in contrasting tones to make the back of a cupboard or bookshelf stand out and paint can be colour matched to the wallpaper to paint the wood or joinery.

Black and white diagonal striped drinks cabinet with gold fittings
Black and white striped drinks cabinet – Webb and Gray

When using wallpaper with furniture, you want the wallpaper to be the starring role.

Use brightly coloured prints and bold geometric patterns or go completely OTT and use the same wallpaper on your walls to decorate your furniture. 

red retro print wallpaper also used on a upcycled chest of drawers with a red blind
Chest of drawers design by the fabulous Sarah Parmenter –

3. Large-scale print

I’m a huge fan of large-scale print and think it’s a brilliant way to add pattern and texture to a room without it looking too busy.

If you’re looking for bedroom wallpaper trends for 2023, you can’t go wrong with oversized patterns. 

Pink and green floral wallpaper with yellow fan chair
Pandora Wallpaper in Fuschia, Jade and Lime – Lust Home

Botanical prints, murals and floral patterns all look better oversized and can provide a real wow factor in a room.

Keep the rest of the room simple or neutral so that the wallpaper can take centre stage

4. Texture

With everything getting more expensive and the need for us to tighten our spending at home, textured wallpaper can be the answer to our décor problems!

Faux textures that can mimic design features are an easy and cheaper alternative if you use wallpaper.

You can get designs that look like fresh plaster or concrete or go for brick effect. No expensive tradesmen are needed and easy to change if you don’t like the look!

large stone brick wall effect wallpaper
Such a simple way to add texture to a wall, brick effect wallpaper is an easier way to add rustic elements to a room. Brick Effect Mural – Ever Wallpaper

Another great way to add texture to your walls is to hang throws and fabric.

Pattern doesn’t just have to come in the form of wallpaper. If you like the pattern too much to throw on a sofa or on your bed, hang it up!

This is a quick and easy way to introduce living room or bedroom wallpaper trends into your home. 

tropical print duvet cover used as art in a bedroom
Amara has hung up a duvet cover in her bedroom. Image credit: @thepajaamahub

5. Stripes

Moving on from texture, stripes are making a big splash on the décor scene for 2023.

If you don’t fancy going for a continuous pattern or big print, stripes are a classic pattern and can keep your décor simple.

Black, grey and white striped wallpaper in the hallway with hexagonal silver mirror
Figaro Black Wallpaper – Graham & Brown

Striped wallpaper can come in many different forms.

You can choose wallpaper with a simple linear design, or find a wallpaper that uses stripes and adds a contemporary twist, like this wallpaper from Curious Egg.

Georgian striped design wallpaper with flowers
Flower bomb wallpaper – Curious Egg

Stripes will work best in a hallway or bathroom, where straight lines and grid patterns are plentiful.

Stripes will help elongate a wall or make a small room, like a porch or utility room appear bigger.

Plain green, grey and black horizontal striped wallpaper in the hallway and staircase with vintage chest of drawers.
Oliver Green Simple Stripe Wallpaper –

6. Wallpapered ceilings

This isn’t for the faint-hearted, but wallpapered ceilings are a brilliant way to highlight the 5th wall!

Keep your walls all the same colour and use a wallpaper design that helps highlight the colour. Or, keep your walls neutral and make your ceiling stand out with a bold print.

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If you want the full wow factor, go for a full-size renaissance painting on your ceiling in the dining room that will really give your guests something to talk about!

I think this is one of my favourite wallpaper trends for 2023!

renaissance art wallpaper on the ceiling with gold skirting boards and curtains
Sleter A Representation of the Liberal Arts Bespoke Mural – Graham & Brown

7. Monochrome

Black and white homes are hugely popular on social media with monochrome design keeping décor simple and elegant.

Monochrome is the art of using the same tone throughout and wallpaper can help achieve your dream décor.

black and white wallpaper in a dressing room
Christian Classic Wallpaper – Graham & Brown

Black and white motifs in wallpaper design can create a beautiful feature wall and provides a simple backdrop to different colours in a room.

You can go with abstract patterns or a modern take on botanical prints in black, grey and white.

black and white wave pattern wallpaper with pink sofa, green panelling and green cushions
Wave After Wave Wallpaper in Monochrome – Lust Home

8. Dark floral prints

I feature dark floral wallpaper prints frequently in my blog posts as they always seem to be a popular choice in emerging trends.

However, if they are in emerging trends every year, they’re not really emerging! They are an extremely popular wallpaper design if you want to make a huge statement in a room.

The beauty of using dark floral prints is that you can contrast them with pale neutrals and the wallpaper will still have a huge impact without overwhelming the decor.

Living room wallpaper trends often include dark wallpaper designs as they can help the room feel inviting and cosy. 

dark navy background with cream flowers and green leaves next to sample off white, beige and green paints
Creation floral wallpaper in Navy with White Lace, Raw Linen and Natural Sage Paint colours –

Graham and Brown have named Florenzia Dusk Wallpaper as their Wallpaper of the Year 2023. They describe it as –

“A classic floral re-imagined. Florenzia symbolises the restoration of historical beauty and celebrates bringing new life and colour into an artwork that has been carefully selected from our archives. Once hidden away, we reclaim this design now refined and ready for the walls of 21st-century homes”.

dark blue archway into the bedroom with Graham and Brown's Florenzia Dusk wallpaper and cane bed
Florenzia Dusk Wallpaper – Graham & Brown

Florenzia Dusk wallpaper

9. Under the sea

We all love being by the sea, so why not bring some of that beach life to our homes?

Waves, seaweed, rockpools and shells are perfect in teals and greens and can easily be used in bedrooms or bathrooms.

Dark green background with sea creatures and fish swimming, cycling and angling
Sea Life Wallpaper – Teal and Coral – Brand Mckenzie @ Lime Lace

Seaweed prints with sea animals interspersed work really well with dark green cabinets in the bathroom or use abstract sea-inspired wallpaper design in a living room with dark green or navy blue velvet sofas.

light blue wave patterns on a wallpaper in a boys room
Waves Wallpaper – Milton & King
sage green and teal seaweed wallpaper
Rockpools Teal Wallpaper – Fiona Howard

10. Wall murals

A bit like dark floral prints, wall murals are growing in popularity and becoming bigger and better every year.

You can add an outdoor scene in a living room or go for a full-size architectural backdrop to draw you into another world.

temple drawing on a wallpaper mural with palm trees
Temple taupe bespoke mural – Graham & Brown

I have a huge tropical-inspired wallpaper mural in the living room and it brings all the colours of the room together.

Wall murals are ideal for bringing colour into a room without having to decide on one paint colour.

In fact, I find wall murals easier to choose than a paint colour itself and have always been big in living room wallpaper trends. 

wallpaper with a jungle and mountains
Tangled Jungle – Photowall Sweden
gallery wall, tangled jungle wallpaper and green velvet sofa in the living room
Tangled jungle wallpaper by Photowall Sweden. Iggy Sofa in Jade velvet by

I have my eye on several wallpaper trends for 2023, I just need more rooms to decorate!

Mel x

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