Interior Trends to Try – Wallpaper Trends for 2021

I love looking at future trends and wallpaper trends are probably my favourite. I don’t think it’s any surprise to people who follow me on Instagram that I love wallpaper! If you are a lover of color and pattern, then wallpaper is THE perfect accessory for your home.

wallpaper trends for 2021
Probably my most liked wallpaper on Instagram.

I think it helps that I am no longer scared of putting it up or taking it down again. The previous Mel was known to do absolutely no preparation whatsoever and I think at one point my kitchen had about 3 layers of wallpaper on our dining space wall (I am quite a lazy decorator ).

wallpaper trends for 2021
This wall has been wallpapered and painted 6 times! Finally happy with it with this glorious Photowall wallpaper

But, with perseverance and practice, I now find stripping back wallpaper a joy (get yourself a decent wallpaper steamer and watch in glee as it easily peels off. No? Just me?) and can put wallpaper up in a few hours. I wrote a blog post with step-by-step instructions on how to put up wallpaper here.

The decorators friend! Wallpaper steamer

Wallpaper Trends For 2021

I’m like a kid in a sweet shop when I’m looking for new and inspiring wallpaper! There really is something for everyone these days with wallpaper that can be pasted directly onto the wall (an absolute lifesaver!

I hate pasting the wallpaper first, it inevitably ends up in tears and wallpaper paste stuck to my hair for days on end), peel and stick which is perfect for renters, and wallpaper that can imitate tiles or paneled walls.

Here are my favorite wallpaper trends for 2021…


According to, a dark blue or navy color will still be highly sought after to create elegant and contemporary spaces. is drawing on the fact that not many of us managed to get away on our dream beach holiday in 2020, so the Ocean blues from aqua to teal will be high on the color list when decorating.

wallpaper trends for 2021
Leopard Wallpaper in Cobalt –
wallpaper trends for 2021
Create a jungle theme with lots of natural materials. Jungle Escape Mural Navy –
wallpaper trends for 2021
How’s that for an entrance hall! Resplendence Navy Wallpaper –

Paneled Walls

I didn’t even realize this was a thing until I saw an image pop up on my Instagram by WallSauce and what a fabulous idea! Paneled walls were huge in 2020 with my Reels feed inundated with how to DIY a wood paneled wall.

However, if you don’t fancy DIYing it yourself or live in a rented property, wallpaper companies have got your back!  This is the start of a beautiful wallpaper trend!

wallpaper trends for 2021
Looks 100% real. Dark Blue Panel –
wallpaper trends for 2021
Perfect pink panelling wallpaper for the bedroom – Wood Panel Wallpaper Blush Pink –
wallpaper trends for 2021
Add a little bit of grandeur to your room with this ornate paneled wallpaper. Ornate Panelling Grey mural –

Statement Pieces

HomesAndGardens also predicted that residential homes will be inspired by boutique hotels this year with the headboards becoming the focal point. However, don’t go out and update your headboard just yet, you could use wallpaper to create a headboard fit for a Queen. 

Murals have been a wallpaper trend for a while now, they are a popular way to add the wow factor to any room, and statement maximalist murals can add that pop of color you have been looking for to bring a room together. 

wallpaper trends for 2021
Who needs a headboard with a wall mural as marvelous as this? Stucco Gloria, Clay –
Shelley has used this wallpaper to create a real wow factor in this bedroom. Image credit: @shelley_carline
Spring flight wallpaper –

Bathroom Wallpaper

Home decorators are becoming increasingly confident when they are decorating their homes and we have seen an upsurge of wallpaper going up in the bathroom. The days of renovating a bathroom and being happy with a white bathroom suite and metro tiles are long gone.

Wallpaper is being used to imitate expensive tiles and marble and jungle prints are helping to bring a bit of a botanical theme into the bathroom. A fabulously cheap wallpaper trend.

White Marble Wallpaper –
Agi has recently revamped her bathroom and isn’t it a incredible! Wallpaper from
Add a bit of hexagonal luxury to your bathroom with this wallpaper. Fine Decor Metro Hex Marble Rose Gold Wallpaper –
Removable Wallpaper Tile Sticker Self-Adhesive Square Waterproof –

Botanical Days

Carrying on with the earthy and nature-inspired trends that so many companies predicted for 2021, jungle and rainforest-inspired wallpaper trends are still extremely popular.

