5 Easy Ways to Update a Bedroom on a Budget

a bedroom with nature wallpaper and soft color palette
Biophilic bedroom design

Are you looking for ways to give your bedroom a fresh look? If so, you’re in luck. There are plenty of easy and inexpensive ways to update a bedroom without breaking the bank.

We have carefully curated a list of five easy and cost-effective methods that can bring a breath of fresh air to your bedroom design. From savvy DIY projects to smart shopping tips, this guide is your ticket to achieving a stunning bedroom budget-friendly transformation.

So whether you’re just craving a fresh look, or you’re trying to create a more restful space, we’ve got plenty of practical, wallet-friendly ideas lined up for you.

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Importance of Understanding Your Space

a neutral bedroom with large bed, cream leather head board and abstract artwork

It’s crucial to start with an essential first step: understanding your space. Your bedroom isn’t just any room, it’s a personal haven that should reflect your taste, your comfort, and your lifestyle.

Take a good look at your bedroom. Walk around the room and try to visualize it from different perspectives. Notice the way the light hits certain areas, observe the flow from the entrance to the window, identify any features that you love (or don’t), and consider how the room’s size and shape may impact your redecorating plans.

By understanding the space you have, you will be able to make more informed decisions about color schemes, furniture placement, and bedroom design elements. It will also help you identify any existing items that can be reused, repurposed, or upgraded to fit your new vision.

In essence, getting to know your room is the first step to making it truly yours, and doing so can save you both time and money in the long run.

Setting a Realistic Budget

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with your space, it’s time to crunch some numbers. Setting a realistic budget when you update a bedroom is a critical step in this process.

Here are a few tips to help you:

  1. Define your priorities: What changes do you want to see the most in your bedroom design? Is it a new color on the walls? New bedding? More storage space? Knowing your priorities will help you allocate your funds effectively.
  2. Do your research: Look into the average costs of the items or changes you’re planning. Keep in mind that prices can vary significantly based on brand, quality, and location. Spend time comparison shopping to get a sense of what’s available within your budget.
  3. Include a contingency: Always set aside a little extra for unexpected expenses. No matter how well you plan, you may encounter unforeseen costs.
  4. Don’t rush: Remember that updating your bedroom doesn’t have to happen all at once. It’s perfectly okay to make changes gradually. In fact, spreading out your purchases can make the process more manageable financially.
  5. Track your spending: Keep a record of all your expenses. This will not only help you stay within your budget but also give you an idea of where your money is going.

Remember, the goal is not to create financial stress but to build a space where you feel comfortable and happy. Even with a small budget, you can make significant changes that will transform your bedroom into your dream space.

5 Ways to Update a Bedroom

  1. Adding color
  2. Updating furniture
  3. Incorporating greenery
  4. Rearranging furniture
  5. Storage solutions

Adding Color

a bedroom with dark green panelling and wallpaper with a wooden bedside table and pops of rust bedding
Just by adding pops of color in luxurious textures, can automatically update a bedroom on a budget

Adding color is one of the easiest ways to brighten up a room in no time at all. Consider painting one wall in an accent color or adding colorful curtain fabric or bedding for a pop of color that will transform your bedroom instantly.

The colors you choose can evoke different feelings. For example, blues and greens often promote calmness and relaxation, making them popular choices for bedrooms. On the other hand, warm hues like red, orange, or yellow can energize the space, but if used too much, they can also make it harder to relax.

Neutrals, like beige, gray, or white, provide a peaceful backdrop that can be easily paired with any other colors through accessories and decor. They are also great for small rooms as they tend to make the space look larger and more open.

If you want something more subtle, try adding some colorful throw pillows or artwork which will help tie together all the elements in the room.

a green bedroom with panelled walls, wallpaper and luxurious bedside tables
Adding a tiny bit of pattern in paneled walls can immediately make your bedroom look high-end

Patterns, on the other hand, can add depth, interest, and personality to your bedroom. Whether they’re on the walls, bedding, or accessories, patterns can create focal points and make the room more stylish and uniquely you.

However, when used excessively or inappropriately, patterns can make a space feel chaotic and cluttered, the key is finding a balance. If you choose a bold pattern for your bedding, you might want to keep the walls more neutral.

Similarly, large patterns can overwhelm small rooms, so they’re generally better suited to larger spaces or single accent walls.

Tips for choosing affordable paint or wallpaper

Not all paints and wallpapers are created equal, some brands offer better quality for a lower price. Here are a few tips: 

  • Research brands and prices
  • Choose the right finish for paint. Matte and flat finishes are usually less expensive
  • Consider remnant or discounted wallpaper
  • Use wallpaper sparingly, either as a single accent wall or within a framed panel as artwork
  • Do it yourself for a budget-friendly transformation!
  • Plan ahead and wait for sales

In short, colors and patterns are powerful tools when you update a bedroom. With careful consideration, they can dramatically transform the look and feel of your room and provide an easy budget-friendly transformation.

Rearranging Furniture 

a bed under a large sash window with exposed brickwork and rustic decor
Placing a bed under a window can help free up lots of space and provide light where it is needed

Rearranging furniture can be another great way to breathe new life into any space – especially when it comes to bedrooms. The arrangement of your furniture sets the tone for how you move and live in the space.

The goal should always be to create a flow that is easy, open, and intuitive. Avoid blocking windows or doorways with large pieces of furniture. You should also ensure that there’s enough space for you to move freely.

Moving around large items like beds and dressers can make them feel brand-new while also allowing for better traffic flow throughout the space itself. Plus, this is usually a free fix since it doesn’t require buying anything.

Consider the function of each piece in the room. Does your bed need to be near the window for the morning light, or would it be better placed against a wall for a cozier feel? Could your desk be more efficiently placed near the power outlets?

