Bulk Luxury: The Ultimate Guide to Wholesale Towels from the Top 3 UK Suppliers

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Towels are a significant accessory in our daily routine. From healthcare to hotels, towels play a key role in various industries.

As the demand for high-quality and luxury towels continues to rise, wholesale towel buying becomes a popular option, and purchasing wholesale ensures a large supply.

Wholesale Towels

Choosing a reputable wholesale towel UK company ensures you get high quality, a good price, and reliability. We’ve researched multiple towel companies and their products to give you a comprehensive list of affordable towel suppliers in the UK.

Whether you’re looking for high-quality or luxury towel options, they have the right towels for you.

1. British Wholesales UK 

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Product Range: British Wholesales UK takes pride in offering an extensive range of towels suitable for various needs. From the smallest towels like face cloths to large bath sheets, they have towels for every need. Additionally, they offer bulk towel bale sets as a luxurious and affordable choice.

Quality Assurance: British Wholesales UK prioritizes quality and is certified for organic items. With high-quality organic cotton towels, they are committed to providing high-quality. They ensure customers receive wholesale bath towels that meet industry standards.

Wholesale Pricing: British Wholesales UK offers competitive prices without compromising on quality. Offering affordable pricing, they make towels accessible to all.

Whether you want to buy towels in bulk or a few items, you can enjoy wholesale pricing. Moreover, they offer high discounts on bulk buying and free delivery options for orders of up to £40.

High GSM: British Wholesales UK offers towels with varying GSM options, from 400 to 700 GSM.  This higher GSM ensures a soft and luxurious feel. Their bulk hotel towels are a popular choice to leave a lasting impression on guests.

Quick Absorbency: British Wholesales UK emphasizes quick absorbency, particularly with their Cotton towels. The high GSM ensures that the towels are soft to the touch and absorb water properly. Their towels provide a premium experience to their guests.

High-quality Materials: British Wholesales UK stands out for its high-quality materials, including organic cotton towels. The eco-friendly choices and high-quality standards ensure that customers receive wholesale bath towels made from premium materials.

Certified Products: British Wholesales UK is a certified supplier of Oekotex, Sedex, TSA gold, Ukas management systems, BSCI, and GOTS for organic items. These certifications underline their commitment to providing customers with certified products that meet ethical and environmental standards.

2. Absolute Home Textiles 

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Absolute Home Textiles offers super-soft 100% cotton towels, created with high-quality cotton. They have all types of towels with a focus on quality dyeing and stitching processes.

The towels come in various GSM options, allowing buyers to choose thick and absorbent towels.

Quality Assurance: Absolute Home Textiles ensures quality through strict supervision in the manufacturing process. Their bulk bath towels are designed to be highly durable and absorbent. They take quality control measures to meet the practical needs of daily use.

Wholesale Pricing: Absolute Home Textiles creates a balance between affordability and quality. They recognize the importance of high quality and ensure that customers can benefit from cost-effective solutions. Their prices are affordable without compromising on their luxury towels.

High GSM: Absolute Home Textiles provides towels in various GSM options, ranging from 400 to 700. The high GSM options ensure that customers can choose wholesale bath towels based on their desired thickness. They tailor their products to individual and business preferences.

Quick Absorbency: Absolute Home Textiles designs towels with quick absorbency in mind. Their towels meet the needs of businesses where quick drying is essential.

High-quality Materials: Absolute Home Textiles uses high-quality materials in their towels. Their super-soft 100% cotton and Bamboo ensures high absorbency. They are committed to providing a luxurious feel without compromising on durability.

Certified Products: Absolute Home Textiles adheres to quality certifications from TSA Gold, UKAS management systems, BSCI, and others. They ensure that their bulk hotel towels meet stringent industry standards.

The emphasis on quality control measures and the use of high-quality materials shows their commitment to delivering certified products.

3. The Towel Shop

The Towel Shop, established in 1999, started as a market stall in Bolton and has evolved into a prominent supplier and manufacturer of household linen in Britain. Their product range is extensive, including towels, bedding, duvets, pillows, table linen, and flame-resistant bedding.

Product Range: The Towel Shop offers a variety of towels. Whether you need high-quality towels for personal or professional use, they have products for you. From face towels to bath sheets, you can find a towel for your needs.

Quality Assurance: With a focus on providing customers with fluffy towels, The Towel Shop enhances their comfort. Their luxury hand towels and face cloths offer plush as in 5-star accommodations. The bath sheets offer a luxurious wrap-around feeling after a relaxing soak.

Wholesale Pricing: The Towel Shop focuses on providing affordable luxury towels. They make high-quality towels accessible to a broad range of customers. Their commitment to affordability ensures that customers can experience comfort and plushness while sticking to their budget.

High GSM: The Towel Shop offers towels with varying GSM options, including 400GSM to 700GSM for their bath sheets. These higher GSM options provide a plush and comfortable experience. Their towels allow customers to enjoy the full wrap-around feeling after a relaxing bath.

Quick Absorbency: The Towel Shop focuses on providing soft towels with quick absorbency. Their variety of towels ensures that customers can enjoy the luxury. With their highly absorbent and quick-drying towels, you can use them in your skincare routine. 

High-quality Materials: The Towel Shop is dedicated to offering high-quality materials in their towels. They focus on providing customers with fluffy towels that enhance their daily lives. Using premium materials like cotton and Bamboo, they are committed to offering both comfort and durability.

Certified Products: The Towel Shop ensures the production of certified products. With certifications like TSA gold, Sedex, UKAS management systems, Oekotex, BSCI, and GOTS, they focus on providing affordable luxury. They deliver certified and reliable towels. 

Buying high-quality towels offers multiple benefits from enhanced hygiene to comfort. When choosing a bulk luxury towel supplier in the UK, consider your specific requirements first.

Whether you prioritize customization options or affordability, we have got you covered. British Wholesales UK emphasizes competitive pricing, and Absolute Home Textiles strikes a balance between affordability and quality. The Towel Shop focuses on providing affordable luxury.

Depending on your specific requirements, these suppliers ensure customers can find towels to meet their needs.

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