Why did I start an Interior Blog in 2017?

Why did I start an Interior Blog? We bought our first house (to live in) in November 2016 after living in Army Married Quarters for several years.

We were moving to an area just outside Brighton, that was a little on the expensive side and I would have needed to sell a kidney to get the house of my dreams.

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I have always been obsessed with watching TV programs about renovating houses. My favorites were Homes under the Hammer, Location, Location, Location, and DIY SOS and I was keen to put my own stamp on a property.

After viewing several properties in the location we had decided to settle in, we knew the house with the pink door was for us. It had the space we needed inside and was structurally fine (apart from a very badly put-together conservatory) but inside it needed a lot of work

white end of terrace house with front drive, green picket fence and pink front door
The House with the Pink Door

The Search

After ruling out any houses that were newly built, already renovated and decorated, and had no room for improvement, we were left with about 6 houses in the town we had chosen to live in.

The House with the pink door was exactly what we were looking for and we put an offer in the same day we viewed it.

It had all the room we could wish for without having to add a costly extension and was literally a blank canvas screaming out for a complete overhaul. I couldn’t wait to move in and create our new home, even if it meant complete upheaval with two toddlers in tow.

The original Kitchen/Diner

In Move the Builders

The builders arrived 3 months after we moved in and started ripping things out. I was like, wait!! You’re going to start straight away? I haven’t even packed the kitchen away yet, what am I going to do for tea tonight???

I thought they were going to spend a day or two measuring and planning and I was woefully unprepared, so I spent the morning running around shoving things into boxes and turning a bedroom into a makeshift kitchen.

By the end of the day, not even the kitchen sink was left standing and I was frantically phoning around family and friends trying to find someone who would cook us dinner that night.


Our first major renovations were the kitchen, utility, and downstairs bathroom, which I will cover in a later blog.

This wasn’t the first time I had renovated property, we had already renovated 2 properties beforehand, but they were empty when the builders arrived and I was never around to oversee them (I had a family friend do both renovations and put my complete trust in their project management and abilities).

I’d like to say I’d learned a lot from the previous renovations and written an interior blog about them, but at the time I was working in IT and didn’t have the time!

I found living in a house whilst renovations were going on around me was a complete eye-opener. I became the tea maker, an Agony Aunt when one of the builder’s marriages broke down, a taxi service for takeaway McDonald’s, and an expert at creating family meals using just a kettle, microwave, and slow cooker!  

Kitchen Renovations begin

Enjoying our new home

When the time came for the builders to pack their bags and say adios, I was a little sad. They had become constant companions, all to a backdrop of loud dance music, swearing, and the constant aroma of coffee and bacon sandwiches.

Our new sofa for the kitchen arrived the following week and I took a photo of it looking out of our bi-fold doors and put it up on Instagram.

I had started following several interior blogs on renovating properties but didn’t realize that there was a whole community of like-minded people on Instagram sharing pictures of their homes. Interior obsessives just like me!

I was used to posting pictures of my children and basically, my Mum and sister liked it and suddenly, my photo of a sofa had people as far as Australia commenting. I started showing an interest in creating my own Interior blog. 

So, back to my original question, why did I start an interior blog?

interior blog
How my blog looks now

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on Instagram since I posted that first photo back in May 2017. It has led to fantastic opportunities, I have met some amazing people who I now call friends and it has made me realise what my vocation in life should be and I hope to start a course in Interior Design shortly. Instagram also gave me the nudge I needed to start an interior blog.

But most importantly, it has helped me find something I am passionate about.

I love all things interiors, design, styling, art and more. I have found a passion for photography and I am buzzing with ideas that I want to write about on my Interior blog. 

Something I never thought I’d hear myself say! 

House Floor Plan

I hope you enjoy my interior blog and welcome!

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    1. Thanks Amy!! I really enjoy writing my blog, just got to prioritise it now and put some time into it! X

  1. Well done you’ve started your blog! Something I aspire to do. I’m working on it at the moment!

    1. Thanks Suzanne! I never thought I’d be able to pull it together, actually crewting the web site itself has taken forever, but i absolutely love writing it. Something I never thought I’d hear myself say! X

    1. Thank you Pauline! That’s so lovely of you to say. I never thought I’d be a blog writer, but i really enjoy it! X

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