10 Tips for Eclectic Interior Design: Creating a Wonderful Bohemian Vibe

a boho inspired living room with plants

For individuals looking to give their homes a distinctive and independent flair, eclectic interior design is a popular option. Eclectic interior design is a rich, multifaceted style that combines elements from various design periods and styles, uniting them in a cohesive, harmonious fashion within a space.

It is a unique, personalized, and versatile approach to interior design that doesn’t conform to a single style, but instead showcases a blend of textures, time periods, styles, trends, and colors. The secret is adding high-end and elegant design to give your place a touch of elegance.

What is Eclectic Interior Design

In this post, we’ll look at some ideas for creating eclectic interior design with a bohemian theme for the most opulent home.

an orange corner sofa with gallery wall and monochrome rug

Eclectic interior design is a dynamic and innovative style that embraces a harmonious mix of various design principles and aesthetics. It doesn’t conform strictly to one particular style; instead, it amalgamates elements from different design eras, cultures, and trends to create a unique and personalized space.

The characteristics of eclectic design include: 

  • A mix of styles from different trends and eras
  • Balance and harmony with repetition of colors and textures
  • Vibrant colour schemes
  • Layered textures and patterns
  • Use of art and accessories
  • Unconventional and unexpected with a certain degree of risk-taking

Remember, the essence of eclectic design is about telling a story, reflecting personal tastes, and creating a home that feels deeply personal and unique.

The primary difference between modern eclectic interior design and other interior design styles lies in the scope of elements used and the manner in which they are combined. While most design styles have fairly rigid rules about what is and isn’t appropriate, eclectic design offers more creative freedom.

It encourages the mixing and matching of different styles, colors, patterns, and textures, making room for unexpected, unconventional combinations.

How to Use Eclectic Interior Design 

a green velvet sofa with mustard rug, different patterned cushions, a gallery wall and an industrial style coffee table in the living room
  1. Embrace bold patterns and colors
  2. Combine various furniture styles
  3. Textures in layers for dimension
  4. Use one-of-a-kind eclectic items
  5. Create balance and harmony
  6. Mix different interior styles
  7. Create a gallery wall
  8. Display collections
  9. Bring in greenery
  10. Global influences

1. Embrace Bold Patterns and Colors

an orange corner sofa with gallery wall and rattan elements

The vivid and vibrant color scheme of boho fashion is one of its distinguishing characteristics and is key to creating a bohemian vibe in your eclectic interior design. Choose deep burgundy, sapphire blue, and other jewel-toned hues throughout your decor.

This could be through painted walls, colorful furniture, or vibrant accents. Just remember to maintain a balanced color scheme so that your space doesn’t feel too overwhelming.

Use statement furnishings like plush velvet sofas, expensive rugs or accent walls, upholstery, or rugs to incorporate these colors into your decor. Don’t shy away from patterns.

Try mixing geometric patterns with organic ones for a unique effect, or add elaborate prints, such as paisley or ikat, to pillows, draperies, or wallpaper.

2. Combining Various Furniture Styles

The skill of combining many furniture types is a crucial component of eclectic design. Adding vintage and modern pieces together gives your home depth and personality.

Purchase furniture with fine craftsmanship and intricate details and look for luxurious details like hand-carved oak frames, marble tabletops, and gold leaf accents.

A good example of this is the British interior designers at Penny Morrison, who are praised for their varied and opulent aesthetic. Pick fabrics and wallpapers from their collection to incorporate their inspirations into your bohemian decor.

Their recognizable patterns and classic motifs will give your home a dash of class and sophistication.

3. Textures in Layers for Dimension

a dark green velvet bed in a bedroom with a pink satin throw, green fabric throw layered on top and a patterned rug
Lots of textures and patterns fill this bedroom

To truly embody the essence of luxury bohemian interiors, the significance of texture cannot be overstated. Artfully layering different textures makes your room a haven of depth and warmth. Adorn your space with the indulgent touch of soft velvet and opulent silk, complemented by the intricate weaves of diverse textiles.

An eclectic space typically exhibits a mix of different materials, textures, and patterns. This could range from combining a sleek leather sofa with a soft, fluffy rug, to juxtaposing geometric patterns with organic prints.

4. Accentuate Using One-of-a-kind Items

a light blue curved side table with large rattan lights and curved windows in a living room
A curved light blue side table is perfect for an eclectic interior design living room. Image: Photo by Toa Heftiba

Accessorize your boho space with one-of-a-kind and diverse accessories that add flair, transforming it into a truly captivating and personalized sanctuary. Look for unique decor pieces, such as handcrafted ceramics with intricate details, exquisite sculptures that tell a story, or vintage mirrors that exude charm.

Strategically place these eclectic items on elaborate shelves or atop antique side tables to create focal points that accentuate their beauty and create an inviting ambiance. A statement piece can help anchor your eclectic space and create a focal point in a room. 

5. Create Balance and Harmony

an eclectic living room with burgundy accents
This living room has a neutral backdrop with an orange theme running throughout

Although eclectic interior design is all about expressing your style and mixing colors, textures, and patterns, it is still important to create a design that is cohesive to help keep balance and harmony in a room. Without this, it can become a little overwhelming. 

Despite its seemingly haphazard nature, a well-executed eclectic interior design is not random. It is characterized by a careful balancing of elements and a sense of unity, achieved through the repetition of certain colors, textures, or shapes.

It can also incorporate a neutral background to prevent the various components from competing with each other. 

