30 Under £30 Fabulous Garden Accessories for Spring

Last week saw us all unpacking the garden furniture, dusting down the BBQ, and dragging our outdoor rugs, cushions, and other fancy garden accessories back out into the garden, all ready to invite friends and family around. 

I think it was a bigger occasion than most this year in the UK because finally, after 3 long months, we were allowed to invite people back into our gardens and it was such a welcome sight!

We were also welcomed to a mini heatwave that lasted all of 36 hours and in true Brit style, the legs came out, the G&Ts were poured and the queue to the ice cream shop was about a mile long all because the temperature had gone over 15 degrees (I can see all our European and American friends laughing at our absurdity right now!)

My kids will eat ice cream whatever the weather! Photo by Lucie Liz/Pexels

I have enjoyed getting into my garden and creating an amazing outdoor space in the last couple of years and I think to create a space that you love, you really have to see it as an extension of your home. The jury is still out for some people on whether this means you introduce cushions and rugs to your space (but what if it rains????) but I am 100% here for it!

As a family, we tend to use the garden more in the late afternoon and evenings after a day out at the beach or when friends come over, so I really like to make my garden as cozy as possible. 

Blue skies and blossom, it’s time to get our garden furniture back out in the garden! Photo by Torsten Dettlaff/Pexels

I wrote a blog post last week about how to get your garden ready for Spring and I always get asked a lot of questions about where I get my furniture, décor and garden accessories from so I thought I’d write a quick little blog post on 30 items I love for under £30. That will leave us enough money to go and buy an ice cream then! Haha.

Creating a cozy space ready for the unpredictable cold/warm weather in April!

30 Garden Accessories I love!

From lanterns to lights. Baskets to Birdbaths. These are all things that help inject a little bit of your style and personality into your garden and you don’t even have to be a great gardener. I like to go for cozy vibes in the garden and not just rely on plants and flowers to add color and texture. 

Whether you have a small balcony or a huge lawn, there are so many ways to complete your outdoor space with garden accessories all at affordable prices.

Soft Furnishings

The best place to begin when making the garden an extension of your home is to add soft furnishings to your garden furniture. Cushions, rugs, and throws are all a great addition to your outdoor space, making it comfortable, and welcoming and keeping you warm in the evenings.

Plants and Pots

Plants and flowers don’t have to be the only way to add color to a garden. I love mixing up my plant pots with different styles, textures, and colors. You can go for huge terracotta planters that you can paint yourself or hang baskets from your garden wall.

A special mention goes to the Tierre Verde Range of Planters which are made from recycled rubber, mainly disused tires that would have ended up in a landfill. They are extremely hard-wearing and get a massive sustainable and eco-friendly thumbs up from me! 

Plant stands are also a good way to display your greenery and are ideal for smaller gardens.

Lights & Lanterns

My favorite garden accessories have to be lights and lanterns! This is such a wonderful way to make the most of your outdoor space, giving you the opportunity to really enjoy your garden once the sun has set.

Outdoor Dining

What better way to end a lovely sunny day than by having a BBQ or introducing a Pizza oven into your garden. Last year we invested in some wonderful melamine tableware which was perfect to use with our kids and to entertain guests.

No more wine glass casualties when we attempted to bounce them off the patio or find one of my best dinner plates hidden under the garden furniture days later. Look for bamboo materials when purchasing garden tableware. Not only is it sustainable and eco-friendly, it is extremely hard wearing too. 

Garden Décor

You’re sat on a cushion on your garden furniture with a throw over your knees, your festoon lights on and a wine glass in your hand. Now for the fun part, decorative garden accessories!

I love putting mirrors up in the garden and adding little ornaments. This is where your unique style can really turn your garden into an extension of your home.

And finally, a book!

Still looking for ideas for your outdoor space? If you have a small but perfectly formed garden, Green by Ula Maria is a lovely book that can help you make the most of it, giving you inspiration for small outdoor spaces with plants, furniture, and garden accessories.

Green by Ula Maria, £20 – Beards & Daisies

If it wasn’t for the fact that our garden is currently a massive death trap with rotted decking and broken plant pots, I’d probably go ahead and order several of these garden accessories.

I’m hoping we’ll be able to enjoy the last of the summer rays once we have completed our renovation in the next few months. So, for now, I’ll be content with reading Green and planning a cozy little spot on our balcony!

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