Wallpaper Trends for 2022 with Ever Wallpaper

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ever wallpaper biophilic design

I am a huge fan of wallpaper and using it to create a real focal point in a room. I have been known to decorate whole rooms around one piece of wallpaper, with my favourites being designs around nature and flowers.

Home decorators are becoming more confident and bolder in their décor choices and no longer shy away from using wallpaper. In fact, wallpaper is set to be a key trend for 2022 and with so many wallpaper ideas to choose from, there really is something for everyone.

From wallpapering walls to adding a design to a back of a bookcase, here are some of my favourite designs and looks for 2022.

wallpaper trends for 2022 with ever wallpaper

Nature and biophilic design

Biophilic design goes from strength to strength every year as we incorporate nature into our homes. With more of the population now working from home, adding trees, fauna and flowers to a wall can help us feel more connected to nature and reduce stress, enhance creativity and potentially improve our well-being.

Paired with an olive sofa, this tropical forest wallpaper by Ever Wallpaper takes biophilia to another level!
Sepia tinted tones in this riverbank wallpaper – Ever Wallpaper

Bold florals

Fancy taking biophilic design up a notch or two? Floral wallpaper has been adorning our walls for decades now, but if you want to make a real impact in a room, go bold! Using oversized floral prints or bold colours can make a real statement. Pair it with vintage furniture and match the colours in the wallpaper to paint and soft furnishings to revitalize a room and make a real impact.

This Flowers wallpaper by Ever Wallpaper would look wonderful with vintage furniture and sage green paint!
This floral print is a nod to the recent Chinoiserie trend. White Orchid – Ever Wallpaper

Emerald Green

One of my favourites and tipped to be a hot colour in 2022, emerald green is the perfect shade to continue that nod to nature. You will already find this colour in a lot of the botanical and floral prints that are on offer, however, using a print with this colour on repeat is a great way to add green without painting a wall this shade.

Instead of painting a wall emerald green, why not got for an abstract print and match it with soft velvets and vintage pieces. Small Circle Pattern wallpaper – Ever Wallpaper


Which leads me onto abstract! I love a bit of abstract design and have several abstract prints in my gallery walls. In 2022, we are looking at how abstract can incorporate nature and botanical prints to give it a 2022 twist.

Realistic forest and woodland wallpaper prints have dominated the home décor scene in recent years and are brilliant at bringing the outside in. How about mixing those botanical designs with an abstract print to stand out from the crowd.

This wonderful abstract print looks like someone has painted it directly onto the wall! Oil Painting Forest Mural – Ever Wallpaper
Leaves and dots abstract wallpaper – Ever Wallpaper

Waves and curves

Stripes are out, curves are in. Curves in design help soften the look so waves and curves are perfect for rooms where we relax, like the bedroom and living room. Using waves can also mimic the sea or the rolling hills of the countryside, so choose wallpaper designs that have blue or green in them.

The cool colours and curved design help soften the look for a bedroom. Green Painted Mountain Wallpaper – Ever Wallpaper

Geometric prints with a twist

We saw a boom in geometric prints in recent years, with many decorators creating their own designs on a feature wall of a home. I used a geometric print on the back of our shelves under our stairs and it had a real impact to the space.

Although geometric prints are still around, they are now being paired with other designs so that they are not the main feature. Look for wallpaper with geometric patterns within the design and not the overall theme.

Geometric patterns can be found within this design and would be fabulous in a bathroom! Abstract Sunrise – Ever Wallpaper
I love how the geometric print is very faint in this design which also gives a nod to the extremely popular colour blocking! Simple Colour Block wallpaper – Ever Wallpaper


“Wallpaper in the bathroom?” I hear you say. Yes! Why not? Bathrooms can be a wonderful space to be really creative with your décor so why not think about adding pattern and colour in the form of wallpaper?

Obviously do not use wallpaper around your wet areas (like the bath, sink or shower) but wallpaper can be used above the tile line or on a wall away from all the wet surfaces.

I love this abstract print, pink and green is perfect for the bathroom. Linier Leaves – Ever Wallpaper
The perfect wallpaper for your bathroom and dressing room. Vintage Tropics – Ever Wallpaper


A mixture of Japanese rustic minimalism design and the ever-prevalent functionality of Scandi décor, japandi is a trend that has been popping up consistently in our social media feeds. It lends really well to the biophilic trend with lots of use of bright spaces, light colours and natural materials and wallpaper can easily play a part in this theme. Keep the patterns to a minimum and the shades neutral, the wallpaper can provide a perfect back drop to your neutral room.

The neutral colours make this wallpaper a perfect back drop. Image credit: Ever Wallpaper
This wallpaper works wonderfully with natural materials like wood and rattan. Yard II – Ever Wallpaper

Modern rustic

We have recently extended our home and renovated and I have gone for a rustic/industrial theme in the kitchen. Is anyone else like me and loves the colour and patina of drying plaster on a wall? Instagram has become awash with interior lovers lime washing their walls, which gives them a chalky graded texture and you can now get wallpaper that gives your room that rustic look without going near a paint brush.

There are plenty of wallpapers to choose from to give your home that industrial feel, with images mimicking brick and stone work, cement and concrete.

Looks like the real thing! Pastel Stone wallpaper – Ever Wallpaper

Setting the scene

And finally, scenic wallpaper is set to be one of the biggest trends for 2022 and can be a mixture of all of the above! With many of us being confined to our homes over the last 2 years, creating a whimsical scene on our walls can help us escape to a different landscape and let our imaginations run wild.

Who needs a grand hallway when you can have a 3D image on your wall! Vintage corridor – Ever Wallpaper
I love how they’ve used the red of the ladies skirt on the skirting board and door frame. Outing – Ever Wallpaper

Custom designs with Ever Wallpaper

The beauty of Ever Wallpaper is that you can also create your own custom design and put it up on your wall. If you have a photo of a landscape which you would love to put up permanently in your home, why not turn it into a wall mural or wallpaper? It is as simple as putting in your wall size and uploading your photo!

I often get messages from people saying they love the idea of wallpaper, but are worried about putting it up themselves and all I say is, just go for it! Start small and if it doesn’t work, don’t worry. It is easy enough to take down and try again. I wrote a blog post on how to put up wallpaper here. As with anything, practice makes perfect.

Mel x

wallpaper trends for 2022 with ever walllpaper

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