Try to stick to a color theme like bohemian earth tones of deep browns, terracotta, greens, and mustard yellows or jewel tones of deep ruby, sapphire, emerald, amethyst, and turquoise. 

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6. Mix Different Interior Styles

a gallery wall on a pink wall with a green velvet sofa and mid century bookcase with lots of plants
A mid-century bookcase sits next to a contemporary green velvet sofa and a scand-inspired rug

The key to bohemian eclectic interior design is to take your favorite decor from different styles and periods. Many design styles, such as mid-century modern, Scandinavian, or Art Deco, are defined by distinct aesthetics, furniture styles, color palettes, and decor items specific to their respective time periods or cultures.

Eclectic design, however, doesn’t conform to one single style; it combines elements from multiple styles to create a unique and personalized space.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match furniture and decor! A contemporary couch can be paired with a vintage side table, or an antique lamp can sit on a modern desk. Use items that you love and you will find that they will all come together cohesively. 

7. Create a Gallery Wall

a gallery wall above a green velvet sofa. Their is an industrial coffee table with plants and candles and a brick wall
Bohemian eclectic interior design can easily be achieved with an eclectic gallery wall

A gallery wall of artworks, photographs, and prints from different artists and periods is a great way to add an eclectic touch to your home. This can also be a wonderful way to showcase your personal interests and experiences.

If you want your gallery wall to fit in with your eclectic aesthetic, make sure you mix up your frames with a combination of antique, gold, black, white, and wooden frames in different shapes and sizes.

Add abstract artwork with photographs and don’t be afraid to place unusual items on your gallery wall like a neon light or a spoon!!

8. Display Collections

a collection of vases on a table
Image: Photo by Chloe Bolton

If you’re a collector, show off your collections. Whether it’s vintage ceramics, antique clocks, or travel souvenirs, these collections can add an eclectic touch to your home. Here are some tips on how to effectively incorporate your collections into an eclectic space: 

  1. For smaller items like figurines, antiques, or vintage toys, consider a glass-front display cabinet. This allows you to group items together in an organized manner while keeping them protected.
  2. Open shelving is a flexible and visually appealing way to showcase collections. Whether it’s books, ceramics, or vinyl records, arranging items on shelves allows for easy access and viewing. It also lets you change and rearrange your display whenever you feel like refreshing your decor.
  3. Shadow boxes are great for displaying small collections like badges, coins, or miniature models. They add depth to the display and can be hung on walls to save space.
  4. Group items together on tabletops, mantels, or desks to create little scenes or vignettes. You could group items by theme, color, or any other attribute that ties the collection together.
  5. For book collections, a well-styled bookcase is a must. Don’t be afraid to mix up the arrangement – some books can be stacked horizontally while others stand vertically. Intersperse books with art objects or decorative elements to create an eclectic showcase.
  6. Protect and showcase smaller items with cloches or glass domes. This can add a touch of elegance to your display.
  7. In an eclectic design, don’t be afraid to use unexpected spaces for displaying your collections. This could be a staircase wall, a kitchen backsplash, or even the bathroom.
  8. Finally, illuminate your collections to draw attention to them. This could be with overhead lighting, individual picture lights, or even fairy lights for a whimsical touch.

9. Bring in Greenery

a living room with bookcases and plants
Lots of plants and natural elements all help towards a bohemian eclectic interior design

Plants add life and color to any space, and they can be a great addition to an eclectic home. The eclectic style is all about variety, and this extends to plants as well, which are a nod toward bohemian interiors.

Combine different types of plants of varying sizes and shapes, from tall, leafy plants to small succulents. Don’t just limit your plants to tabletops or the floor.

Hang plants from the ceiling, place them on shelves, or even use them as a centerpiece on your dining table. Be creative with where and how you display your plants.

Just as with the rest of your decor, don’t be afraid to mix and match when it comes to plant pots. Use a variety of materials, colors, and styles. This could mean pairing a sleek, modern pot with a rustic, weathered one, or mixing a brightly colored pot with a neutral one.

10. Global Influences

a rattan sideboard next to a curved bright orange armchair. There are lots of large plants and a round mirror
Japanese influences in interior design. Image: Photo by Spacejoy

Finally, eclectic interior design offers the perfect opportunity to incorporate design elements from various cultures, as it’s all about mixing and matching diverse styles and elements.

The key is to select elements that you are drawn to and that reflect your personal style. In an eclectic interior, these diverse global influences can coexist harmoniously, each contributing to the unique, personal feel of the space.

You could mix Moroccan design elements such as ornate lantern-style lighting and vibrant rugs with the simplicity and harmony of Japanese design in clean-lined furniture and bonsai trees. If you have pieces you’ve collected from your travels, display them on shelves, on top of furniture, and hang your artwork on gallery walls to showcase your travels.

Creating bohemian eclectic interior design is an art form that necessitates a careful selection of high-end and opulent items. Adopt deep hues and patterns, combine different furniture types, layer textures for depth, accessorize with one-of-a-kind and eclectic objects, and take design cues from artists. 

An eclectic interior design style offers a wealth of benefits including personal expression, freedom, and flexibility with no strict rules to follow, and allows you to create unique spaces adding distinct character and charm to your home. 

Eclectic interior design is about breaking the rules, having fun, and creating a space that’s truly yours. It celebrates diversity, personality, and creativity, resulting in spaces that are lived in and loved, reflecting the life of the people who live there.

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