Rearranging your furniture based on your needs can enhance the room’s functionality and make it feel like a new space.

a large bed in a bedroom with wooden headboard and flooring and lots of furniture
Using bulky furniture, and lots of it, can make a bedroom feel cramped and ill-thought-out.

The perception of space in a room can be greatly impacted by furniture arrangement. A well-placed bed, dresser, or desk can make the room feel larger, while a cluttered or poorly arranged room can make it feel cramped.

Placing your bed in the center of the most visible wall often makes the room look more spacious and symmetrical. Floating furniture away from the walls can create a sense of coziness without making the room feel crowded.

Just remember not to get too carried away with rearranging as it could end up making things worse instead of better if done incorrectly. Measure twice before moving once!

Updating Furniture

a rattan headboard with green wallpaper and panelling and a bamboo bedside table
Finding thrift furniture can help update a bedroom on a budget

For an instant and budget-friendly transformation, take a closer look at your furniture pieces like nightstands and dressers.

Often during the process of updating your bedroom, you’ll come across pieces of furniture that don’t quite fit your new vision or layout. Instead of discarding these pieces, consider selling or repurposing them to make the most of your resources.

Selling Old Furniture

  1. Online Marketplaces: Websites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay are great platforms to sell used furniture. Remember to take good, clear pictures and provide a thorough description to attract buyers.
  2. Garage Sales: Hosting a garage sale can be a quick way to sell off your unwanted items, especially if you have a lot to get rid of.
  3. Consignment Stores: Some local consignment stores may take your furniture and sell it for you. Keep in mind they will take a percentage of the selling price.

Repurposing Old Furniture

a green bedside table and bed
Giving your bedroom furniture a lick of paint can instantly update a bedroom!

Alternatively, if you’re feeling creative, give your furniture a makeover by sanding them down and painting them yourself. 

  1. Paint: A fresh coat of paint can work wonders on an old piece of furniture. It can instantly update the look and feel of the item, allowing it to fit better with your new bedroom design.
  2. Upholstery: Changing the fabric on an old chair or bench can transform its look entirely. Choose a fabric that matches your new bedroom theme.
  3. New Hardware: Replacing old drawer knobs or handles on dressers and nightstands is an easy and affordable way to modernize old furniture.
  4. Repurpose for New Uses: Think creatively about how you could use the furniture in new ways. An old ladder can become a creative bookshelf or an old dresser could be transformed into a TV stand with storage.

The goal is not just to save money, but also to create a bedroom design that feels uniquely yours. By selling or repurposing old furniture, you are taking steps towards both of these goals.

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Incorporating Greenery 

plants on a windowsill

Incorporating greenery into any bedroom design scheme is always encouraged – not only does it add life but also helps purify air quality while giving off calming vibes as well. Try adding small plants around windowsills or on top of nightstands/dressers for an added touch of nature that won’t take up too much space either.

Not all plants require a green thumb. Some low-maintenance options like snake plants, spider plants, or pothos can thrive with minimal care, making them perfect for bedroom decor. These plants are often less expensive and easier to care for, saving you both time and money.

You don’t need to spend a lot on fancy plant pots either. Look for affordable planters at thrift stores or yard sales, or consider making your own from items around the house. Old mugs, cans, jars, or baskets can all be transformed into unique and cost-effective planters.

a green bedroom with plants on a plant shelf in a corner and plants on a windowsill
Creating a plant shelf in the corner of your bedroom is a brilliant way to update a bedroom on a budget

While large plants can make a big impact, they can also come with a larger price tag. Instead, consider grouping several smaller plants together to create a ‘green corner’ or placing them on shelves or window sills to draw the eye upwards and add natural beauty to your bedroom.

If you’re patient, propagating your own plants can be a budget-friendly way to add more greenery to your room. Many plants, like pothos or succulents, can be easily propagated from cuttings in a glass of water.

Finally, don’t forget about hanging plants from ceilings/walls either – these are perfect for those who may not have enough floor space but still want all the benefits greenery brings.

Storage Solutions  

Shelving next to a bed with baskets and books for storage
Using a bookshelf as a bedside table and as storage helps free up more space and keep things neat and tidy

Finally, storage solutions should never be overlooked when you update a bedroom – after all what’s more important than being able to hide away clutter?

Consider investing in stylish baskets/bin systems that match other décor elements already present within each respective area; this will help create uniformity while keeping messes out of sight & mind simultaneously too.

Maximize the storage potential of the furniture you already have. Can the space under your bed be used for storage bins? Could a bookshelf double as a display case for collectibles or art?

Try utilizing vertical spaces such as wall shelves which provide lots of extra storage potential without taking away precious square footage from ground-level areas themselves.

an old trunk at the end of a bed with neutral and vintage decor
An old trunk found in a thrift store has multi uses, it can be used as a bench and for storage and works perfectly with vintage bedroom designs

Thrift stores and yard sales can be treasure troves of inexpensive storage solutions, from vintage trunks to used bookshelves or cabinets. With a bit of clean-up or a fresh coat of paint, these pieces can add character and utility to your bedroom on a budget.

A budget-friendly transformation can easily turn bedrooms into beautiful and inviting spaces.

There are numerous easy and affordable ways to spruce up these personal sanctuaries, from custom poster printing to incorporating greenery, rearranging existing furniture pieces, and investing in storage solutions. Even simple additions like adding colors through paint or curtains can work wonders.

a neutral bedroom with abstract artwork and a wooden headboard covering the whole bedroom wall
Neutral bedroom design

With a little creativity and the right tools, anyone can turn bland and dull spaces into amazing havens of relaxation and retreat.

So, why wait? Start experimenting today and unlock the potential for transformative changes that will turn your bedroom into a cherished oasis of comfort and style.

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