You can either use it as a feature wall in a dining space or kitchen, or team it with a dark green paneled wall in the bedroom.

Recreate the jungle in your dining room. Leopard Landscape –
I absolutely adore the colors in this wallpaper. Oasis Wallpaper –
Kimberly has used this wallpaper in her newly revamped office to amazing effect. Click on the link to see the before, such an amazing transformation. Image credit: @swoonworthyblog
I have a wall hanging very similar to this and would love to cover the whole wall in a print. Tangled Jungle, black & white –

Fantastic Florals

Another wallpaper trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere is floral. With the rise of grandmillenial and cottagecore (I wrote a blog post about them here), flowers and floral art are extremely popular and the bigger the better.

You can either introduce it as a feature wall or color-match it with wall paneling. If you’re feeling the need to go maximalist, wallpaper all four walls in vintage floral art!

It’s like having an art masterpiece on your wall. Use all the colours in the palette or if you feel this mural is statement enough, paint the rest of the walls a pale pink colour. Image credit:
Grandmillenial summed up in an image. Porcelain –
Cottagecore in the bathroom. Court Embroidery by Cole & Son –
If you are a lover of dark interiors, introduce a dark oversized floral mural to bring a bit of personality into the room. Purple and Pink dark floral wall mural –

Joyful Jewels

Jewel colors are very much the key style to incorporate at the moment and Graham and Brown are, in my eyes, the leaders in these colors with a very helpful guide to help you decide what colors to use with their wallpapers.

Jewel colours are by far my favourite and I recently redecorated my playroom with Timepiece Amethyst and matched it with Spiced Mulberry. It has made this room extremely cozy and a joy to be in. Wallpaper trends definitely need to embrace these colors more often!

My playroom with Graham & Brown wallpaper and my Mulled Wine sofa from
Graham and Brown are fabulous for inspiration when choosing color to match their wallpapers. Just look at these amazing jewel colors.
Paring the hot trend of paneling with their Timepiece Amethyst wallpaper. Image credit:
Tanglewood Forest Veridian –
How utterly stunning is this wallpaper? Portfolio XII Tropical Rainforest Wallpaper –
Shoji Teal Wallpaper –

Brick Walls

Exposed brick walls are a thing of beauty in a home, they add real character and depth to a room and provide a bit of rustic charm. However, not everyone fancies chipping away at the plaster to find their bricks would be better left covered up.

The brick wallpaper trend has come a long way in recent years, I have tried and tested many different products and we love our woodchip & magnolia brick effect wallpaper under the island. It is a fabulous wallpaper trend. 

Real red brick wallpaper –
Old Brick Wall Wallpaper Mural –
Painted white brick mural –
Give your room that NYC loft apartment feel with brick wallpaper. Loft Brick Wallpaper Red –

Face Line Abstract Wallpaper

Face line art became extremely popular in 2020 and it has now moved into a wallpaper trend. I think this wallpaper is perfect as a feature wall in a monochrome bedroom or as a backdrop in a bathroom.

One Line Style Wallpaper Mural –
Large face line drawing wallpaper –
Line faces, beige –

I love wallpaper, I love how it can instantly change a room and give you a focal point for using color. Do you think you’ll give any of these wallpaper trends a go in 2021?

wallpaper trends for 2021

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  1. I wish I could send photos of my newly remodeled/redecorated French Normandy home…done in my fav pinks, teals and whites. AA new wallpaper, blush stools/chairs in kitchen table with oversized floral teal sofa, antiques mix with traditional & modern furniture, handcrafted teal mermaid tail backsplash ties in with pink/gold/ivory pulls on my almond cabinets and mottled brown granite. It turns out maximalist French/English Cottage GLAM Coastal and everyone raves. I entertain more now….and the decor is so, so ,so ME!

    1. Pinks, teals and whites sound amazing! Especially mixed with vintage and modern furniture. Isn’t it wonderful when you find your “style”

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